Saturday, 1 October 2011

Speciman Angler Branches Out

You simply cannot keep a good man down or so it seems.My inbox here at Yat Rock is normally very adept at filtering out spam e-mails.But this one here managed to sneak in.

"Well known Coventry big fish man Phil Smith,has decided to bring out his own brand of sartorial elegance to the masses and has launched his own male grooming range""Phil was tired of Bivvy Tramps cluttering up Orchard Lakes when on bailiff duties and both he and that dapper don Marsh Prattley got there heads together and came up with the idea"

The blurb went on........"Phil thought he could teach all you balding men the art of a good comb over".Who would have thought it eh,sheesh what ever next?It's made me wonder what other well known anglers may plug in the future.I'm sure I can come up with a few though.

I also spotted this from Yat Rock recently...............

The Worlds largest sperm bank in Denmark is asking Scottish women planning to use their services to "consider a ginger" after revealing "a lack of demand" for red-haired children.Cryos,has stopped donations from red-haired men after it reached it's capacity of 70 liters(you can see where I'm going with this I'm sure).A recent study predicted that red hair could die out in the next 100 years and Ole Schou,a director at Cryos said"We would be more than happy to supply people in Scotland who are looking for a child with red hair.I know that it's popular in places like Scotland and Ireland".Look below would you and pray that the ginger gene does indeed die out.

Well it's the traditional start of the Pike fishing season today.But down in the South East of the country we are experiencing temperatures of around 80 degrees.What does it all mean?Is global warming true and not just a flash in the pan made up by some tree hugger who reads The Guardian.I remember when October used to look like this in the photo below.OK I did not take this last October,but December but you get the gist I'm sure.Will we get another really Arctic winter here in the UK,I hope not but time will tell.

No fishing this weekend as I'm off to football later as we are away to Crystal Palace this afternoon.Nice day for a few pints and to take in a game.Predictions from Monty,a draw I think.No tip for the Arc either,as the horse I would have backed Nathaniel,was pulled out in the week owing to the fast going over in Longchamp.I did tell the lads down on the Wye last weekend that may be the case.

So I'll wish you all a very good weekend and as ever.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Do I get a whiff of hair envy?

  2. Not at all old boy,but you could wear your head upside down and the world would be none the wiser:-)

    Just finished with the rugby and now shall jump on the train from the leafy shires to Selhurst.And god it is hot.

  3. Brillo Pad Bonce2 October 2011 at 08:44

    Oooh i will get Mr.Pope to get me some that it looks lush.!!!!

  4. It is indeed fortunate for you, young smooth Monty, that Mrs "Don't call me ginger" AA doesn't know where you live, or else you'd wake up with Russ Abbot's "Scottish" wig superglued to yer bonce and other bits of you not glued to anything...


  5. Waiting for the frosts to arrive Monty, this hot weather has been around too long for my liking!

  6. Monts forgett all this stuff what about the BS info i gave yow.Not only did that man forget he had those books he laso lost the receipts from the BS show now they,the BS do not know who payed on the day or who payed in is a on going investigation with mr pope at the helm.Of course the membership are not aware of what is going on they still think the man holds the position of treasurer.get to it monts


  7. Moley,

    Moi?I'm a reformed character my freind.......But yes I feel it does need airing in the not to distant future.Sticky fingers and all that ;-)