Saturday, 26 November 2011

Dead Baits At Dawn

I should have played golf,pure and simple.But I could not find anyone to take the day off at short notice and I did not fancy turning up at my local club on the off chance of finding a game.Lest I get caught with Alan "Calculator"Jones,he needs it trust me.Or his mate "Turbo" who has the most dreadful stammer.So I went fishing.

How many ways can you dress up a blog entry,to hide a mundane blank?Shall I wax lyrical about the sunrise.Who wants to read that,we all see them do we not.I could mention Kingfishers swooping and the gentle song of a Robin and the like.How I enjoyed the solitude and the "just being there".Total bollocks that would be and I was bored.

I arrived at the river just at the light was creeping across the horizon(cue romantic song interlude) and Pike were crashing about all over the place below a weir pool, I had chosen to fish.I thought my luck was in,but by 07.30 when the sun was out the place was stock still.And that was it.My float did not move my Mackerel went unmolested and by 13.00 I decided enough was enough.Packed up and went home then went for a few pints. Highlight of the day?A phone call from the venerable"Ousemeister" to enquire how I was getting on and was I fishing alone.And he said this and I quote...."Much better to fish on your own mate,be like me,a loan wolf,trust your gut instincts stay focused and hungry".He said this without the merest hint of irony!There is a word for you mate and it begins with a W and ends in an R and not is not wonder.Your needed on Fatwa mate,with drivel like that.

Christmas is just around the corner and I know times are hard for many of us at present,but if your on the look out for a new book.Try this,a cracking read it is to,pricey yes but most angling books are these days.

Now a little rant........How the 'effing 'ell can four,yes that is four razor blades retail at £8.12?Is there and international cabal of razor manufactures all in cahoots with each other.It's a disgrace and I'm going to try and find out why they are so expensive.I sound a right grumpy sod today do I not.Good!

That is all your getting today,a total boring and pointless blog entry about nothing.But an honest one I like to think.I'm off to West Ham later as we play Derby at home,with a 17.20 kick off and the chances are I will be pissed or partly pissed.

Enjoy your weekend.

Be lucky.

Monty D

PS Well done to Yessling Ying on your capture yesterday mate,good to hear the elation in your voice.


  1. Monty

    Most hair care products cost a fair bit these days :-)

    Good luck at the "soccer" later.


  2. Whilst I was reading through your post,I noticed you mention those Gillette Razor prices,out and out extortion,Anyway check the link below,you will see the mark up Gillette make,it's criminal..

    Kind Regards

  3. "Lone wolf". Heh. "Focused". Heh heh.

    ...and you wonder why some of us don't shave the mush. You might save some dosh by growing your hair back. Oh wait... ;-)

  4. Monty,why do you think all the kids are bearded up? much better when you could nick the razor blades!

  5. Phil,

    Very droll I'm sure ;-).As for the football,bit hung over today.Those late kick off's do me right in.


    Thank you for that link,forget playing the currency markets.Go long on Gillete is the way to go.


    He really did say it :-(I shall also blank your last remark.


    I agree ;-0