Saturday, 12 November 2011

Armistice Day Angling

I did intend to give this blog entry the title of "Poppy Day Perch" as Gruff and I had a mornings Perch fishing yesterday.I took along a couple of extra Poppy's to place along side the fish we were bound to catch as I thought it would make a nice photo.And we blanked,not a sniff of a bite was to be had between us.

Conditions were text book for an Autumn Perch or two,low light levels and a fine drizzle and it just did not happen.Gruff's fault though as he wanted to fish a stretch of river that does not contain any Cray fish.It did not contain any fish either though did it mate,not a fish moved anywhere on the river.I fished five swims,one hour in each and the tip of the rod never moved while Gruff sat it out in one swim on the float for nixy poo.

Why was the river seemingly so devoid of life?I have not got a clue to be honest and spotted a rather forlorn Kingfisher dive again and again for his breakfast only to come back with nothing.A weir about a mile and a half further down stream has collapsed so the levels are very low that may be one reason.The EA says it's up to the Estate to fix the weir,the Estate say the opposite.So while they both argue the toss the river drops lower and lower on a daily basis.Here is the swim I spent the last hour in,tell me what self respecting Perch would not like to live here?Next week we have our mutual friend Yeslling Ying coming over for the day,so the plan is mate to listen to Monty and not Gruff.I won't let you down(have I ever),but bring about a 100 lob worms,as between the Cray fish we WILL catch some Perch.

Leaving the angling alone now for another week.I commute into central London for work on a daily basis.It's a pain as the trains get more and more unreliable,but the walk up from London Victoria has it perks at this time of year.I took this in the week as I go through Green Park on my way into the office.I like the old style lanterns as you can almost if you look very carefully see Mr.Tumnus step out on some mornings.Or is it just my furtive imagination.

Is it not really boring with no proper football this weekend,owing to a barrage of freindly matches.I'm not at all interested in England and have not been for some time.They play a pedestrian and bland style of football.Get back to the proper stuff next week!I did have a nice four timer go tits up last Saturday.BlackPool to beat Millwall at Evens,MK Dons to beat Rochdale at 8/13,Us to win away at Hull at 6/4 and Ipswich to beat Doncaster.Thank you Mr.Diouf you nasty so and so.

I'm not a James Bond film fan at all in this day and age.You can't beat Sean Connery in my humble opinion.It just bores me to tears as do many things to be truthful,my grouchiness seems to grow by the day.But..............Naomi Harris has been chosen to appear in the next Bond Movie.I have a huge crush on the lady she is gorgeous,hell I even fancied her in Pirates of the Caribbean and she had no teeth in that film.So I may be tempted,just may I said.

Lastly I've left you with this little clip above,it's still as poignant today as it was when it was first aired over twenty years ago.I'll be at Whitehall on Sunday as I normally am and would not miss it for the world.It just crackles with emotion and you don't need telling by the likes of me to wear your Poppy with pride.Or do you?

Enjoy your weekend.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Good blog Monty Boy, you may notice the Palestine Vets represented at the Whitehall due in chief to my old man and his 'can do' spirit. An emotional day indeed.

  2. I never saw the ending coming when blackadder was first shown in 1989 i think.nice one monty.

  3. Nice post. I was in a meeting at 11, and someone stopped the meeting for a minutes'. Quite right.

    There is an upside to a pretty girl with no teeth you know.

  4. That's another thing we have in common then Monty

  5. It's a lovely day here in London.Just posting this from the Witherspoons,as a few of us have a quick pint.The Black Cabs are running a free shuttle service today for the veterans a nice touch that.

  6. Pub at just after nine in the morning what state will you be in later matey when you get back to the Dukes Head around 1 pm.

  7. A minutes silence at the junior rugby at 11 AM(tag, tha knows.) All the boys observed it, good lads.
    Do I really need 100 lobs ? Jaysus....

  8. Yessling,

    Not a hundred mate,fifty should suffice.As discussed not all swims hold large numbers of Crays but it's better to bring to many.I have around 80 left in the fridge.Bell you later.Oh and John sober as a Judge was I not ;-)


    Thank you.

  9. Get your lobs from KCI's fridge Monty.