Sunday, 30 October 2011

Autumn Gold

Mr Crabtree tells us that Perch are a species that are so synonymous with Autumn,with falling leaves and Autumn mists.And it was with a glad heart I jumped out of bed yesterday to arrive for a few hours Perch fishing at first light.The last time I cast a line on this particular beat of river was November 2009,and as I was walking across the fields great swirls of mists were rising in the chill morning air.You walk down about a mile or so towards the waters edge kicking up dew as you go along.

This particular beat has seen me fish for most species except Perch.And in the years I've been fishing here I have never seen another angler and yesterday was no different.All I had for company were the animals of the wood and an abundance of bird life.I set up in the first swim just as the daylight was breaking over the horizon intending to lay on with a juicy lob worm.But the plethora of leaves coming downstream,twisting and spinning like little upturned beetles made it difficult so I moved swims after half an hour.The second swim was no better also it was alive with Cray fish,time for a stroll to find another area.

I found around half a mile past this area a nice deep under cut and lowered in a link ledger.Sat back and then decided I needed to answer the call of nature,just as I was in full flow the rod was knocking away merrily and lunging for the rod missed the bite and managed to soak my left leg to.So I missed the first bite of the day added to that I pissed all over my self not really an auspicious start.

The wind was really picked up around 11 o'clock showering me and everything in a carpet of leaves.My rod top was constantly knocking with the rubbish that was floating downstream,so holding the rod was the best option and touch ledgerd until 1 o'clock when I packed up.No Perch showed for me today,but I was "Leted" out.

Chublets,Dacelets,Roachlets,Gudgeonlets, all to big to use as live baits for Perch.Around two dozen in total,gorging on my lob worms like it was to be a final meal.How they manage to get a large lobbie and a size 8 hook in their mouths is beyond me.I still had a nice six hours or so sitting in the sun and catching what ever wanted to be caught.Simple fishing really and will leave this beat of river alone until later in the season once hopefully the jack frost arrives.I'll not be able to cast a line now until the 11/11/11 as I'll be busy at work,thankfully though three consecutive Fridays after that date have been set aside for fishing.

Enjoy the rest of Sunday,I'll go out for a cupla around midday and wonder how many of the old boys will be grumbling that the Dukes Head has opened late?When in the truth they forgot to put there clocks back.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. I hope the trousers clean up okay in time for next outing ;-)

  2. Already been in the wash have no fear.:-)

  3. Funny, I emailed "...only a couple...", I must be psychic. Sounds like a grand session, apart from the trousers ;-)

  4. JAA,

    Still could not get that photo up,so when you have time old boy,please feel free :-)

  5. Just remember Monty, 11/11/11 is not only Remembrance Day but also Spinal Tap Day. The only one there will ever be.