Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Harry "The Bung" Redknapp

Well the trial started yesterday in court number eight at Southwark Crown Court for my 'Ol mate Harry "Honest Guv" Redknapp.I've mentioned on here about his taste for a "Bung",many times in the past.But many people assumed I was on a major wind up?

The press love him,as he is always ready with a cheeky quip,a sexist bon mot.That hides a platitude of misdemeanors and outright skulduggery and dare I say a crooked,grasping love of the filthy lucre.But is he about to be found out?

Well I don't think he will get "banged up".But was not poor Lester Piggott locked up and stripped of his knighthood.And this a man who really knew his trade,as opposed to an outright wrong 'un.I can wish that a chant that rings around at Upton Park is........."Raped in the showers,his getting raped in the showers".But though I think he will be found guilty,he will of course blame everyone else and play dumb,but I can't see him doing a stretch,but we can live in hope.

Also this pinged into the Yat Phone over the weekend.Now I thought that sleeping by your rods at Sutton on Sea,on the Barbel Society water was frowned upon?But it seems some committee members seem to do their own thing?And not an unhooking mat to be seen,though plenty of flesh around to rest the hallowed Barbel on,if indeed one does catch?Anyone know whom this man is?Keep it clean or it will not be published.

Be Lucky.

Monty D


  1. "Anyone know whom this man is?"

    Suitably embarrassed i would say LOL

  2. It's Fred definately and is that Dick Frampton in disguise with him? The one with the hood up!


  3. I agree with you that 'Arry's in the poo over this one - good job too. Its not like he's hard up is it? Greedy little bugger!!

  4. God knows what is happening with the times of comments?

  5. I sure as hell wasn't up at 2am!!!