Monday, 26 September 2011

Wye Trip

Last weekend twenty or so anglers made the long trip to the Wye Valley,to fish the beautiful river Wye and more so enjoy the social side of things as much as the angling.We were all billeted at the Red Lion Hotel and people travelled down from Yorkshire,Wiltshire,Birmingham and even one or two doughty souls from Surrey.

We left home at 0530Hrs and pulled into the Red Lion for a quick chin wag with Mike the owner at bang on 0830Hrs.That done we headed off to the river and had a little stroll to see where we fancied fishing.I hoped to target Pike on the Friday so set off roaming dropping a dead bait in various looking spots.I fancied a swim at the top of beat two yomped up from beat four,only to find old man Trusscott safely ensconced with his bait dropper,sod it!I'll keep the Pike fishing short as by 1500hrs I was shattered walking miles of river for no action at all.So I decided to get the Barbel rod out for a few hours.

I settled into this swim here,climbing down the bank to where I could fish and dropperd in some bait.There was a huge abundance of silver fish present.Perch were literally coming clear out of the water in sheer desperation to get at hordes of Dace and Minnows.I just had the one bite just before packing up at 1800,this little chap here of around maybe 7lbs.

Friday night in the bar was a real good crack,with various regional dialects all vying to be heard.The Cider and Guinness flowed,in fact so much of the black stuff was drunk that the Yorkshire mob went on the Red Wine,big mistake.Pissed as a fart was a certain man from team Yorkshire.I hit the sack at around 0300Hrs after being on the piss for around eight hours.I awoke at 0700Hrs feeling top of the world,in for breakfast and a nice fry up then out onto the river.But around mid morning it had all caught up with me and I had a kip for a while.

More fish were to make an appearance in the afternoon when we were not either sleeping,or gassing away to our hearts content.This Perch weighed in at a lovely 3.5lbs for my mate Mr.Double Decker.A new PB by some two ounces and well chuffed was he and the plaudits rained down on him all Saturday night back in the bar.Well done mate your perseverance payed off.

I managed one more fish before we all headed back to the Red Lion,to do battle once more with booze and the Pigeon Pie that was superb.If your down that way do try it.
This gave me a cracking fight and I thought it may be my first Wye double,but it was to fall short by seven ounces.Was I worried?Nope not at all.Chuck in a few Chub I caught I was a happy man.

Considering the amount that is drunk on these "Do's",not a cross word was heard amongst the assembled throng.Big thanks to Carl Salter for arranging this event and we will do it all again next Autumn.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Top stuff Monty, a smile would have been nice LOL

  2. Cracking fish to the London Boys and you haven't had a go at Conrad - well done Monty.

  3. Monty, oh it was you who won Eric Morecambes glasses on ebay then....

  4. I didn't know Alf Garnet Barbel fished......

    Sounds like a blast lads......


  5. ......and isn't Mr Double Decker the spit of Harefields ex head bailiff Stuart Gilham.

  6. ...I'm not ashamed to say I can't put it away like that anymore...but sounds like a blast Mont.