Friday, 6 January 2012

Doppelgangers Of The Angling World Part XV

Time for another one of these I think.........Below we have that all round Barbel god Richard Easom who is totally driven,marketing tool par excellence and you will jolly well take notice of his blog,as it was posted up mostly on FM for the last few months.Richard will leave no stone upturned in his quest for world domination on the Barbel front.And by Jove we need another Barbel expert do we not?

And below we have that all time kids favorite from back in the day,Mr.Hartly the Hare with a nice fish caught from the Coventry canal last May.Sorry about naming the venue folks,but that is the way that things seem to be going,publish up chapter and verse on the capture and the venue and stuff the rest.

Which brings me to my main point.......How much is to much to give away on a blog or an angling forum about your captures.My view is this...........Mention the river that you fish by all means,but by giving specifics,beats or showing swims is wrong.None of us own our particular favorite beat of river,but surely we all like a little peace and quiet to unwind when we fish.If my favorite rivers were suddenly inundated with anglers over a certain fish that was caught,or an extensive write up on the net I would be mighty miffed.Not all anglers have an ego that makes them do a blog and not all anglers want the added attention on their favorite rivers.So how about a little thought for other anglers.It's easy to cover photo's also.....Here is one of mine from a while ago,a nice Perch that took seconds to tweak.Have a think for others maybe guys and gals eh?Or perhaps I'm in the wrong and you should publish and be dammed.?

It's just my view from Yat Rock but I think people should be a little more thoughtful?Anyway this is just a very quick blog entry as being Friday,I'm off out for a cupla pints.So enjoy your weekend and If you are fishing,catch a whopper,but think a little eh?

Be Lucky.

Monty D


  1. Well said Monty ol son.

  2. hey, what a tripped out acid world you live in man, more swirls than you can shake a grateful dead lp at.

  3. What is with the Richard's of this world? Why are they mostly Dicks?


  4. Well said Monty old chap in regards to venues, too many don't want to put any effort themselves into this fishing lark.

    Hear on the grapevine that HMRC are giving those who make a bob or two from guiding, sponsorship etc a short while to contact them with tax returns for the last six years or else they'll come after them.
    We may see some vacancies soon :-)


  5. If everybody used pictures like that then doppelgangers would be either very difficult or very easy to come by.

  6. Great blog glad your back up and running, Richard.... he is very special.

    ps what software do you get the swirls fromon your pics

  7. Dave,

    Wait until you see yours:-)You also know the photo with the "cover up",is just an over zealous example to make a point.


    It's photo bucket,very easy.

  8. Monty dear chap, the swirls can be undone by experts. Beware. ;-)

  9. I know where that perch came from!!

  10. So do i, i took the picture!

  11. Hartley Hare ..... how appropriate.. in knew id seen that face somewhere... naive,stupid and green as a cabbage. mmmmm, maybe the great angling god BR ought to assist him... BSC