Saturday, 28 April 2012

No Cod

Sea fishing on here what next? OK before I get to the Cod please be aware it may offend,I will offer up a disclaimer a little later.But for now a few thoughts from my vantage point on Yat Rock.Firstly the rain that is falling and falling over and over.

Now I mentioned on here back in February that we needed some rain,but blimey I expect to see an Ark floating past me any day now.It has not stopped since the hose pipe ban was brought into force on April the sixth.Most rivers down south are bank high or even over the banks.Will this weather continue for a while yet,thus making a mockery of the close season as certain species may spawn after the hallowed day of  June the sixteenth.What then?Will those who have waited three months to cast a line think.........Stuff it and fish anyway.Or will they show a modicum of restraint and wait a while.Sure the above is all conjecture as the seasons weather wise seem to change year by year.I'm not sure what actually triggers the spawning process,but if this rain continues it may be a bad season for recruitment levels for our favorite river species.It's a little like feast and famine at times.I for one welcome the rain though as it lessens my hay fever and that's not a bad thing.If anyone wants to let me know what triggers the spawning process be it water temperature or light levels please let me know. 

I was at Upton Park today and its the play offs for us.Cardiff away in the first leg next Thursday and that should be a lovely day out and I need to book the day off from work to attend this fixture.Simply we were not good enough  to gain automatic promotion.I will offer a well done to Southampton who go up along with Reading,Jon Berry I know has already got a box at St. Mary's next season on the back of his book sales.Another happy Saints fan is a certain man who lives on the Isle of Wight,I know you still look in John so enjoy it mate.But the most famous Saints fan alive is this man........

Can you imagine Yates next season,Man Utd away,bowling along with a Stone Island coat,Burberry cap, Armani Jeans and a pair of Y3s on his feet giving it "LARGE".No me neither.

I'll admit now this may offend.So please do NOT watch if you think it will shock you.I found it mildly amusing,and as I've been busy with work,home improvements(don't snigger those that know me,it's not my forte)and it's a gossamer link to fish, with what should really mostly be a fishy blog?Or is it a rant.


I may get out next week on a  lake for some Tench,it's dependent on many things.I do not really mind  as the river season is not far away be they spawned out or not.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Ps Happy 60th Birthday on Monday to Le Otterman,who does my photoshopping.Enjoy it mate.  

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Grand National and Spawn Spotters

I cant believe a whole year has flown past since the last Grand National.You may have remembered that I suggested backing Ballabriggs last year and the horse won at a very tidy 14/1 and I'll be sticking with him again even though he carries nine pound more than last year.Why?A story or course.

No horse since Red Rum has won back to back Nationals.Red Rum was trained by the late Ginger McCain,who's son Donald trains Ballabriggs.Also a statue was unveiled at Aintree this week in honor to Ginger so all things considered its a shoe in.I've also backed Calgary Bay at 40/1 for a little fun,Lady Dalrymple for reasons known only to her has backed Organisedconfusion.But we all know it's a lottery with forty runners so who ever you have backed good luck.

Back to fishing sort of.The little Tench lake that Gruff and I like in deepest,deepest Surrey has been sold.And I've been trying to contact the new owners to no avail.Sure we have Old Bury Hill but a spit away.But it just gets way to crowded.Gruff though has been putting the finishing touches to our new boat that shall launch on the Thames come June,or before if we fancy a cheeky over nighter.I've finally sorted out all my tackle(not kit) into various storage boxes that saves me from delving into various bags and rucksacks,so it's not all been time wasted.

Our old friends over on Fishing Magic have been keeping a few of us amused these last few days.Here we have Barbel anglers at it yet again.Dear old Fred must have been mighty miffed to get up and post his rant at 03.52,or did you need a wee mate and thought why not have a little pop?

Keep it up though guys it makes us smile.Keeping with Barbel,the Barbel Society for the fourth year running has asked anglers to get out and "Spawn Spot" then report back to "Spawn Spot" HQ.And my old mate Rich Frampton was asking the BS rank and file to "Step up to the plate" in the week on the BS forum,before they got overly critical of the current committee.Here is Rich showing you how its done just prior to going out with his little note book.........

Keep it up though Rich,god does love a trier.That is it, things to do,wine to be drunk etc,etc.So enjoy your weekend.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Fat Sam

Well the time has come to say goodbye to Fat Sam as our manager and not before time I hasten to add.He really is not well liked down at ours.It's not so much the kick and rush style of play that Fat Sam has nurtured(and if that is playing to our strengths his F****d that up too)it's just he is so miserable.He can't stand the banter and he moans about our fans all the time.He does have a very high opinion of himself and sees himself as a bit of an expert on all things football.Be it man management and the psychological side of the game.

But in my eyes he is just a fat pie eating YamYam.After yesterdays capitulation at home to Reading I'll not be sorry to see him go.Credit where credit is due though,Reading played to there strengths yesterday and we did not.Not a bad game though and a decent atmosphere for a change.Looking forward to having Di Canio as our new manger soon.

And keeping with all things pie at present,I feel sorry the amount of stick this man has been getting......

I'll be blunt here if I may?The Chancellor has the nations welfare at heart with his so called tax on Pies and Pasties.By charging more he is really trying to save the nation a fortune.If fat people stopped munching on soggy,stodgy,utter filth and ate more salad and vegetables,then more people would not be rushed to A and E.This in turn would lead to a cut in real tax as the NHS would be in a better position.It's simple really and I'm surprised more people have not looked at the bigger picture.Eat well,live well should be the slogan for our times.

Now this is much more like it,real food.Remember we are all in this together and class envy is not a good trait to have.

Jokes aside now,people may seem surprised at how the Sun newspaper has gone after the Tory Party in recent days?Perhaps I'm being cynical in some ways but maybe,just maybe it's a backlash against the Leveson inquiry?

Lastly an early Christmas gift recommendation from me.If you have an elderly relative who you dislike and you may feel has been hanging around too long.May I suggest this book?

Just imagine the look on the face of said old person when they unwrap this thoughtful gift.It's a winner surely?

Be Lucky

Monty D