Saturday, 28 January 2012

Rocking Robin

I had a very short three hour session on the river today(I wanted to get home for the football and racing),arriving at first light and staying until around 10.30,admittedly it does help when this particular venue is very close to home,so you can arrive and be gone at will without the constraints of traveling and if you have had enough you can simply pack up and walk home.

Just gently running a float downstream again with a pint of red maggots,and I caught very little.Two small Dace and a very small Roach and a good few Minnows.But I'm starting to get the hang of this trotting lark and the more I fish like this,the more absorbing it becomes.It's hard to explain,but watching the float dance and move downstream is good fun and that is what angling is to me really.

Also this little chap kept me company,I adore Robins.They are brave,bolshie,inquisitive,greedy and just nice to have around.Next weekend I'll be back out after some Perch and hope for that elusive four pound fish.

Now back to some more "Harryisms".I mentioned in the week he would play dumb and try and blame all and sundry."I can't send an e-mail,write like a two year old etc"Well I apologize,as I was wrong,he really is thick as shit!These came into the Yat Phone last night and thank you Le Otterman for the spot,gold star for you sir.

Time for the Horses,If you do go and see this film and you do not shed a tear then you have a heart of stone.

Sure it's not as good as the Theater production,that is simply outstanding.But It is well worth seeing in my humble opinion.I had the pleasure of meeting the books author Michael Morpurgo for half an hour a few years back.He was getting ready to do a book reading at the Little Mermaid Theater in Southwark,a shy man really,but very well spoken.He came alive when the auditorium filled up with children and their parents.He was superb and great fun and really does an awful lot of good for children who have not had an easy time in life.I think the man deserves a gong.

And keeping with all things equine,a Cheltenham meeting is on today and I have had just the one bet.Midnight Chase in the 14.35.Will it win?I hope so.

Be Lucky.

Monty D


  1. Anoter winner then Monts you jammy bugger!

  2. I also sent a text to Yessling who was at the meeting yesterday,telling him to get on it.Silly boy ignored me ;-0

  3. No, I got 60 quid from backing it, Mr Monty. :)

  4. Robins, the fisherman's friend, even on the harshest of days they will accompany you down the river bank.

  5. You cant beat trotting a float, its something i could do all day long!!!

  6. Been doing afair bit if kennet trotting myself lately monty. Greatfun. 4 hours afternoon onwards been very rewarding and keeps one from freezing.....G