Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Things That Make Me Smile

With the river season finishing two weeks ago for most of us(excluding you chaps on the Wandle,Thames and Medway)and various family get functions getting in the way of visiting a lake or two,for some early spring Tench fishing,I've been having a ponder as is my want and looking through some photos that make me smile.So please bear with me,for this indulgent blog entry.

This here makes me smile.....Last September on the "Jolly Boys Bash" on the river Wye.Friday was the day and Tony Rocca and I were chatting about this and that as you do.Tony waxing lyrical about his Chub angling prowess when he struck into a fish that took him under a near bank snag.It was stuck fast and he let the line go slack and said......."Watch and learn son,he will come up in a second".Well after ten minutes I slid down into the next swim,the fine cane rod was passed along the swim to me,but I had already seen the rather large Chub a good six pounds I reckon,shed the hook,but I could not let on.Tony then spent the next five minutes playing an underwater branch.Nice going you Chub demi god you.He then gave up.........

Summer river Carp off the top are a love of mine.Frustrating in the extreme at times with the flow and wind playing havoc with your bait presentation.But on a good day you can hopefully bank a few good fish,clean looking too.

Cane rods and June the sixteenth make me smile,I never saw a soul this day on this particular river.Cane rods are like Marmite.......You either love them or ............But it was a pleasure to walk across the meadow to the river and just kick up the dew and laugh like a child,at those who were at work.

Summer evenings again far from the maddening crowd.This swim produced a very slim Chub about five years ago and an August evening to look back on and just smile,not much to shout about angling wise.Just a nice evening.

My favorite photo I've ever taken,opening day on the Kennet and it must be around ten years ago?This beauty just settled near me and I grabbed the camera and took a quick snap,I love this so indulge me.

And this really makes me smile.I've unpacked the last of the boxes since the house move last July and finally found all my old angling Videos.Toms River,well I watched this years back on terrestrial TV.The blurb on the back of the VHS Box says........."A film that can only enhance your knowledge of fish and their behavior.A must for every angling library".I've also got this burnt onto a DVD,from someone who posts on here,no names or pack drill.They seldom make them like Tom no more.So smile,it's not a bad country to live in for all its faults.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Nice photos of nice memories Monty. It's the reason I blog. One day I'll look back with fondness and the memories will flood back...That is a cracking carp by the way.

  2. Gurn,

    Same as your good self,reflection is a good thing in my eyes.As for the Carp I want her Mother next season ;-0

  3. Nice post Mont. I've not got a hooky copy of Tom's River either, it's really rather good isn't it?

  4. A carp off the top from a river - can I come? It sounds almost as much fun as watching Two Bins playing a snag :-) ........... almost.

  5. JAA,

    Its superb,takes me back and switch off.


    I would have to blind fold you,but then you like that don't you moi lover :-0

  6. You can have one eye for a morning ;-)

  7. It was a PB snag Monty, give due when deserved.