Saturday, 24 December 2011

Ho Ho Ho

Well it's that time of year again,the time for peace and good will to all men or is it?Yesterday I had a few brief hours out on the river and I mean brief.Gruff as ever had to cancel his angling trip with me at the last minute and trust me readers never have an angling companion who knows hows to fix broken boilers,as people crawl out of the wood work at this time of year for help!Thus scuppering our plans.

I'll keep it short but sweet a little like wee Jimmy Krankie,the filthy minx.I fished a local stretch of river to me and in the space of fours hours I had.......Slipped over in the cloying mud.Broken the tip of a John Wilson Quiver,tore my brace bottoms getting over a stile,landed four small Chub on my trusty Scotties cane rod.Oh and yeah,had a run in with a plank of a dog walker that resulted in the local plod actually tramping over fields,to find me as I told a delightful owner of a German Shepard that went for me,that if the dog came near me again I would throw it in the river.He phoned the old bill the prick.After his dog off the lead and him a good fifty yards way got very aggressive when it came across me.I love dogs,but my old boy was always under "manners".Oh and here was a wee Chub,caught in a rare moment of calm.

I could not wait to get home and that's about it.I will cut this short as it's getting on as I'm needed by my dear friend Mr.Claus to help deliver presents all over the world tonight.You see I love Christmas I really do and for those that do not,I feel for you.

So from high up on Yat Rock,enjoy your Christmas and keep the faith.Even if you use those dreadful carbon rod thingies!!

See you in 2012.

Be Lucky.

Monty D


  1. Good dog, give him a biscuit :-)

    Have a binder Monty.

  2. I still dare not tell you what was wrong with the daft old buggers boiler. I can tell you I was a little miffed misen mate.

  3. You need to learn, "No, feck off!"

  4. Don't get me started on rude dog owners...

    Sorry abbut the boiler, not bin out meself for neary a month, tomorrow maybe...

    I like Christmas Mont. I just like it to be AT Christmas, not from November 30th onwards...

    Be lucky in 2012 all...

  5. Hi Monty,
    I trust you enjoyed your day at Kempton Park on Boxing Day!

    ......... and I can guess where your money was on, having noted you mention it somewhere.. Kauto Star, what a race that was, seen off the young pretender once again; I just hope that the Cheletenham Gold Cup doesn't turn out to be a race too far for the old boy,

    Felicitations for 2012 and keep backing winners old boy,


  6. Mike,

    We had all backed it earlier after it had beaten Long Run at Haydock Park,we had the old boy at 6/1.I had a text from "Coops" while at the races asking about "Tips" etc.

    I did say I had backed Kauto with my heart and not my head,never a good thing to do.But it never looked in danger,even Tony2 backed it I think.A great horse and maybe the best national hunt horse I will see?

    Gold Cup?I would love to see him do it,but I think It may be just that little to far at his age?But we may all be in awe again?I should go fishing really,New Years Eve I think for me.Be lucky ;-)