Sunday, 16 October 2011

Black Bin Bags

Sorry I could not resist this.

Posted on the laugh factory that is Fatwa World,home of aspiring Nazi anglers.Read the post by Wayne Glossop.Is it me or doth he take this angling caper a little to serious?Time in prison for a fish what ever next.

Now watch this,you can imagine two of the Fatwa World Team selling black bin bags at Asda in Swindon.

The pub will be open soon thank god.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. FAF Monty a top observation from Yat Rock.

  2. Obviously a fan of the show Kenny as you know your characters.;-)

  3. I'd be the first to say poaching is a crime, but I really dislike the rumour mill approach.

    At least 4 times this year, I've had folk start on the EE poachers and when I interupt with "Did you see them?", follow the blank look and muttered variations on "Well I heard...." with, "Well it's as likley to have been 3 lads form the next county in a van nicking fish for cash then".

    Funny how no-one debates that. In Normandy it's not the Poles they blame for nicking carp. It's us Brits...and customs prove it regular like.

  4. Dreadful lot of inbred folk on that forum by far the worst around not to dissimilar to my family.

  5. JAA,

    Good point that about how fish end up on our shore.