Sunday, 1 April 2012

Fat Sam

Well the time has come to say goodbye to Fat Sam as our manager and not before time I hasten to add.He really is not well liked down at ours.It's not so much the kick and rush style of play that Fat Sam has nurtured(and if that is playing to our strengths his F****d that up too)it's just he is so miserable.He can't stand the banter and he moans about our fans all the time.He does have a very high opinion of himself and sees himself as a bit of an expert on all things football.Be it man management and the psychological side of the game.

But in my eyes he is just a fat pie eating YamYam.After yesterdays capitulation at home to Reading I'll not be sorry to see him go.Credit where credit is due though,Reading played to there strengths yesterday and we did not.Not a bad game though and a decent atmosphere for a change.Looking forward to having Di Canio as our new manger soon.

And keeping with all things pie at present,I feel sorry the amount of stick this man has been getting......

I'll be blunt here if I may?The Chancellor has the nations welfare at heart with his so called tax on Pies and Pasties.By charging more he is really trying to save the nation a fortune.If fat people stopped munching on soggy,stodgy,utter filth and ate more salad and vegetables,then more people would not be rushed to A and E.This in turn would lead to a cut in real tax as the NHS would be in a better position.It's simple really and I'm surprised more people have not looked at the bigger picture.Eat well,live well should be the slogan for our times.

Now this is much more like it,real food.Remember we are all in this together and class envy is not a good trait to have.

Jokes aside now,people may seem surprised at how the Sun newspaper has gone after the Tory Party in recent days?Perhaps I'm being cynical in some ways but maybe,just maybe it's a backlash against the Leveson inquiry?

Lastly an early Christmas gift recommendation from me.If you have an elderly relative who you dislike and you may feel has been hanging around too long.May I suggest this book?

Just imagine the look on the face of said old person when they unwrap this thoughtful gift.It's a winner surely?

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. I know this is an April Fool - you love Sam with all your heart : )

  2. It was the "Lampard Ordered To Diet" that gave it away eh Dave.We all know that would never happen.

    I'm late on parade,enjoy your Sunday.

  3. Wishful thinking there young Monty.
    Think you'll be stuck with Sam for a while yet as "your" Karen has other matters on her mind at present. What with your "new" stadium, getting hubby a job, and the television bits she's a busy girl.

    As for the FAT LARDY TYPES.All this nation has to do is withdraw the notion that it is a medical illness, stop waiting on them hand and foot with carers 24/7,this benefit that benefit, special ambulances, ramps and the like, and leave them to fend for themselves. No money no carers no food = slim people, simples really.

    Really enjoyed the Old Tom Williams link.


  4. Well I for one think it's a good thing we are governed by a bunch of upper middle class Eton Old Boys who wouldn't know the real issues for the man on the street if it sha&&ed them up the ar$e.

  5. As believable as a memory unhooking mat.

    1. Eat your words Monty!! 0-4


  6. I was up in Barnsley yesterday and can safely say......They are a dreadful side,really poor.We looked good that's how shite they are.

  7. Not as shite as Doncaster