Saturday, 28 January 2012

Rocking Robin

I had a very short three hour session on the river today(I wanted to get home for the football and racing),arriving at first light and staying until around 10.30,admittedly it does help when this particular venue is very close to home,so you can arrive and be gone at will without the constraints of traveling and if you have had enough you can simply pack up and walk home.

Just gently running a float downstream again with a pint of red maggots,and I caught very little.Two small Dace and a very small Roach and a good few Minnows.But I'm starting to get the hang of this trotting lark and the more I fish like this,the more absorbing it becomes.It's hard to explain,but watching the float dance and move downstream is good fun and that is what angling is to me really.

Also this little chap kept me company,I adore Robins.They are brave,bolshie,inquisitive,greedy and just nice to have around.Next weekend I'll be back out after some Perch and hope for that elusive four pound fish.

Now back to some more "Harryisms".I mentioned in the week he would play dumb and try and blame all and sundry."I can't send an e-mail,write like a two year old etc"Well I apologize,as I was wrong,he really is thick as shit!These came into the Yat Phone last night and thank you Le Otterman for the spot,gold star for you sir.

Time for the Horses,If you do go and see this film and you do not shed a tear then you have a heart of stone.

Sure it's not as good as the Theater production,that is simply outstanding.But It is well worth seeing in my humble opinion.I had the pleasure of meeting the books author Michael Morpurgo for half an hour a few years back.He was getting ready to do a book reading at the Little Mermaid Theater in Southwark,a shy man really,but very well spoken.He came alive when the auditorium filled up with children and their parents.He was superb and great fun and really does an awful lot of good for children who have not had an easy time in life.I think the man deserves a gong.

And keeping with all things equine,a Cheltenham meeting is on today and I have had just the one bet.Midnight Chase in the 14.35.Will it win?I hope so.

Be Lucky.

Monty D

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Harry "The Bung" Redknapp

Well the trial started yesterday in court number eight at Southwark Crown Court for my 'Ol mate Harry "Honest Guv" Redknapp.I've mentioned on here about his taste for a "Bung",many times in the past.But many people assumed I was on a major wind up?

The press love him,as he is always ready with a cheeky quip,a sexist bon mot.That hides a platitude of misdemeanors and outright skulduggery and dare I say a crooked,grasping love of the filthy lucre.But is he about to be found out?

Well I don't think he will get "banged up".But was not poor Lester Piggott locked up and stripped of his knighthood.And this a man who really knew his trade,as opposed to an outright wrong 'un.I can wish that a chant that rings around at Upton Park is........."Raped in the showers,his getting raped in the showers".But though I think he will be found guilty,he will of course blame everyone else and play dumb,but I can't see him doing a stretch,but we can live in hope.

Also this pinged into the Yat Phone over the weekend.Now I thought that sleeping by your rods at Sutton on Sea,on the Barbel Society water was frowned upon?But it seems some committee members seem to do their own thing?And not an unhooking mat to be seen,though plenty of flesh around to rest the hallowed Barbel on,if indeed one does catch?Anyone know whom this man is?Keep it clean or it will not be published.

Be Lucky.

Monty D

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Finicky Pike

Gruff and I had a six hour session today on a local beat of river,after a Pike or three,the day started in it's usual style with the ubiquitous phone call of "I'm running a little late mate".Quell surprise there old boy,but he was at the meeting point about 15 minutes late and with it being so mild who really cares?

Anyway the first hour we both float fished Sprat dead baits and not a sniff was to be had,this particular bay tends to fish well at this time of year.I changed over to a large Mackerel tail and popped it back out,within a minute the float wobbled,stuttered and moved off.I wound down and was into a fish and played it towards the net,up she popped and she looked a scraper double,then she shook her head and the hooks flew out of her mouth,oh bum or words to that effect.With the bait still intact the bait went straight back out. It had not really settled when it was off again.Wind down and into another fish,a couple of runs and another scraper double was ready for netting.As I eased her over the net,she tail walked and threw the hooks,sending the float and two trebles into an over head tree,oh the joy of angling.

Now it gets a little surreal,as the float stops had moved I cast out again without a bait to make sure I had the depth correct.The float did not settle but moved off.Gruff said "Fook me you in again".I thought I had foul hooked a fish,but no both trebles were firmly in the mouth of this little Jack,how can that happen?I know I like a piss take on this blog,but Gruff will testify what I've just posted is gospel.

Anyway I had one more stuttering take on a Mack Head,that I pulled out of.Now it was Gruffs turn,he had a short stuttering,dibble of a float movement.He wound down and after a couple of seconds he pulled out of a fish.Bait goes back out and the same again he lets the float sail away and he winds down,fish on then off.He winds in slowly and he sees a Pike follow,strike then let go.One more chance for Gruff and his into a decent fish,she tail walks and a good mid double shakes here head and spits out the hooks.Both of us were somewhat perplexed to be honest,bait and hook size were the correct ratio.Hooks were sharp and we always "hit" our Pike early to avoid deep hooking,but seldom have we both endured such frustration in a few hours.When checking the baits.Most teeth marks where at the tail end,we also switched to whole Herrings as opposed to Mack Tails.So were the Pike picking up the bait side on in a finicky manner,just gently mouthing the bait as opposed to moving off?Hence the very small runs on the floats that stopped and started.All good fun though and something that makes you want to go back and put right.

Now to a little national stereotyping,are you or I really surprised that this man some how "slipped and fell into a life boat",thus leaving his ship to others?Have you heard the radio of the coast guards,telling him to get back on board.As I said national stereotyping at it's worst,but in a tight spot,would you really want this man with you?Na thought not.

Lastly this lady passed away yesterday and what a voice and song this is,If you can't romance your lady to this,well you have no chance and you best give up.Oh and Lady D,who is working tonight this is for you :-)

That's it,enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Friday, 6 January 2012

Doppelgangers Of The Angling World Part XV

Time for another one of these I think.........Below we have that all round Barbel god Richard Easom who is totally driven,marketing tool par excellence and you will jolly well take notice of his blog,as it was posted up mostly on FM for the last few months.Richard will leave no stone upturned in his quest for world domination on the Barbel front.And by Jove we need another Barbel expert do we not?

And below we have that all time kids favorite from back in the day,Mr.Hartly the Hare with a nice fish caught from the Coventry canal last May.Sorry about naming the venue folks,but that is the way that things seem to be going,publish up chapter and verse on the capture and the venue and stuff the rest.

Which brings me to my main point.......How much is to much to give away on a blog or an angling forum about your captures.My view is this...........Mention the river that you fish by all means,but by giving specifics,beats or showing swims is wrong.None of us own our particular favorite beat of river,but surely we all like a little peace and quiet to unwind when we fish.If my favorite rivers were suddenly inundated with anglers over a certain fish that was caught,or an extensive write up on the net I would be mighty miffed.Not all anglers have an ego that makes them do a blog and not all anglers want the added attention on their favorite rivers.So how about a little thought for other anglers.It's easy to cover photo's also.....Here is one of mine from a while ago,a nice Perch that took seconds to tweak.Have a think for others maybe guys and gals eh?Or perhaps I'm in the wrong and you should publish and be dammed.?

It's just my view from Yat Rock but I think people should be a little more thoughtful?Anyway this is just a very quick blog entry as being Friday,I'm off out for a cupla pints.So enjoy your weekend and If you are fishing,catch a whopper,but think a little eh?

Be Lucky.

Monty D