Saturday, 10 March 2012

Thus Ends The Season

Well that is it for me,the end of another river season.Last season I manged around fifty odd trips to various venues.This season owing to a house move and work commitments I think the figure will be half that.The real world has taken up an awful lot of my time,kicked me royally in the bollocks so to speak.Made me focus on things non piscatorial,the first time for many a year.But that is life,be thankful for what we have and not what we covert is something I try and live too.

So today I had six hours on my local river.Mashed bread in a feeder and flake as bait hoping for a few nice Chub,a species I seldom target in the correct manner these days.Is their a correct manner for certain species?Not really,how you fish fish is how you fish.But many of my Chub have been caught on Barbel tackle theses last few years.I just fancied using a method that I do not use too often.

Arriving around 06.30 I settled into a swim with an over hanging hawthorn bush about twenty yards down stream. Nothing for the first hour then a few taps on the quiver that always gets the heart pumping,do I strike,settle back and let the bite develop,steady sit on your hands son.We have all been there,up and down like a bleeding yo yo.And non fishing folk tell us that angling is boring,but hey what do they know?I had four Chub in the next few hours,none bigger than four pounds.

All quite for a while,so I took a photo of a bite in progress.Well I did not mean too,I sat back pondering as is my want,of how the angling months have flown bye.Picked the camera up and snapped this......

The tip on cue bent right round,camera dropped onto the floor and a strike met with a feisty little Barbel.The smallest I have caught for some time and an odd hue for this time of year,when they are normally more silver in appearance.First ever Barbel on Bread too.

And that was that,packed up and came home.Lessons learnt from this season,well try and not let work get in the way so much.Highlights,the Wye trip with a great bunch of lads,Ying coming over on his birthday and Gruff,for well just being Gruff and putting up with me.I can be a right pain in the arse at times.Oh and a wind up merchant and people still take me way to seriously.When in essence they should just smile and think......."It's just Specki,being Specki".

Now looking forward to THE FESTIVAL.I can't wait for this,tingles like mad.The best sporting event bar none in my eyes.I'm lucky to have been to,two FA Cup Finals with West Ham,won one,lost one.The World Cup in Italia 90,and when England played Wales at the old Cardiff Arms Park and do those boyos sing their anthem with gusto.Hairs on my neck stood up,amazing.

But this I love,been going for years now.First time was in 1989 when Desert Orchard won in the mud,I worked for the owner John Burridge for a while years ago,though it was his mother "Midge" Burridge who really owned "Dessie".But she was shy,so John took the plaudits.And it just grows on you,year after year.We grow older,but we look back and think of various winners like MoscowFlyer,One Man,MakeAStand,Denmann,Cenkos ect,ect.But the banter is second to none.Everyone has a tip,a whisper so to speak.The betting jungle is not for the faint of heart.

I will be at the meeting on Thursday and Friday,but Lord and Lady Ying will be attending on Tuesday.Mate you will love it,trust me.Tips from me?None to be honest,I have backed Kauto for the Gold Cup,with heart and not the head.I have a sneaky feeling for Midnight Chase in this though,who I tipped up on here a while back.Hurricane Flyer who I backed last year at 7/2 in the Champion Hurdle,is odds on.As is Big Bucks for the World Hurdle on Thursday.Just enjoy it,its real life,real people who for four days leave the real world at the gate.How bad can that be?Below the King who would be,or is that should be King.Be lucky Kauto,and get back safe.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Another enjoyable read Monty. I do enjoy your pensive prose. I share your feelings towards work this season, made jack a dull boy here too, but bills keep coming in regardless. Sounds like a productive session to end the season on a high. Nice one!

  2. Pensive maybe,but who among us does not sit on the bank side and think.I'll never make much of a fisherman,it's the only time I really switch off from the "real world".

    Work,family and all the other things that take our time,tend to fade away.I suppose to others that is a complete shower?Is being there enough,surely you must catch.I suppose if you have a product to sell,then catching is of paramount importance.Me,well I'm just happy doing what I do,and now it's gone midnight best get to bed.Time waits for no man,more so when they have bleeding work in the morning.:-)

  3. Working on a Sunday boy have you financial traders not done enough damage over the last few years. Sticking your cash in some off shore account i reckon.

  4. Nice one Specki boy, any predictions for next season?

  5. cracking blog monty great read as always. biggun

  6. cracking blog monty, great read as always.

  7. Anon,

    Money never sleeps you piss taker,see you soon mate ;-).


    Looking forward to getting back on another river I did not fish this season.Oh and never put West Ham in a football bet again,they let me down for a five team "Acca" yesterday.


    So good you named it twice ;-0

  8. Mont, fishing's too important to let life push it completely to one side ;-)

    Soon be the new season. In the meantime I'm going to fiddle with my tackle.