Saturday, 26 November 2011

Dead Baits At Dawn

I should have played golf,pure and simple.But I could not find anyone to take the day off at short notice and I did not fancy turning up at my local club on the off chance of finding a game.Lest I get caught with Alan "Calculator"Jones,he needs it trust me.Or his mate "Turbo" who has the most dreadful stammer.So I went fishing.

How many ways can you dress up a blog entry,to hide a mundane blank?Shall I wax lyrical about the sunrise.Who wants to read that,we all see them do we not.I could mention Kingfishers swooping and the gentle song of a Robin and the like.How I enjoyed the solitude and the "just being there".Total bollocks that would be and I was bored.

I arrived at the river just at the light was creeping across the horizon(cue romantic song interlude) and Pike were crashing about all over the place below a weir pool, I had chosen to fish.I thought my luck was in,but by 07.30 when the sun was out the place was stock still.And that was it.My float did not move my Mackerel went unmolested and by 13.00 I decided enough was enough.Packed up and went home then went for a few pints. Highlight of the day?A phone call from the venerable"Ousemeister" to enquire how I was getting on and was I fishing alone.And he said this and I quote...."Much better to fish on your own mate,be like me,a loan wolf,trust your gut instincts stay focused and hungry".He said this without the merest hint of irony!There is a word for you mate and it begins with a W and ends in an R and not is not wonder.Your needed on Fatwa mate,with drivel like that.

Christmas is just around the corner and I know times are hard for many of us at present,but if your on the look out for a new book.Try this,a cracking read it is to,pricey yes but most angling books are these days.

Now a little rant........How the 'effing 'ell can four,yes that is four razor blades retail at £8.12?Is there and international cabal of razor manufactures all in cahoots with each other.It's a disgrace and I'm going to try and find out why they are so expensive.I sound a right grumpy sod today do I not.Good!

That is all your getting today,a total boring and pointless blog entry about nothing.But an honest one I like to think.I'm off to West Ham later as we play Derby at home,with a 17.20 kick off and the chances are I will be pissed or partly pissed.

Enjoy your weekend.

Be lucky.

Monty D

PS Well done to Yessling Ying on your capture yesterday mate,good to hear the elation in your voice.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Operation Ying And A Lucky Hat

After last weeks sullen and lifeless blank on our local river,the pressure was really on as Yessling Ying was travelling over from the border lands for a days Perch fishing with Gruff and I.Yesslings PB Perch stands at a very modest and dare I say honest weight of 1.14lb and he has looked on in envy at some of the Perch we have caught over the years.Oh and it was his birthday yesterday so nowt like pressure is their?

We needed a change of luck as our local river has been in a fickle mood of late,with very little coming out.It just seems so listless at present but I had a plan!It was time for the lucky hat to make an appearance for the first time this season........

I know it's not your normal angling tifter and I apologise for the over zealous advertising,of MIZUNO MAKERS OF THE FINEST GOLF CLUBS IN THE WORLD,cough.But it is my lucky Perch hat so in the rucksack late on Thursday it went.

Operation Ying started in earnest at 05.00Hrs yesterday morning as I drilled my worms in what to expect from the Mongol hordes of Crayfish.In fact it was the finest speech of my life to be fair and each worm was bedecked in Claret and Blue with the motto "These colours don't run".William Wallace 'aint got nothing on me.

We met Ying at first light and after hand shakes and birthday greetings it was straight off to the river.I chose the venue this week as I've had plenty of three pound plus Perch here over the years, the largest being 3.12lbs.I can't catch a four pound Perch for love nor money no matter how hard I try,maybe that's the problem trying?I suggested an area for Ying to fish as for me it's an absolute "banker" Perch swim,but he declined owing to it's proximity to some over head power cables.Gruff being some what older than us had dropped into the nearest swim he could,muttering away about how it's "To bastard hot for mesen" in his finest Donnie accent.

We went upstream to a wooded area and fished side by side chatting about this and that.Both laughing about the Barbel Forum on Fishing Magic and how it's like a home for banned Fatwa posters.No fish were fourth coming so after an hour we moved back downstream and I'll not labour the point I failed my mate.I tried,I really did want him to catch a new PB Perch but all he caught were Minnows from a variety of swims.Gruff had a Perch of about a pound,but what was odd and I'm not complaining was the fact that not even the Crayfish were active and this place is full of them.The river is so low at present it was hard work,even the Chub were quite and they can be a pain when targeting the Perch.

I suppose I better mention how I fared being as it's my blog.Well as Yessling did not want to fish my "banker" swim I fished it and was rewarded with three Perch and a Dace.The largest of the Perch being this one here at 3.1lbs a real fat Crayfish muncher this fish.All caught on double lob worms on a size eight hook,yes even the greedy little Dace.I've got a nice photo holding the fish(thanks mate),but there is a very prominent land mark visible in the background and I can't be arsed to photo shop it out.So this will have to do I'm afraid.

I also bumped off a good fish just after noon,I cast out and went to return the rod to the rest when out of the corner of my eye I noticed the 'Pin going round.I lifted instead of struck and felt a good thump and then nothing,I assume a fish had taken the bait on the drop.Sod it or words to that effect.Sure I was glad to get a nice fish yesterday,but would much preferred that the birth day boy did but he took it well.Always another day though mate and I'm glad you like our Southern ditch,totally different to your Wye and Severn.I'm not sure I will fish next week or not as we need some rain to pep things up a little.The levels as said before are dire and the rivers around here are looking a little dirty and dishevelled.I fancy some Chub fishing in the frost to be honest,but it's still very mild and so will maybe have a game of golf.

I'll put my feet up later today,bottle of wine and listen to Talk Sport.Must crack on now and get things done and get down the bookies and put a few bets on.If your out this weekend tight lines and if your not,then why not?

Be Lucky

Monty D

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Armistice Day Angling

I did intend to give this blog entry the title of "Poppy Day Perch" as Gruff and I had a mornings Perch fishing yesterday.I took along a couple of extra Poppy's to place along side the fish we were bound to catch as I thought it would make a nice photo.And we blanked,not a sniff of a bite was to be had between us.

Conditions were text book for an Autumn Perch or two,low light levels and a fine drizzle and it just did not happen.Gruff's fault though as he wanted to fish a stretch of river that does not contain any Cray fish.It did not contain any fish either though did it mate,not a fish moved anywhere on the river.I fished five swims,one hour in each and the tip of the rod never moved while Gruff sat it out in one swim on the float for nixy poo.

Why was the river seemingly so devoid of life?I have not got a clue to be honest and spotted a rather forlorn Kingfisher dive again and again for his breakfast only to come back with nothing.A weir about a mile and a half further down stream has collapsed so the levels are very low that may be one reason.The EA says it's up to the Estate to fix the weir,the Estate say the opposite.So while they both argue the toss the river drops lower and lower on a daily basis.Here is the swim I spent the last hour in,tell me what self respecting Perch would not like to live here?Next week we have our mutual friend Yeslling Ying coming over for the day,so the plan is mate to listen to Monty and not Gruff.I won't let you down(have I ever),but bring about a 100 lob worms,as between the Cray fish we WILL catch some Perch.

Leaving the angling alone now for another week.I commute into central London for work on a daily basis.It's a pain as the trains get more and more unreliable,but the walk up from London Victoria has it perks at this time of year.I took this in the week as I go through Green Park on my way into the office.I like the old style lanterns as you can almost if you look very carefully see Mr.Tumnus step out on some mornings.Or is it just my furtive imagination.

Is it not really boring with no proper football this weekend,owing to a barrage of freindly matches.I'm not at all interested in England and have not been for some time.They play a pedestrian and bland style of football.Get back to the proper stuff next week!I did have a nice four timer go tits up last Saturday.BlackPool to beat Millwall at Evens,MK Dons to beat Rochdale at 8/13,Us to win away at Hull at 6/4 and Ipswich to beat Doncaster.Thank you Mr.Diouf you nasty so and so.

I'm not a James Bond film fan at all in this day and age.You can't beat Sean Connery in my humble opinion.It just bores me to tears as do many things to be truthful,my grouchiness seems to grow by the day.But..............Naomi Harris has been chosen to appear in the next Bond Movie.I have a huge crush on the lady she is gorgeous,hell I even fancied her in Pirates of the Caribbean and she had no teeth in that film.So I may be tempted,just may I said.

Lastly I've left you with this little clip above,it's still as poignant today as it was when it was first aired over twenty years ago.I'll be at Whitehall on Sunday as I normally am and would not miss it for the world.It just crackles with emotion and you don't need telling by the likes of me to wear your Poppy with pride.Or do you?

Enjoy your weekend.

Be Lucky

Monty D