Saturday, 8 October 2011

New Found Friend

I managed to wangle a day off from work yesterday intending to fish for Perch,but had a last minute change of plan as the lob worms in my local tackle emporium were crap.I normally order mine online about a 100 at a time and these keep if looked after for a few months.So instead I thought I would try and catch a few Pike from my local river.

I arrived at first light,my rod was already made up and cast out.Then an old boy came along and asked If I would mind moving as he could not walk far.I was set up in slow area below a weir and fancied it to produce a few fish.What can you do?I moved above him to this swim here,so he could feeder fish below me.

I had a chat with the old boy a few times in the morning and it turns out he was 81 years old and likes to fish every Friday.To be truthful he was utterly charming and a bit of a character.I was blanking though in fine style while he was getting silver fish a chuck.His daughter collected him just before noon,but before he departed he asked If he could Pike fish with me in the future as he had not caught one for many a year.I gave a quick call to work and arranged to take a day off next Friday,so he may appear here next week.He does have Internet access and as he said....."It's a real boon to us oldies you know Jason it is not all bed pans and blankets just yet".

With my new fishing partner gone I moved back to where I originally started.And between noon and 1300Hrs I had four pick ups that resulted in two Jacks about 5/6lbs and two lost fish one that felt much better than the stamp I had caught.I was trying something different as I normally use treble hooks for my Pike fishing.This rig here...

There has been a fair amount written over the last few years about the pros and cons of single hook rigs for Pike fishing.I will give it a few more sessions yet,but will dispense with the barbless hook and try a larger barbed single.No one likes to loose fish on a regular basis but If I keep dropping fish shall revert to treble hooks.Still a nice few hours though and I'm looking forward to next Friday already.

Moving on.......Here we have Rich,Rick,Richard?Frampton with his new PB caught in the week.Well done sir,you do though look like you have something on your mind?Maybe that nasty,unscrupulous ex(though it's not been announced yet) BS Treasurer chap.Who not only suffers from amnesia,he also mislays things......Allegedly

Lastly we go back to my old friends at BFW aka Fatwa and this wonderful thread here.No one disputes that we do not have a problem with poaching in the UK at present.But lads try and put across a lucid point or two,instead of a herd mentality.

Below are the Fatwa masses heading off to Poland in the Spring for there annual fishin.

That's about it.Enjoy your weekend if your out on the bank take time to look around you.It's not all about what you catch.

Be lucky

Monty D


  1. ..."herd" mentality you buffoon.

    I've used VB doubles for pike for years but if one's interested, it's worth a read of Mike Ladle's stuff on piking with circle hooks and he knows a thing or two...

  2. Just seeing if you were awake ;-).Thanks for the link shall have a look now.

  3. Love the look on Richards face he appears to be getting ready to bite the thing.

  4. Try Circle hooks mucker, they don't let go once they are in. I use the Owner Mutu ones (size 8 or 6) but you can't get 'em now. However, these look okay

    In the mean time, tie your hook on with a knotless knot to give it some turn-in, the loose crimp attachment allows too much movement and will pull a single hook out in my ever so humble opinion.

  5. I've just had a look at some size 6 Sakuma 440's and they are finer in the wire than Owners, smaller too. I suggest to go for 2's and 4's


  6. Is it me or is the Poodle going a bit thin on top?

  7. Dave,

    Not a rig I tied,these were presented to us at the OBH Stoney do last February for gratis.Thought I would give them a whirl.Not really impressed with the make up to be honest.I will have a gander at the Circle 'ooks.

    Le Otter,

    Not as thin as me though:-)

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