Saturday, 14 April 2012

Grand National and Spawn Spotters

I cant believe a whole year has flown past since the last Grand National.You may have remembered that I suggested backing Ballabriggs last year and the horse won at a very tidy 14/1 and I'll be sticking with him again even though he carries nine pound more than last year.Why?A story or course.

No horse since Red Rum has won back to back Nationals.Red Rum was trained by the late Ginger McCain,who's son Donald trains Ballabriggs.Also a statue was unveiled at Aintree this week in honor to Ginger so all things considered its a shoe in.I've also backed Calgary Bay at 40/1 for a little fun,Lady Dalrymple for reasons known only to her has backed Organisedconfusion.But we all know it's a lottery with forty runners so who ever you have backed good luck.

Back to fishing sort of.The little Tench lake that Gruff and I like in deepest,deepest Surrey has been sold.And I've been trying to contact the new owners to no avail.Sure we have Old Bury Hill but a spit away.But it just gets way to crowded.Gruff though has been putting the finishing touches to our new boat that shall launch on the Thames come June,or before if we fancy a cheeky over nighter.I've finally sorted out all my tackle(not kit) into various storage boxes that saves me from delving into various bags and rucksacks,so it's not all been time wasted.

Our old friends over on Fishing Magic have been keeping a few of us amused these last few days.Here we have Barbel anglers at it yet again.Dear old Fred must have been mighty miffed to get up and post his rant at 03.52,or did you need a wee mate and thought why not have a little pop?

Keep it up though guys it makes us smile.Keeping with Barbel,the Barbel Society for the fourth year running has asked anglers to get out and "Spawn Spot" then report back to "Spawn Spot" HQ.And my old mate Rich Frampton was asking the BS rank and file to "Step up to the plate" in the week on the BS forum,before they got overly critical of the current committee.Here is Rich showing you how its done just prior to going out with his little note book.........

Keep it up though Rich,god does love a trier.That is it, things to do,wine to be drunk etc,etc.So enjoy your weekend.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. 'Kinnell Monty,

    Nearly a cricket score this w/end!!

    I enjoyed seeing how Big Fat Sam had 'em play at Barnsley, certainly gave 'em 'the chop'.

    Right shame about the National horse deaths; the 'hand-wringers' are right at it now and footie will be banned soon if they have their way, what with Muamba and now the Italian lad.


  2. Two men in a boat on the thames eh, how very romantic

  3. Mike,

    With the horse deaths,Synchronized I was surprised he ran after he bolted off and he broke down in running..And Ask Pete's trainer remarked that he had a horse fatality at Haydock but no one mentions that.The format will change,but when and how I do not know.

    West Ham,it's getting time for maybe Southampton to choke.We shall see.

    Two men in a boat,candles and wine and a lovely hamper shall be on board.

  4. I admit I don't 'get' the "GG's", but then a lot of folk don't 'get' angling either...

    That wet suit looks a bit tight on you Mont. ;-)

  5. Our little Tench spot gone, I am gutted my son.

  6. LOL!!!!!!!!! bloody brilliant!!!