Sunday, 26 February 2012

Low Water Chub

First time on the bank today for around ten days and with the low rainfall I thought I would chance my arm for a Chub or two.It has been well documented over the last couple of weeks, concerning the lack of rainfall these last two years or so in the South East of the country and our rivers are running very low.I decided to fish a beat of river that holds some good Chub and Barbel,but this was the sight that greeted me today........ The gravel at the back of the photo should be under water and I really am concerned of how things will pan out if we do not get adequate rainfall in the Spring,it does not bode well for the summer months if things continue in a similar vane.I know I have touched on this in the past and it does feels reminiscent of Ground Hog Day,but if things do not improve I may leave the rivers for a while next season and concentrate on a few lakes.Who wants to target fish in isolated pools of water?

I decided to feeder fish today with maggots as bait,trotting was off the agenda after a long day in the pub yesterday watching the football and the rugby.I needed to just sit back and relax and let things just pass me by,to think about this and that as I do when alone on the bank.Night fishing crossed my mind as there is a debate over on Fatwa at the moment about this subject.I used to really enjoy night fishing,but would much rather fish into dusk then get home now.Some anglers,as discussed in the thread have no choice but to fish in the dark and a huge number of large Barbel and Chub seem to visit the bank at this time.Why is this?Pressure on some rivers is as strong in the dark hours as it is in the daylight.I would not ever suggest a ban on night fishing,as once you ban one section of our pastime then surely others will follow suit and that lays us as anglers wide open.One poster though Damian Kimmins makes some salient points and it's worth a read.

Anyway I only manged the one Chub and it was only the bite I had,a very gentle pull round on the quiver.The swim I fished is normally very productive,a classic Chub raft.But today was different,very nice few hours in the sun though,but please,please can we have some rain?

And keeping with all things Chevin,Fishing Magic has some good articles from non "Named" anglers and I do enjoy this guys stuff.I think the lad writes really well and conveys his angling trips in a good way.As for the forums,like most I think it's the same people going over and over the same shite.Close season debate anyone?

I've just realized I have not had a pop at anyone today,or even a piss take.I must be getting old.

Be Lucky.

Monty D

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

February Barbel

I was going to cast a line last Saturday but the overnight temperature dipped to a very cold -10 and with the wind chill metcheck said it was more like -15 when we arrived home at around midnight.I woke up with a monumental hangover after being out to dinner with a few family members,so decided to give it the proverbial,we settled for a day at home watching old movies.One Upon a Time in America,My Fair Lady and I kid you not............Paint Your Wagon.

I did though have a mornings fishing today as the weather has changed completely,mild temps and some rain moving in as from Sunday.I fancied chancing my arm for a Barbel.I've not fished for this most contentious(If you are an internet forum warrior) of species for a while.But I knew where I wanted to fish,as in the past,well over the last ten years or so a certain swim tends to produce at this time of year.The swim sits at the tail end of some fast water and has a solid gravel bottom and a good depth right under your feet.But you have to be very deliberate in your actions as you are fishing from and old tree really,the vibrations when you move about I'm sure are projected underwater water and Barbel being the most intelligent and fickle of creatures are very susceptible to anything that is maybe "Not Kosher"? Surprised they ever get caught if you read some of the Mensa like bilge that get's published.I gently lowered a bait upstream,with a light lead and some Hi-Nu-Val paste,infused with the essence of Big Bill Cottams finest black pepper essential oil and I await the free bait in the post Billy boy.I sat back to see what transpired and enjoyed this view..........
Two hours passed and Lady Dalrymple was getting inpatient to get home,yep she came along today.She got a little pissed last night,as I plied her with booze in between reciting sonnets on that most special of days,the" Clinton Card Mug You Off Day" and wanted to to join me on the bank.She looked resplendent in my bib and brace,woolly hat and other fine fishing attire.I on the other hand was a tad chilly,but love is love as we all know,right?As Mr.Rocca said.........."Bleeding hell son,you'll be getting married soon,taking a women fishing?I stopped that when Faye started catching more than me and making me look a Pratt".

I did have the one bite,no indication prior,no little dinks or colly wobbles on the tip.Just a gentle pull round that held it's position,as if the hallowed thinking mans fish was weighing up the pros and cons of upstream or down?And will the Greeks default on the Euro?And before you knew it this little chap of around five pounds was landed.I've bronzed out both photo's as I read in the week on a forum and I quote........"With the temps on the up,will the bronze warrior start to feed".Here's a tip from Yat Rock,hot bath and some sharp blades,Clemenza had the balls and so should you.Happy with the fish though all jokes aside,and may have another go on Sunday?

Football again and very quickly.........Rangers going into administration,if they can so can an awful lot of clubs.I've heard a whisper we are under review too?Wolves(Boing,Boing,Baggies)are in the market for a new manger after sacking Bob Roberts,ooops I mean Mick Maccarthy.To loose to your main rivals at home 1-5 must hurt.I've heard the BardofBridgenorth is still refusing to answer text messages(unlike Rich I've never been so down Frampton) and the Bard has promised not to eat another pie until they get into the top six?I can see Bob Geldorf worrying about yow Stevo.And here we have my last word on that nice saggy chops.....

Be Lucky.

Monty D

Edit......God knows why the formatting has changed on the written text?Played about with it,just guess I'm fuk as fick.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Bottled Out Of The Fishing

Well I will hold my hands up and admit I bottled out yesterday for a day on the river after Perch,the wind had cut me too the quick on the way to work all week and I just could not summon up the enthusiasm to go.Is it age catching up with me or common sense?I would like to think it's the latter but then again none of us are getting any younger.

So I plumped for our derby game against Milllwall,plenty of tickets were still available in advance for this particular fixture.I can understand why many people do not want to attend this most acerbic and bitter or rivalries,what with the past history between the teams both on and off the pitch.

A lunchtime kick off was order of the day and all pubs and off licences(Who really wants to swig from a can of beer in February) were closed until 1600.I can't see the point in this measure,as If people want to have a tear up at football,then they will booze or not.The old bill I'm sure will one day work out that fact?

The game?Poor atmosphere I thought in the ground but then we seldom seem to achieve this these days.Why that is I'm not so sure,it just seems to tick over.Going down to ten men after nine minutes when our captain Nolan was sent off made you think........I would be well happy with a draw.But fate for a change smiled on us when Carlton Cole banged one in,into injury time in the first half. If I was a Pikeys fan I would have been gutted:-),you have a man up and you go in one down.

It's gets better,Pikeys equalized in the 65th minute when Liam Trotter(proper Pikey Peckham name) hit the net.Now they were in form,but hope does not always spring eternal.Three or so minutes later Winston Reid put us back in front.Was it a foul on Forde,Millwalls goal keeper?I'd say it was to be truthful.That makes it all the sweeter,you give them hope after nine minutes.You score and they are deflated,they get one back only to be pig sick a short while later.Not a great football performance by us,but after the dreadful result away to Ipswich in the week a good solid performance.I spoke to a couple of Milwall mates today and one hit the nail on the head I think with this comment....."Your team wanted it more and those playing for us,we don't seem to have a clue,but your still vermin though mate".He could not though muster a well done.And no one likes a bad looser do they?

Anyway we had a fair dollop of snow last night in leafy Surrey.So instead of going out for a meal the better half and I just curled up on the sofa with a bottle of wine,well not for long.The dross on the box makes me weep and I jumped online for a while,so the better half could watch the dross in peace without me moaning and groaning.And lo and behold it's Barbel anglers yet again doing what they do best........Chat about bollocks.

Sure it's amusing at times,but mostly you seem very uptight and frustrated gents?Perhaps a visit to Anne Summers for a foot pump and an inflatable may solve your angst?Who knows perhaps they are mostly wankers.Still with the snow being almost countrywide,expect maybe next week on Fatwa......."Snow melt and road salt".Hell they even debate what flask these days,I kid you not.Forums are they finished or will they still be around in five years time,Barbel forums seem to generate mostly incestuous bilge in my eyes,but that's maybe my rather jaundiced view from Yat Rock,they do make me laugh though.

I mentioned last week War Horse the film and stage play by the author Michael Morpurgo,well we did catch up with this yesterday on the radio 4 website.If you have a spare ninety minutes and you like this kind of thing.Sit back and pour yourself a glass and I hope you enjoy it.

I'll maybe cast a line next weekend?I'll see what the week brings firstly and then decide but If I don't I may be more grouchy than normal.

Be Lucky

Monty D