Friday, 18 May 2012

Night Walk

As many will know Chris Yates recently had a new book published by Collins,his first I believe that excludes all things piscatorial.Sure he did get a few angling quips in but not many.In essence it's a book that extols the virtue of night walking.

Yates takes you as ever,into his world.He strides fourth from his cottage one summers evening just as dusk approaches and sets off through woods,meadows,up hill and down dale to experience,the thrill of being out alone in the English countryside at night.

I read this book on the daily commute to and from work,it's not a hard read or a long book encompassing just 214 pages spread over 26 chapters.On the way we the reader are drawn in as Yates tells us of birdsong,nocturnal noises,various animals that he stumbles across and just his love seemingly, for being a little dotty to be out in the dark,at night without any kind of artificial light.My favorite chapter was when he was eye to eye with a Hare,I really felt like those eyes were staring at me too.

Would I recommend it?Well yes if you are a dreamer like me.I think Yates is the consummate story teller and by having a non angling book published it will hopefully bring him a much wider audience and with a publisher like Collins he should achieve that.But I would love to think he has a few more angling tomes in him yet.The book itself in my opinion is written in a similar style of How to Fish.

Now to a quick plug for a fire sale.I have plenty of these on offer at present..............

I've been sent these from my good friends at the Barbel Society,as from this coming season night fishing is no longer allowed on the Bransford stretch of the Teme.Still you chaps who travel some distance to fish this venue,sleep in the car as some wag on the committee suggested.You know it makes sense.

Wembley for me tomorrow and I cant wait,it's been a while.I know one lad who has flown over from Perth in Australia for the game.Breakfast in Witherspoons at London Victoria around 0900,then onto a pub in Finchley,then onto the game.Win or loose I'll enjoy the day out and I wont sleep tonight,no honest.

But this is my West Ham,from my formative years.It cant really be 37 years since my Dad took me to my first game.No wonder I'm F******g bald following this lot.Every key note stirs a memory,looking around a ghostly ground I can see where we stood and laughed and maybe lamented.Some will be all together tomorrow,others who were taken before there time will not.

Enjoy your weekend,I'll be at Marsh Farm in the week for some Crucians as all my chores are done so I can now get back to some fishing.Oh and I've got my Kennet syndicate ticket back and I cannot wait to get back on here.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Doppelgangers of the Angling World Part XVI

Well we have not had one of these for a while,so while its all quiet on the angling from moi owing to football(more of that later) and the need to help out with the Greek debt crisis that I mentioned back in February I thought I would slip one in-ooh matron.

Here we have that new character who is the star of the forthcoming Sacha Baron-Cohen film about a mad dictator,no boys not THAT one.With a Barbel caught from the river Goytistan.

And below we have the North West's preeminent Barbel specialist,Mr.Jerry Glesson who If I may say is looking resplendent.I love the medals on show,who needs real tree in the North West.

All jokes aside for one minute.Jerry and friends for the 2013 season are to undertake a challenge to catch 14 double figure Barbel from 14 different rivers,in 14 days and nights.All in aide of the ABF(no not the fast growing Barbel group) but the Army Benevolent Fund.It's a hard task I'll admit but for a very,very worthy cause.Plenty of info on various angling forums on how you can sponsor/donate to the lads.So please do so if you can as every little helps.I'll chuck in a few bob nearer the time.

Now to the football!I had to laugh today at Jack Straw and an article he wrote in The Times with regard to his beloved Blackburn Rovers.In a nutshell Jack feels that something is not quite right with all things Venky's.He wants the Premier League to mount a full investigation into the business model  Venky's thought they were buying and how much money had been made by those who sold them this model.MODEL?MODEL?I thought your were a fan Jack?He goes on.......I cannot believe that this Indian family poultry business had any idea of the financial and reputational risks they were taking on.

Jack,sorry you were relegated owing to being a poor side Perhaps the British electorate should request a full investigation,into how your political party tried to turn the UK into a multicultural utopia while in power just to garner votes?Na thought not.

And now to  my lot.I've said before I like the Championship owing to it's competitiveness and mostly three o'clock kick off's at the weekends.I did not really want us to go up as I think we may be whipping boys next season akin to Wolves,who are lets face it a shocking side.

But who wants to go to Wembley and get beat in a play off final?Not me that's for sure and I have our tickets sorted.Not cheap and for four tickets it's cost £264.00.But the last time I was at Wembley with West Ham was in 1981 when we beat The Arsenal,I was eleven.The Cup Final at Cardiff in 2006 still resonates with me,owing to throwing the game away in the last seconds.You see West Ham have that uncanny knack of grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory.Will we beat Blackpool?I think so but it will be a real roller coaster of a game for sure.But the day out shall be good,if it stops raining.Below is the main man Sir Trev,way back when.

Be Lucky

Monty D