Sunday, 27 February 2011

Stoney Love In

Friday night and we had seen a deluge down in the South so Gruff and I expected the Old Lake at Bury Hill to be fairly coloured,so we were hopeful for a Zander or two.Gruff picked me up at around 06.30 and we pulled into the car park around thirty minutes later.The lads were all ready about in large numbers and I think in the region of sixty anglers had turned up to support the day.

Every angler registered with the Stoney team and we all got a "Goodie Bag", containing long nose forceps,two free ready tied traces,some bait products and best of all a free pen from NatWest Bank.Then you just went and fished where you wanted.Gruff and I moved down the long bank and fished pegs 44 and 45 respectively.My day started badly as I broke the drop off arm on my buzzy thing(keep it schtum that I own such a thing,the GSC will go mad),so I had to improvise by making a light weight bobbin.You will see that later.

I cast the lead rod around thirty yards out with a Sprat head and a float rod about 15 yards out with a whole Sprat to drift about.And within 15 minutes I had a Jack of about four or five pounds on the bank on the float rod.I'm sorry about this dreadful photo as Gruff took the snap with my good self being totally unaware and then sends it to me in a zip file.That I can't unzip hence the piddly small photo.

And this was the only fish I caught,not a huge amount came out on the day I'm led to believe.A young lad fishing four pegs up from me with his farther had a Zander of 11.14 and a few more came out over the fishery.The young lad I'm led to understand will be on Sky next Friday on the Tight Lines angling show.More of Sky later............

As it was a social day and I caught early I was fairly relaxed about all things.But I've never been on a fishery where I've had or witnessed so many dropped runs.I had three and dropped a fish after a few seconds,as did Gruff.In fact it was happening all over the fishery and my thoughts on this are..........The barbless hook rule and the size of the hooks you can use,you just do not in my eyes get a proper hook up with such small hooks.But dems de rules,so you must abide by this.And David De Vere the owner has already given his go ahead for a repeat of the day next year.

Just a couple of photo's.

This is around two o'clock just as it stared to rain again.

And it got worse and worse over the next few hours.Notice the hastily modified bite indicator on the lead rod.

Highlights of the day ?Some really nice guys on the bank to chat to,the lovely EA man checking rod licences.Seldom seen on a river though,to hard that is it not ?And Sky TV and Gruff.The Sky guys were walking around the lake hoping to get some action of fish actually being caught.The two guys were chatting to me,when Gruff had a belting run and he came flying out from under his brolly.He was in and the cameras were rolling(this is all true I promise),he though was unaware of this.When the hook pulled yet again,he turned around with his face red with rage and uttered these now immortal words"Fucking,poxy,C*****ng barbless 'ooks".The camera then stopped rolling and I was in bits.I could not breath for laughing and to be fair the Sky guys were laughing to.

All in all a good event.Would I fish here for predators again ?Only on the Stoney do as It's not really natural enough for me.Wooden platforms and the hook rule put me off to be honest.I would now like to offer a few thank you's

All you guys who were kind enough to sponsor me.I make it I raised £118.00 with your help and I will get a cheque off to Stoney when I have the money in.He will issue me a receipt that I will put up on here to show I've not pissed it up the wall.To the organisers of the day thank you very much guys a well run event.Also the Walton branch of the PAC,who were on hand all day to offer advice and help to any inexperienced anglers,can't have been easy walking about in the pissing rain all day.And obviously Stoney himself he should get a knight hood for all the good he does ;-0.

Looking froward to next years event all ready.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Edit Payments

Yessling Ying Received
Popsy Received
Mr.Fog Received
TP West Ham Received
Jon Berry Recieved
Tom H Received
Howise Received(Thanks for confusing the postman) ;-0
Bard of BridgEnorth Received
Rob Hilton Received
Mike Oz Received (Thank you for the nice letter and on headed paper) ;-0
Tony Rocca Received
Gruff Received
Graham Elliott Received
Biggun Received.
JAA Revived
Le Otterman Received
Mike Joyce Received

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Doppelgängers Of The Angling World Part VIII

Time for another one of these I feel.What are the chances of ever seeing these fine two fellows on the river bank at the same time ?Very little I am afraid as one lives in a distance cosmos and the other lives in BridgEnorth.

Below is that dastardly character from Doctor Who,all round constant warrior the Sonataran who will not give up his goal of total angling domination.

And below is the Black Country's pie eating champion the Bard of BridgEnorth.Constantly getting harried into taking lesser mortals out on his boat "YamYam".

Upton Park the other night was good,though Burnley are a decent football side and knocked the ball around well.The score line of 5-1 did not really reflect the game in my opinion.Stoke away in the Quarter-Final of the FA Cup next and we play Stoke the week before at home in the league.The Britannia Stadium is never an easy place to go and get a result but I'm hopeful of making the last four in this competition.It just depends on what West Ham side turn up on the day ?

I've got all my tackle ready for our day at Old Bury Hill on Saturday.Now for those who do not know ?OBH practice a single hook policy no larger than a size 4 and barbless to boot.I have used single hooks before but in a larger patten,though never in barbless.But with the barb crushed down.I've made a few traces up this week,with size 4 and size 6 hooks and to be honest they look tiny.You do get given free of charge two "rigs" on the day and can buy more If you want from the on site shop.I'm sure they are spot on as well,but I've always made my own and I would be gutted If one broke on me that I had not tied and tested myself.Easy to make now as well with the various wires on the market and crimping tools.Or do you twist ?Some of the prices for ready made rigs from the Greys Prowler Range are extortionate.Four quid for normal dead bait rig with two size 6 trebles.Pah!

Though I'm led to understand the fish at OBH get caught on small baits.It will be an experience I'm sure.I've not fished a lake for ages,since last April in fact.And never with so many other anglers present,but as I have said before it is for a worthy cause.So I'll just go with the flow and see what transpires on the day.The weather is looking not to bad so I am crossing my fingers and hoping for a fish or two.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Always Listen To Monty

Well it looks like I've had as many offers of sponsorship for the OBH day next Saturday,as I'm going to get as most people are skint ? I'll add a little update of today's session.Though Kevin Colsten-Iles you will not get off lightly.But If anyone I know wants to add a few more pound then please let me know;-0.In truth I have not pressured or harried people for cash as that's just plain wrong,I do have a heart you know.

A later start than normal saw two of us head across country from Surrey to Royal Berkshire.Can it really be "Royal" when you have Slough in the county?Or worse still Bracknell ?Pray tell let me know as some stage.

We have had a fair amount of rain this last week and it is much needed after a Winter of low rain fall.We both aspired to a Barbel or two,as it will probably be my last Barbel trip of this season as I'm after a large Perch before the end of this river season.And Biggun is coming South the week after next,so I need to help him get a three pound plus Perch.Though I'm not sure how I'm going to do that, as I can't find the large Perch at all this season.The three pound plus fish are proving scarce when a few years back they were plentiful.

Anyway we pulled into one of the car parks and I suggested we did not park here as we would not get out again.That fell on deaf ears,so we parked up and went our separate ways on this particular beat.Myself upstream and my partner downstream.

Not a cold day,and quite pleasant out when the wind dropped.No Barbel today only four small Chub all around this size.I took a photo of this one as it done a good job of a Barbel bite,in that it took the rod right round.I thought my luck was in but alas not, I did christen the '55 though I'm aware it's had some use by it's previous owner.

Now the fun started.........We arrived back at the car and got changed and I unlocked the first of two car park gates.My mates very nice, expensive company car that was valeted and serviced on Wednesday was stuck fast.He of course put his foot down and mud was going everywhere,and the car was getting in a worse condition.So he had a brain wave,I push from the front while he puts the car into reverse.You know the outcome,me flat on my face and all I could do was laugh and that just got my mate a bit more wound up.After twenty minutes of us trying to put grass and unhooking mats under the wheels to try give it some traction,the game was up.

I had to phone this man............

The legend that is John Butler who looks after the anglers and shooting guys who frequent the estate.He was in the bath when I rang,but top man that he is was with us within twenty minutes.A few expletives where thrown our way but we were sorted within ten minutes and he dragged the car out,by his teeth no less.These country folk are tough as they come. He then bid us a safe journey home and do not do it again.Or words to that effect.

John I thank you mate,your good as gold :-)You see If my partner in crime had listened to me first thing.Then we would not have got stuck and John could have settled down in the bath with his copy of "What Tractor".

Be Lucky

Monty D

Monday, 14 February 2011

Stoney And Friends At Old Bury Hill

As I mentioned on Friday,myself and Gruff shall be attending the "Stoney Predator Day" at Old Bury Hill on Saturday February the 26th.So would anyone I know on a personal basis care to sponsor me to try and raise a few more pounds for a good cause ?I'm just to lazy to phone,text or e-mail you all ;-)

I know that things are very tight for an awful lot of us these days,so I am not asking for the earth lads.Maybe a £1.00 per Pike or Zander and maybe a £5.00 donation for a double.I'll say now that I have never fished here for Predators before, only the odd day from a punt in the Spring for Tench and Bream.

And looking at met-checks long range forecast for the Dorking area,it looks like the weather will be bloody awful.And the way I am fishing at present I could go through the lake with a trawler vessel and still only pull in an old boot.If I blank,I will chuck an extra 30 quid in the collection box.Tickets were a score a pop,and I'll need at least five pounds worth of raffle tickets.

Here is a little information for you to pursue at your leisure.

Now I must crack on a cook a wonderful,romantic dinner for Mrs.Monty.I do the majority of cooking at home as I arrive back at Chez Monty first.Plus I enjoy it, as it is a nice way to relax after a day at work.Glass of wine radio 4 and I'm sorted,very easily pleased that's me.

Roses,nope not a chance.I came out of the station after work and a dozen roses that will be dead in the morning were forty five quid.I do find the whole "Valentines" day thing a load of old bollocks.You should treat your better half with love an respect all year,not just go way over board for one day.But I have to make a little bit of effort,as Mrs.Monty is liable to go into full Jamaican "Yardie" mode.Kissing her teeth and god knows what else If I just slap down some beans on toast and squeeze her 'arris.Only joking babe ;-)

For those of you who are out having a romantic meal in a restaurant tonight,I've been there and done that.Not for many a year,as this is what you look like.........

I await a great out pouring of cash and pledges ;-)

Be Lucky

Monty D

Edit.......I'll keep the very kind offers up here for sanity's sake as it's easier to look at than scroll through the comments......

Mike Oz...A pound per Pike and five pound per double.
Rob Hilton....As Above
Popsy 4..........As Above
Mr.Fog...........As Above
Jon Berry........As Above
Graham Elliott..... Ten Pounds for a Pike
JAA...... Private offer
Yessling Ying.... Private offer
TP West Ham...... Twenty Pounds for a Pike
Tom H..................Ten Pounds for me blanking even ;-0
Tony Rocca..........Ten Pounds If I do not blank
The Otter.............Five Pounds all in
Bard of BridgEnorth........Five Pounds If I do not blank
Howsie.....................Five Pounds If I do not blank
Mike Joyce..............Five Pounds per Predator.
Gruff.........................Twenty Pounds for not blanking

Friday, 11 February 2011

Like A Trout At Duffers

I had to bite did I not Bob ?But you would have been been bereft If I had just hunkered down under the far bank willow and let your dry flay that you cast so deftly,just drift on slowly by.But I have to bite as like you it is in my nature.

You did though make some salient points ;-)So here go................................

Ever seen these two guys out treading the bank at the same time ?I doubt that you will to be honest.Here with have Lembit Opik the chap who use to be a Liberal Democrat MP,who use to date if that is the right phrase one of the "Cheeky Girls".

And here we have self styled Doncaster demi-god and all round Northern Narcissus,Mr,for he is such a thing.Mr.Bob Roberts.

Olympic stadium is ours(West Ham).Do not bet your last bagel on it my boy.If we go down,please,please let that be the case.And we stay down we will not have the finances to run the stadium.It's a lease of 150 years and we will only have a crowd of around 15000 to 25000.That will not wash with the chaps who need the contract for the lease signing in 2013.So all is not lost.

Now a moan..................I stopped in a tackle shop near the Lawn Tennis Association on my way home.I bought a packet of 50 lob worms for some Perch angling over the weekend.I opened them up in the kitchen to transfer them into a bait box with moss and wet news paper and 14 out of the 50 are dead.Now firstly that is not good,but If I had left them over night in the original container would they have all been dead by the morning ?Not happy at all with this.

Bob I thank you my little "Choochie Face".Please note,no anti-Bob comments as he is coming to Upton Park with me next season.I want to see if he is man enough to eat a "Double-Double" and a bowl of stewed Eels.

Be Lucky

Monty D

PS you were right Rocca,would not last a week.

Monday, 7 February 2011

So Long And Thanks For All The Fish

Time for a break from this old "Blogging Caper" I think,yes I can continue to take the piss out of this and that.But I've never really felt comfortable talking about where I cast a line,or what I catch.And I've only really given half the story on what I have caught this season,the best writers will always hold something back ;-).But it's been fairly nice except on the Perch front(you and I both Bob).But to pop up on here with the full story just seems so odd,as I've been such a secret squirrel of sorts in the past.

I'll be back at some time next season,but angling means an awful lot more to me than the ramblings on here and I feel maybe I am leaving a trail for those fish chasing wankers, I despise so much ?It's not a snap decision as I have spoken to various people about this over the last month or so.Those who know me,are aware of my concerns as I can't have a blog that just takes the piss,or can I ?Of course I will still look about from Yat Rock,plus next season I'll be on a no publicity water for most of the summer,not for Carp though they only go into the low 20's and as we know that means nowt these days,for the "Munga Spod Brigade".But just for the general "float around a Lilly bed" angling.

So to all you Internet "know alls" you carry on, as you are wankers now and you will be when I come back as you can't change.To my mates you know where to find me(If I have any) ;-)

No need to post any comments,as they will not get published.So for now........

Be Lucky

Monty D

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Lola The Pike Dog Her First Session

Well what can you say ? As ever when Gruff and I plan a session together things go wrong,it is him and not I rest assured.I received a text to say "Running late,bit of a drama but on my way".Gruff arrived and I peered in the motor to see Princess Lola peeking back at me.Mrs Gruff had to be elsewhere so Lola, the Ridgeback puppy who is only seven months old was to come with us.Anyone who has ever owned a dog from a puppy knows that after around two hours on their own they get restless,she will calm down as she gets older.

But is she not a real stunner,really well mannered to and I wish she was mine ;-0.

As Lola was with us we had to do a detour to another river,as where we intended heading originally do not allow dogs.I suggested an area on the river where we could tuck our selves away from the howling wind and keep out of sight,as we should not really have Lola with us on this venue like the first choice for a days Pike fishing.But what Pike angler does not pull a stroke or two ?

First blood to me was a small Jack about two pounds,while Gruff was still tackling up and we picked an area where we could both fish next to each other,casting into a large bay that I thought would hold some good Pike.I though only had the one jack.

About 09.45 Gruff had a take and his float slid off across the river and at first she did not really pull back.Then decided it was time to wake up and tore off downstream at a rate of knots,tail walking and shaking her head in anger.

"Good fish that Gruff" I said,but when your into a good fish you hear very little and just concentrate and pray the fish does not come off.Slowly she came back upstream and I netted her first time.We gave her a rest in the net and got the mat and scales ready.And what a stunning river Pike that went bang on 19lbs and two quick photos were taken,I had the pleasure of slipping her back as the banks were still very slick and gruff at his age is somewhat unsteady on his feet.

She slowly swam away,then as mates do big man hugs all round.Cracking fish that big lad and it was a real pleasure to see such a fish on the bank.We were due to pack up around 12.30 as Lola needed her bed the poor little thing,when Gruff had another take and a small Jack of around 4lbs came to the net.I cracked on with the unhooking as Gruff was busting for a piss,and as I took the hooks out the little sod kicked and this was the outcome.

It would not stop bleeding,so I had to let it dry and I took this photo when I got home.The larger fish are no problem to unhook as you can straddle them and you can open the mouth wide enough to work in.Little Jacks at times can be most feisty,but I'm not a huge fan of gloves as you do not in my opinion feel enough and can damage the very delicate gill area of the Pike.Each to their own though,Pike scars don't you just love 'em ?

Be Lucky

Monty D

PS I hear Fox have a patent out on lucky dogs.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Six Nations

No pub tonight folks as I want to have a clear head in the morning,for a days Pike fishing on the river. But I would like to be down the pub to watch the start of the Six Nations in Caaeerrdiff look you butt.Or better still in the land of the Cave Trolls ;-)

I love Rugby union and I'm going to blow my own trumpet now, I played the game to decent standard in the position of flanker very apt that, is it not,look you.Can you imagine being an England player tonight walking out into the cauldron of hate that is the Millennium Stadium.All the Welsh have had a week off, as to beat us is all they care about and they will have been on the piss since,ooh Monday lunch-time.

The Celtic nations hate the English with a passion.They say it is all to do with history?Do not make me laugh.It is because you all want to be English,but you did not by the grace of birth get lucky,look you see.OK I'll admit that the Welsh National anthem really does take some beating and I've been to the old Arms Park a few times over the years great days win or loose.But or is that butt you all need to move on from being so "Chippy".WE FUND YOUR LIFE STYLE!

Who will win tonight ?England by a small margin, though I hope we give them a real caning and send them back to the valleys in tears.And I confidently predict a Six Nations trophy,though not the slam as I think the Scot's may surprise us this year ?

By the way do not watch the video,if you are of a sensitive nature,look you see.

I'm really looking forward to the game and the Pike trip tomorrow.So if you are out,good luck butt,look you see,isn't it.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

New Toy And A Confession

Well I have been after one of these reels for a while now, as I owned one when I was around 16 years old but that was sold when I had a little sabbatical from angling for a few years, in my very early twenties.Now these have been going for daft prices on E-Bay for a while, with mint condition 55's at times making £150.00 and that is way to much for Monty to pay.

Plus I am not a fan of E-bay to be honest.I did phone a couple of people of late to enquire If they would be willing to sell me one,but they declined.Until I remembered my mate Pooh Bear,bought one a while ago from Shropshire Lad,no names no pact drill here.And fair play to Pooh as he sold it to me at mates rates, as he does not have any use for it.

I've given it a little clean up and some oil and it is all ready to go out on the bank. Thanks awfully old boy.
Now a confession.....I've always give it "Billy Big Bollocks" about not minding being somewhat challenged on the old baldness front.But various articles in the media seem to make us "Bald Boys" out to be some kind of pariah ? I decided to take action and have been looking for a real good "Syrup" for a while now,that's "Syrup a Fig" in the old rhyming slang that equates to wig.

Well I really hit the jackpot,the only time I have ever used E-Bay I won an auction.Yes this story in the press was totally true.

And I confess It was Monty that won the above.I now look like a real man again,so thank you Mr.Daniels for giving me my life back you are not just a wonderful magician but a kind man and I love it.

The pressure is dropping very quickly as I type and it does look very good for the weekend,apart from the winds of 30mph gusting up to 40mph.But I'll be out to try and end this horrendous run of catching very,very little.It was Candle-mass day yesterday and it was mild down here so I hope this winter is finally saying good bye ?

Pike or Perch what is it to be.Pike I reckon as I've not fished for them for a while and fancy watching that big float slide away,hopefully.

Be Lucky

Monty D