Saturday, 31 December 2011

Out With The Old

Out with the old is the mantra for this time of year for many,but I quite like the old and nostalgia to be truthful.I debated yesterday as to whether to go fishing today as I've got the dreaded man flu.I woke up Thursday with a hacking cough and all that comes with it,runny nose,aching limbs and a complete lack of taste.And it puts me in a filthy mood,but well I had not cast a line since prior to Christmas so I managed a few hours.

I popped down to a local beat of river that seldom sees a soul,sure the bank side vegetation is mostly in a lethargic mood.But the grass,owing to the weather being very mild is still growing with aplomb and the lack of footfall from anglers and ramblers leaves everything nice and mud free.And I hate,with a passion getting caked in mud while on the bank.

Just a few hours trotting for me with two pints of maggots casting for what ever came along,I have said before my trotting skills are very poor.It's something I have always wanted to remedy but seem to get side tracked with other things.But I think this particular form of angling,when done correctly is one of the most skillful forms of coarse fishing.And I do not give it any kind of justice,more lurching the stream as opposed to a fluent trot.But I still somehow manged to hood wink some Dace and small Roach for my four hours.My back does bloody ache though after a while standing up and running a float downstream.It was a nice few hours with the sun peeking about from behind the cloud cover for around ten minutes.I'll have to put some more time in with the trotting tackle in the New Year for some Roach I spotted rolling at dusk,last season while Pike fishing.

And keeping with the old,this old boy winning an unprecedented fifth King George on Boxing Day.22,000 people packed into Kempton Park and the place erupting,it would have maybe rivaled the "Cheltenham Roar"as he came home in front and Kauto Star never looked in danger all through the race.The Gold Cup in March promises to be some spectacle If both Kauto and Long Run can arrive fit and healthy.And I hope to be here for this race also.Memories are made of things like this,If you love horse racing we can all look back and think of Best Mate,One Man,Desert Orchard,Denman etc,etc.But Kauto is very,very special and fingers crossed that he does himself and his connections justice in 2012.

So what would I like from next year?To see the Association of Barbel Fishers go from strength to strength.They have a good "team" and are open to the thoughts and concerns of there members and are well worth having a peek at with some very good anglers posting on there vibrant forum.I do not include myself in the good angler mode,I'm just average.Rejoin the river syndicate I dropped this season owing to work and a house move as I really miss casting a line here.And just continue to look at life through a glass "Half Full View" as opposed to doom and gloom.And still take the piss on here,anyone seen the FM "Barbel Forum" over Christmas?You'll know what I mean.

I will wish you a safe and happy 2012,time for some Lemsip for me.

Be Lucky.

Monty D

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Ho Ho Ho

Well it's that time of year again,the time for peace and good will to all men or is it?Yesterday I had a few brief hours out on the river and I mean brief.Gruff as ever had to cancel his angling trip with me at the last minute and trust me readers never have an angling companion who knows hows to fix broken boilers,as people crawl out of the wood work at this time of year for help!Thus scuppering our plans.

I'll keep it short but sweet a little like wee Jimmy Krankie,the filthy minx.I fished a local stretch of river to me and in the space of fours hours I had.......Slipped over in the cloying mud.Broken the tip of a John Wilson Quiver,tore my brace bottoms getting over a stile,landed four small Chub on my trusty Scotties cane rod.Oh and yeah,had a run in with a plank of a dog walker that resulted in the local plod actually tramping over fields,to find me as I told a delightful owner of a German Shepard that went for me,that if the dog came near me again I would throw it in the river.He phoned the old bill the prick.After his dog off the lead and him a good fifty yards way got very aggressive when it came across me.I love dogs,but my old boy was always under "manners".Oh and here was a wee Chub,caught in a rare moment of calm.

I could not wait to get home and that's about it.I will cut this short as it's getting on as I'm needed by my dear friend Mr.Claus to help deliver presents all over the world tonight.You see I love Christmas I really do and for those that do not,I feel for you.

So from high up on Yat Rock,enjoy your Christmas and keep the faith.Even if you use those dreadful carbon rod thingies!!

See you in 2012.

Be Lucky.

Monty D

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Still Water Barbel ?

What is it with Barbel anglers on Internet forums that this particular subject causes so much angst and incrimination?Why do people drone on and on,night and day,day and night.But when something more significant raises it's head in Internet land,lets just say a pollution incident for arguments sake,people do not seem to care?Am I missing the point here?

Take a look at this if you will...........It's now on 23 pages of posts that in the most seem just pointless posturing,insipid and spiteful comments and well, just down right a load of old bollocks.And you know what,it's has had myself and others in stitches all week.It's possibly the funniest and most pointless thread in Internet land at present.If you are still with it at the end,take a peek at a very barbed comment aimed at dear old Fred Bonney........

He was likened to a "One Man Bile Generator" by another poster.I've never heard of such a thing to be honest.We had some big storms in the UK on Thursday night and with the prospects of power cuts looming,I Googled "One Man Bile Generator" and lo and behold up popped this.

Your very own "One Man Bile Generator",retailing at a rather costly £1.99 and I think every home should have one.Just look at those fluffy ears,isn't he just adorable?But seriously guys those they have in the main taken part on that thread.......Thank you for making my days at work go much quicker.I know the team over on FATWA,are glad of so many banned anglers posting elsewhere and not cluttering up FATWA.

Anyway,moving away from mischief and going back to a more gentler age of angling,we have these books being reissued by the Medlar Press written by "BB".They are "Be Quite and go Angling","The Whopper" and "A Carp Water".All are being sold for twenty pounds sterling,very reasonable if you ask me and I hope Santa brings me all three for Christmas,as I've been such a good boy this year.

Back to Football now and my comments about Doncaster Rovers last week really came back to haunt me,after they beat Southampton 1-0 at home.I would like to point out that the comment "They were Pony" was not said by me,but a friend.So all the texts into the Yat Phone giving me stick,may I suggest YOU READ the blog entry properly before being mean to me.That's mainly aimed at you Ian "Hooter" Mac OK?Also we lost at home to Burnley 1-2 after I predicted a win,great league the Championship,wholly unpredictable and I for one hope we do not get promotion.I can't let the football go with out thanking Mr.Joe Coral for offering such delicious odds on both the Manchester teams,getting knocked out in the week and a nice tickle that was.

Sticking with the gambling tack and a good meeting is taking place at Cheltenham today,I'll be home in time from work for this after popping down to Jermyn Street for Mummy and Daddy's Christmas presents.Main race of the day is the Christmas Gold Cup at 14.30 and a very competitive race.I'm going to have a small bet in what is only a very tentative selection in Great Endeavour,that is trading around 11/2 at present.

That's about it,all this being in work at the weekends is getting in the way of fishing.But that's life and I'm always one to see my glass as half full as opposed to half empty.I'll be out again for a few sessions over Christmas,both socially and on my Jacks.For what species,well maybe a few Still Water Barbel.Enjoy your weekend and If your on the bank today I envy you it's a lovely day to be out.

Be Lucky.

Monty D

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Doppelgangers Of The Angling World Part XIIII

Nothing to report on the angling front this week from myself,way to busy at work.And I'm hastily doing this from my trusty lap top when I in truth I'm supposed to be getting a major presentation ready for next week.Who would honestly entrust me,to stand up and show what our company has to offer?The mind as they say simply boggles and I may not get out on the bank now until around the 21st when I lock up the desk and depart our bustling metropolis until the New Year.

But I have in quieter periods this week got the spy glass out and peered around from Yat Rock......First up is this little Doppelgänger that made me chuckle in the week and I hope it tickles your fancy in some way.Below we have Alexi Sayle that left wing so called "Comedian".

And here we have his twin brother Alexi Sayle also.I have not got a clue who this guy is,but I nicked this photo from the Fatwa gallery in the week.Who ever you are mate,nice scarf.And keeping with the real Alexi Sayle,I had the misfortune to catch him on radio 4 in the week and I do not find him in anyway amusing.Or his mate Ben Elton,I do so love a champagne swilling left wing comedian.It's very easy I would assume to be part of the Islington or Hampstead "intelligista"that loves to preach and tell us all how we should be more caring,while sitting in a gilded castle and that the nasty working class are bigots,for voicing concerns over immigration.I think you may know where I'm coming from on this.

Enough of the politics as it's a very emotive subject for us all at present,what with the country supposedly being on it's knees and it will be for a few years to come?So I'll get back to the football.We play at home to Burnley later on today and it's looking like it could be a good game.They came from behind to beat Hull 3-2 away last week and then demolished Ipswich 4-0 in the week.While we have also won our last two games.I think a 3-1 to us,shame I can't be there today but I'm going out to dinner tonight.And going football,then going out to dinner are not conducive really to a romantic night.It does look like poor old Doncaster are down already and I spoke to a Milwall mate of mine in the week and I quote"We are crap mate,but they are proper pony".All is not lost yet for Doncaster but I think it will be very hard for them and let's hope no other clubs try this so called "Experiment",where the agent pulls the strings.Oh and also Dirty Leeds(hello Rob) let me down for a treble last Saturday,then win away in the week mad that.I'll not say to much about Gary Speed,as this is not the place for it.I heard,while out having lunch last Sunday,very sad news indeed!Massive game also between Wolves and Sunderland tomorrow,a must win for Wolves surely and I'm sure all the plastics who post about their beloved Wolves on various angling forums will be at the game,as opposed to sitting at home in front of Sky.Yes you know who you are.

Lastly it's a cracking afternoons national hunt racing from Aintree and Sandown.Sadly the horse I wanted to back in the Tingle Creek at Sandown,Tataniano has been confirmed as a non-runner owing to conditions underfoot.I'll still be home in time from work to watch most of the meetings and can enjoy it without having a bet,I may have a little dabble if something catches my fancy.

That's it for this week,sorry for the lack of angling content.I could go out after work in the week and sit in the dark and wait for a Barbel to hang itself,just to post up a "fishy blog".Been there,done that and it bores me now.Much prefer to look around me but each to their own.Enjoy your weekend.

Be Lucky

Monty D.