Sunday, 26 February 2012

Low Water Chub

First time on the bank today for around ten days and with the low rainfall I thought I would chance my arm for a Chub or two.It has been well documented over the last couple of weeks, concerning the lack of rainfall these last two years or so in the South East of the country and our rivers are running very low.I decided to fish a beat of river that holds some good Chub and Barbel,but this was the sight that greeted me today........ The gravel at the back of the photo should be under water and I really am concerned of how things will pan out if we do not get adequate rainfall in the Spring,it does not bode well for the summer months if things continue in a similar vane.I know I have touched on this in the past and it does feels reminiscent of Ground Hog Day,but if things do not improve I may leave the rivers for a while next season and concentrate on a few lakes.Who wants to target fish in isolated pools of water?

I decided to feeder fish today with maggots as bait,trotting was off the agenda after a long day in the pub yesterday watching the football and the rugby.I needed to just sit back and relax and let things just pass me by,to think about this and that as I do when alone on the bank.Night fishing crossed my mind as there is a debate over on Fatwa at the moment about this subject.I used to really enjoy night fishing,but would much rather fish into dusk then get home now.Some anglers,as discussed in the thread have no choice but to fish in the dark and a huge number of large Barbel and Chub seem to visit the bank at this time.Why is this?Pressure on some rivers is as strong in the dark hours as it is in the daylight.I would not ever suggest a ban on night fishing,as once you ban one section of our pastime then surely others will follow suit and that lays us as anglers wide open.One poster though Damian Kimmins makes some salient points and it's worth a read.

Anyway I only manged the one Chub and it was only the bite I had,a very gentle pull round on the quiver.The swim I fished is normally very productive,a classic Chub raft.But today was different,very nice few hours in the sun though,but please,please can we have some rain?

And keeping with all things Chevin,Fishing Magic has some good articles from non "Named" anglers and I do enjoy this guys stuff.I think the lad writes really well and conveys his angling trips in a good way.As for the forums,like most I think it's the same people going over and over the same shite.Close season debate anyone?

I've just realized I have not had a pop at anyone today,or even a piss take.I must be getting old.

Be Lucky.

Monty D


  1. No piss taking and agreeing with Damian? Am I dreaming?

  2. "I've just realized I have not has a pop at anyone today or even a piss take.I must be getting old."

    'Arry Redface could do with a pop after yesterday's performance. Wanker.

    'Arry I mean, not you.

  3. No pi$$ taking is a sign that you've realised you're wasting you breath ;-)

    Banning night fishing? Well, if the club in question was baliffing at night and doing their half of the bargain, there's an argument - but in the end, most of us fish when we can and for some that's at night. And if you ban night fishing, what next?

    It reads as if the ban is a reaction to not having the will to deal with a situation live. It's like banning cans on the bank, instead of getting your ar$e onto the bank and chucking out the litter louts.

    Enjoyed that chub article, but do tend to avoid FM on the whole. Nice to see stuff that isn't a rolling advertisment as well.

  4. Move up North Monty old chap for we have a plethora of water, still won't be letting Boris Johnson have any though.

    As for this night fishing lark. RDAA used to have a total ban but on many ocasion when I was coming off at dusk "regulars" would be just turning up. The BAA has a similar ban (unless you have a night ticket)but when was the last time anyone saw a BAA bailiff during the day let alone at night.

    Keep up the good blogging and fear not the pi$$ taking will return given time.


  5. Plenty still to chuckle at,shall save it for the close season.

    As for the night fishing,to ban it would be madness.Each to their own,just prefer to look around me now.I may catch less,but as the venerable Stef Horak said.......Night Fisherman bloody noddy s ;-)

  6. I've just read the entire night fishing thread. Damien seems like someone who's got it right, thank for picking that up Mont.

  7. JAA,

    You can see it as your not a single species man,many cannot.Post *50* in my eyes is a valid point.I know of one river where a "13" has come out so many times this summer,that it's a godfish to various anglers children.If people wish to view that as a pop?Then please do,but I do think certain smaller rivers deserve a break.Are we as anglers not sportsman for our catch and return policy?Do we have to pitch up night after night in the same swims,51,52,"The Pontoon" etc,etc.To target the same fish.

    That's a river I do not fish now,my local river has the same.Night after night and day after day a few swims are pummeled,but it's all good right.

    It's up to the individual as I said earlier,but I would rather stick a wasps nest up my arse than go down that route.

  8. Not great news this week, about the Star; hope you've not got ante-post loot on him.

    Be sad if the recovery is too slow to allow the meeting,


  9. Mike,

    Sorry about the late reply,been working all weekend.Not backed Kauto yet,but will do in the morning.He is 7/2 with a "Run" so I will take a chance.

  10. Hi Monty,
    Better news over the w/end; looks like he'll be there!

  11. Backed it today with a "Run",lot's of trainers holding back as too where their horses will run,if the absence of Kauto comes about.David Pipe will not commit Grand Cru until the weekend,he has the Ryan Air in mind if Kauto does go under orders in the Gold Cup.

    Paul Nicholls will announce around Friday if Kauto lines up?You can keep most of your sporting events,there is nothing like Cheltenham in my eyes :-)