Saturday, 3 December 2011

Doppelgangers Of The Angling World Part XIIII

Nothing to report on the angling front this week from myself,way to busy at work.And I'm hastily doing this from my trusty lap top when I in truth I'm supposed to be getting a major presentation ready for next week.Who would honestly entrust me,to stand up and show what our company has to offer?The mind as they say simply boggles and I may not get out on the bank now until around the 21st when I lock up the desk and depart our bustling metropolis until the New Year.

But I have in quieter periods this week got the spy glass out and peered around from Yat Rock......First up is this little Doppelgänger that made me chuckle in the week and I hope it tickles your fancy in some way.Below we have Alexi Sayle that left wing so called "Comedian".

And here we have his twin brother Alexi Sayle also.I have not got a clue who this guy is,but I nicked this photo from the Fatwa gallery in the week.Who ever you are mate,nice scarf.And keeping with the real Alexi Sayle,I had the misfortune to catch him on radio 4 in the week and I do not find him in anyway amusing.Or his mate Ben Elton,I do so love a champagne swilling left wing comedian.It's very easy I would assume to be part of the Islington or Hampstead "intelligista"that loves to preach and tell us all how we should be more caring,while sitting in a gilded castle and that the nasty working class are bigots,for voicing concerns over immigration.I think you may know where I'm coming from on this.

Enough of the politics as it's a very emotive subject for us all at present,what with the country supposedly being on it's knees and it will be for a few years to come?So I'll get back to the football.We play at home to Burnley later on today and it's looking like it could be a good game.They came from behind to beat Hull 3-2 away last week and then demolished Ipswich 4-0 in the week.While we have also won our last two games.I think a 3-1 to us,shame I can't be there today but I'm going out to dinner tonight.And going football,then going out to dinner are not conducive really to a romantic night.It does look like poor old Doncaster are down already and I spoke to a Milwall mate of mine in the week and I quote"We are crap mate,but they are proper pony".All is not lost yet for Doncaster but I think it will be very hard for them and let's hope no other clubs try this so called "Experiment",where the agent pulls the strings.Oh and also Dirty Leeds(hello Rob) let me down for a treble last Saturday,then win away in the week mad that.I'll not say to much about Gary Speed,as this is not the place for it.I heard,while out having lunch last Sunday,very sad news indeed!Massive game also between Wolves and Sunderland tomorrow,a must win for Wolves surely and I'm sure all the plastics who post about their beloved Wolves on various angling forums will be at the game,as opposed to sitting at home in front of Sky.Yes you know who you are.

Lastly it's a cracking afternoons national hunt racing from Aintree and Sandown.Sadly the horse I wanted to back in the Tingle Creek at Sandown,Tataniano has been confirmed as a non-runner owing to conditions underfoot.I'll still be home in time from work to watch most of the meetings and can enjoy it without having a bet,I may have a little dabble if something catches my fancy.

That's it for this week,sorry for the lack of angling content.I could go out after work in the week and sit in the dark and wait for a Barbel to hang itself,just to post up a "fishy blog".Been there,done that and it bores me now.Much prefer to look around me but each to their own.Enjoy your weekend.

Be Lucky

Monty D.


  1. Bit of satire there. I've been Monty Dalrymple - Goodnight.

  2. Satire?The Private Eye is far to high brow for me.I'll stick to Viz;-0

  3. I have little to add to your political observations, indeed your footy observations are also good. I'm one of the Sky footy fans, it's a choice for me. Fishing or football? No contest!

    I will say that is the best doppelgänger yet, inspired.

  4. Ben Elton lives in Hilaire Belloc's old house opposite the the house boats on Chelsea Embankment. On his drive are an Aston and a Range Rover..................... not bad for a man who used to mock the rich and famous!!!!

  5. And hasn't he become a 'lovey' in his comfortable middle age. I saw him on stage one night and Ken Dodd the next, now that's both ends of the comic scale - laughed hard both nights though :-)

  6. Hm. Funny how often well off Liberals end up "do as I say, not as I do".

    Ken Dodd tells jokes until you crack and laugh...and IR apart, anythngi is fair game.

    Bloody beer mice.

  7. Wot? No Fishing?

    Have sardines for tea and close your eyes.