Saturday, 10 December 2011

Still Water Barbel ?

What is it with Barbel anglers on Internet forums that this particular subject causes so much angst and incrimination?Why do people drone on and on,night and day,day and night.But when something more significant raises it's head in Internet land,lets just say a pollution incident for arguments sake,people do not seem to care?Am I missing the point here?

Take a look at this if you will...........It's now on 23 pages of posts that in the most seem just pointless posturing,insipid and spiteful comments and well, just down right a load of old bollocks.And you know what,it's has had myself and others in stitches all week.It's possibly the funniest and most pointless thread in Internet land at present.If you are still with it at the end,take a peek at a very barbed comment aimed at dear old Fred Bonney........

He was likened to a "One Man Bile Generator" by another poster.I've never heard of such a thing to be honest.We had some big storms in the UK on Thursday night and with the prospects of power cuts looming,I Googled "One Man Bile Generator" and lo and behold up popped this.

Your very own "One Man Bile Generator",retailing at a rather costly £1.99 and I think every home should have one.Just look at those fluffy ears,isn't he just adorable?But seriously guys those they have in the main taken part on that thread.......Thank you for making my days at work go much quicker.I know the team over on FATWA,are glad of so many banned anglers posting elsewhere and not cluttering up FATWA.

Anyway,moving away from mischief and going back to a more gentler age of angling,we have these books being reissued by the Medlar Press written by "BB".They are "Be Quite and go Angling","The Whopper" and "A Carp Water".All are being sold for twenty pounds sterling,very reasonable if you ask me and I hope Santa brings me all three for Christmas,as I've been such a good boy this year.

Back to Football now and my comments about Doncaster Rovers last week really came back to haunt me,after they beat Southampton 1-0 at home.I would like to point out that the comment "They were Pony" was not said by me,but a friend.So all the texts into the Yat Phone giving me stick,may I suggest YOU READ the blog entry properly before being mean to me.That's mainly aimed at you Ian "Hooter" Mac OK?Also we lost at home to Burnley 1-2 after I predicted a win,great league the Championship,wholly unpredictable and I for one hope we do not get promotion.I can't let the football go with out thanking Mr.Joe Coral for offering such delicious odds on both the Manchester teams,getting knocked out in the week and a nice tickle that was.

Sticking with the gambling tack and a good meeting is taking place at Cheltenham today,I'll be home in time from work for this after popping down to Jermyn Street for Mummy and Daddy's Christmas presents.Main race of the day is the Christmas Gold Cup at 14.30 and a very competitive race.I'm going to have a small bet in what is only a very tentative selection in Great Endeavour,that is trading around 11/2 at present.

That's about it,all this being in work at the weekends is getting in the way of fishing.But that's life and I'm always one to see my glass as half full as opposed to half empty.I'll be out again for a few sessions over Christmas,both socially and on my Jacks.For what species,well maybe a few Still Water Barbel.Enjoy your weekend and If your on the bank today I envy you it's a lovely day to be out.

Be Lucky.

Monty D


  1. Most posters on FM are sick to the high teeth with the Barbel forum and it is pathetic how grown men and that is a term I use loosely behave over the blessed species.

  2. Thank god for the internet, can you imagine a world without it? One in which the likes of Fred Bonney might actually leave his w@nk station and do some time fishing...It doesn't really bare thinking about.
    'Use your local tackle dealer' - has Fred heard of the 'Law of Unintended Consequences'? Any sane angler in the East Mids that reads any of the interminable b@ll@cks that Fred churns out on Fishing Tragic is likely to avoid their local tackle shop like the plaque just in case that Fat Fred is in I said thank god for internet !
    Great Blog Monty,


  3. Had a good laugh at the stilwater thread Monty, especially when they had to turn out the first team to try and rescue dear old Fred.

    Don't know about "being out today" up here mate it's struggled to get above freezing and what with the rain and strong winds not moved far from the central heating.

    Just found out off Gruff you live round the corner from me brother and family. Upper Middle class or what ?
    Never took the Eastend boy for a Yuppie:-)


  4. Phil,

    As my Mum says......."You can take the boy out the East End,but you can't take the East End out the boy".Still love Hackney,but to noisy for me there now.42 next year and prefer leafy Surrey and it's surrounding environs ;-0

  5. I tried reading the thread Monty but after about three pages I lost the will to live.

    I see the 'ammers don't like show-boaters, no sense of humour your lot :-)

  6. Dave,

    Humour?What is this word of what you speak?I've been told he was a little miffed;-0.

    I shall now slope of to the pub,to spend the afternoon by a roaring log fire,my pipe and slippers and a few pints of Old Peculiar.

    Adieu dear boy.......

  7. I don't mind Barbel in lakes, I just don't think we should stock them to suit those who have to catch all the time or have to win matches with 100lb of fish to justify their small dong.

  8. If ever a man needed to burn his laptop its Boney, hour after hour he spends tapping out his misinformed dribble.

    Its unhealthy if you ask me, I bet stillwater barbel are happier.

  9. JAA,

    BIG RED CARD.This is neither the place or the time for a reasoned and grown up point to be made.I suggest to go and frequent FM your self ;-0

  10. Woops, sorry. Long week, Christmas shopping, must have let my concentration slip there. FM? I gave that up when the editor changed.

  11. Thought I'd pop in and have a look during a dull moment before I set myself up with some bacon and eggs.
    Has as been said many times before particularly by Mr roca, it's not real life. But, it's interesting to see the worms come out of the woodwork whilst you're playing the game,and how easily they become the expert we know them not to be.
    As I said on FM, keep playing with yourselves ;o)

    I'm off to sort out a funeral.

    Merry Christmas MD xxxx

  12. Fred,

    Try and Enjoy your Christmas to.We went through a similar thing four years ago with Nan.It's the constant waiting that wears everyone down,when it happened on Boxing Day,Mum and Dad were relived.A huge pressure is lifted.

    Now stay off the blasted net until the New Year,I will be as from next week.

    A premature Merry Christmas :-)