Saturday, 31 December 2011

Out With The Old

Out with the old is the mantra for this time of year for many,but I quite like the old and nostalgia to be truthful.I debated yesterday as to whether to go fishing today as I've got the dreaded man flu.I woke up Thursday with a hacking cough and all that comes with it,runny nose,aching limbs and a complete lack of taste.And it puts me in a filthy mood,but well I had not cast a line since prior to Christmas so I managed a few hours.

I popped down to a local beat of river that seldom sees a soul,sure the bank side vegetation is mostly in a lethargic mood.But the grass,owing to the weather being very mild is still growing with aplomb and the lack of footfall from anglers and ramblers leaves everything nice and mud free.And I hate,with a passion getting caked in mud while on the bank.

Just a few hours trotting for me with two pints of maggots casting for what ever came along,I have said before my trotting skills are very poor.It's something I have always wanted to remedy but seem to get side tracked with other things.But I think this particular form of angling,when done correctly is one of the most skillful forms of coarse fishing.And I do not give it any kind of justice,more lurching the stream as opposed to a fluent trot.But I still somehow manged to hood wink some Dace and small Roach for my four hours.My back does bloody ache though after a while standing up and running a float downstream.It was a nice few hours with the sun peeking about from behind the cloud cover for around ten minutes.I'll have to put some more time in with the trotting tackle in the New Year for some Roach I spotted rolling at dusk,last season while Pike fishing.

And keeping with the old,this old boy winning an unprecedented fifth King George on Boxing Day.22,000 people packed into Kempton Park and the place erupting,it would have maybe rivaled the "Cheltenham Roar"as he came home in front and Kauto Star never looked in danger all through the race.The Gold Cup in March promises to be some spectacle If both Kauto and Long Run can arrive fit and healthy.And I hope to be here for this race also.Memories are made of things like this,If you love horse racing we can all look back and think of Best Mate,One Man,Desert Orchard,Denman etc,etc.But Kauto is very,very special and fingers crossed that he does himself and his connections justice in 2012.

So what would I like from next year?To see the Association of Barbel Fishers go from strength to strength.They have a good "team" and are open to the thoughts and concerns of there members and are well worth having a peek at with some very good anglers posting on there vibrant forum.I do not include myself in the good angler mode,I'm just average.Rejoin the river syndicate I dropped this season owing to work and a house move as I really miss casting a line here.And just continue to look at life through a glass "Half Full View" as opposed to doom and gloom.And still take the piss on here,anyone seen the FM "Barbel Forum" over Christmas?You'll know what I mean.

I will wish you a safe and happy 2012,time for some Lemsip for me.

Be Lucky.

Monty D


  1. Chin up old boy. if we can get our colective arses in gear you may go to the ball, (well Kennet anyway), this season.

  2. Man up man it's cold that's all !!!!!

    A Happy New Year to you Monty, keep up the blogging, up the Ammers an all that, and tight lines.


  3. "and a complete lack of taste" - You must have man flu a lot of the time then lover :-)

    Keep up the good work Monty boy, the Net wouldn't be the same without you.

  4. I actually feel a whole lot better today and shall be out shortly for a cupla.

  5. Monty, keep blogging...know what you mean about the back. The only thing that improves one's trotting skills is doing it, so if you're that bad, Dr JAA prescribes 'more fishing'.