Saturday, 22 October 2011

A Quandary

Well this may be for some but not for me,let me begin.In the week I needed to have a quick phone conversation with the club secretary of one of the angling clubs I belong to.With that done he went on tell tell me that last Tuesday,he had to go and witness a large Barbel of over 19lb.A large fish most definitely and jolly well done to the capture.

I actually told him what swim it was caught from before he could tell me.You see there is a little section on a river I've fished on and off for the last ten years,no more than let us say 200 yards long that holds some very large fish.And I can say hand on heart that even though the fish live here,I have never had any inclination to cast a line for them.They seldom move and this section has anglers fishing cheek by jowl mostly seven days a week.It does how ever leave an upside as nearly six miles of river remain free for a few of us to fish in peace.Most of the club seem to flock for this small section and Oh it's by a car park.

I've been asked before why I do not fish this area.It's an easy question to answer for me as firstly I do not like fishing near people.We have,friends and I witnessed anglers fishing 30 yards apart along here.Would I like to catch a Barbel over 15lb?Yes mostly definitely,but on my terms.I'm a bit funny like that to be honest,as in my eyes it would mean very little to catch a fish from along this stretch.Would it make me a better angler to catch a large Barbel.Not really no,if you spend enough time here you will eventually bore one out.I'm not knocking people who want to fish this area and this area alone,but I'm not sure what pleasure you derive from fishing the same swims over and over.This group of fish have grown steadily over the years from 13 and 14lb.Fish we thought may move due to the pressure,but they appear to stay put.Perhaps it's all the pellet that gets thrown at them.So would you,the angler suddenly think............."Wow big fish that,I fancy some of that and I know the area" and shoot off down there.Or would you like me,just offer a wry smile and carry on fishing in peace.It's a quandary for some I guess.

As for me I've simply not had the time to get out this week as work as ever has been manic,I will try and get out Sunday afternoon though.Though conditions look far from perfect.Still he who dares Rodney,he who dares.

Moving on..................I had a call into the Yat phone in the week(I get more gossip than Max Clifford) about a well know angler in the Midlands and friend to some of us.It appears he has an unearthly fixation with people like this........

No not reformed coke heads,aliens.He has folders and folders of bumph in his spare room.He logs all information from all over the world on UFO sightings,alien abductions etc.Also the geek is going to California next year for a UFO convention.Now us anglers may seem a strange lot to some,but this is proper weirdo territory.A clue for you all,he supports the "Dogs Heads".

And keeping with the football theme.Did anyone listen to Talk Sport last night and the comments made about Doncaster Rovers.Apparently according to one wag they are a nothing club,with no fan base and that folk in Yorkshire support the likes of Leeds and the two Sheffield clubs.It's still there to listen to on the Talk Sport website.I had a little chuckle though as I know a certain blogger who follows the Rovers and wonder what his take on it is?

Lastly I work with a Stoke City fan,he left the lovely potteries many years ago and came south.Though he still gets to around half a dozen games a season.And he always brings back a copy of a fanzine The Oatcake.I had to take a photo of the front cover and put this on here.This lad crashed out,drunk as a lord for the whole 90 minutes when Stoke played away to Swansea recently.People tried to wake him,but alas to no avail and there but for the grace of god.....I doff my tifter from Yat Rock to you young sir.Your a legend.

Enjoy your weekend.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. little green man22 October 2011 at 16:32

    brrtt tooottt toooottt. we came in peace across the univesrse to bridgEy but could find no sign at all of intelligent life forms there.

  2. I agree with your sentiments about boring out a big 'un lover. Its not the weight of the fish that makes you a good angler - unless I get a whacker one day of course ;-)

  3. Know exactly what you mean Monty about "would you wouldn't you" and would it mean anything.

    To be perfectly honest Monty, and those who know me will testify, I have the chance to fish certain areas and certain fisheries that contain huge barbel but have never fished them. As you I much prefer to find my own fish on my own terms.
    I've always said that anyone can catch one big fish but the true mark of someone who's good is catching regularly from various waters.

    Got to admit that Stoke have that effect on me as well :-)


  4. Chaps,

    A mate who fished with Phil Smith on the WA a few years back got chatting to Phil about these fish.Phil said we should fish for them too,as you would be mad not to.

    Phil has books to sell and magazine articles to write,so he may see things in a different light.He turned up on another river shortly after it had done a "17" a few years back.He was honest enough to admit that he wanted to catch that fish.Fair play to the guy for being honest.

    Perhaps anglers with products to sell and articles to write for which they are paid for,have a different view from an ordinary angler like myself.Who knows to be honest,but I think I'll sneak down tonight and throw in a thousand bars of soap.They should drive 'em upstream into my grasping mitts.:-)

  5. What river in particular are we talking about please mate

  6. No fear of me ever catching a biggie mate, i struggle just to get a bite!

    Still, that little corner of the world will be busy for a while now

  7. Don't knock it till you try it Monty, I used to think the same about the monsters and those who fish for them until I landed a well known old battler off the Dove.
    Those biguns are a whole different animal, the pictures never do them justice, the sheer size of them takes your breath away. As you know the night before I had mine I had had a brace of 11's, which are still a big fish, but the extra 5 lb just lifted the 16 into a different league. I was still shaking 24 hours later.


  8. So often the swim nearest the car park...

    I'm with you Mont. fishing all Tod Sloane is the thing and if that's away from the bigguns' I'll take it. Every time. Jeez, it's only a fish.

  9. Adrian,

    Ive photographed a few 15's from another river so can judge the scale.But I can't get my head around people who just sit it out,day after day after these fish.Up to them,but fuck me,it would drive me insane.

    I think it may be in the weekly's soon so it may get even more popular?

  10. "it would drive me insane"

    Bloody hell mate, that happened years ago :-)

  11. Hi Monty,

    Been out of the country for a few days so missed the Talk Sport programme but as for the quote: 'according to one wag they are a nothing club,with no fan base and that folk in Yorkshire support the likes of Leeds and the two Sheffield clubs', it sounds very much like what our new transfer supremo Willie McKay said in a recent Daily Mail interview...

    Trouble is, it's true! We're just a town full of bleeding Leeds fans. Okay, and Blades and Owls.

    Today we signed El-Hadj Diouf, twice African player of the Year. There was a time when that would have had me drooling but I simply can't get excited. And yes, we've got Chimbonda and Ilunga on short-term deals, too. Still waiting for word on Diarra (yes, you did read that correctly) and there are more names in the pipeline.

    Sadly it'll end in tears.

    I just hope we've a club left to follow when Soundbite Saunders and his dodgy mates f**k off. Dear oh dear. This ain't my team any more.

    Ten years of careful management, proper development, great football and beating the odds at every turn.

    Now we are just piling everything on red and spinning the wheel. No one can say for certain whether this is going to be Destination Premiership or Onward to Oblivion.

    This is just reckless. I can see some of the better squad members moving on come January and I'll be very surprised if we don't go down this season.

    Maybe I'll just adopt whoever O'Driscol manages next as my second team (sorry Livingstone, it's been fun having you!).

    Not happy at all.


  12. Bob,

    It's a farce.I heard on Talk Sport last night about El-Hadj Diouf,glad Big Sam did not sign him.I was at Anfield the day Diouf spat at our fans and he is loathed.

    At least you had a nice holiday ;-0

    Be lucky.