Saturday, 17 September 2011

Still No Fishing

Shall I change the name of this blog?Here I sit in work again and I've thought about calling it "Monty Dalrymple and the view from Berkley Square",lap top to one side and work all over the desk.I have not fished this little in over ten years and it's really making me one miserable bastard.But I knew the early part of the season would be like this,what with the house move in July and work piling up and If staff at UBS can work all hours under the sun and loose 1.3 Billion(Swiss Francs I'd wager and well long in the market too),then it's good enough for me.Though as I mentioned last week,this will be the end of it after tomorrow.I should not complain to much as there are many,many people out of work at present.So I'll just crack on and take the piss a little as per............

This week I took a call into the Yat phone around noon,suggesting I point my spy glass in the direction of FishingMagic and a new blog.I've put a link up to the blog in question here,so you can have a read for yourself.I'll not be critical of any ones blog,as by doing one you are opening yourself up to maybe ridicule and general piss takes.I'm not fussed what people think of me,the old saying of "Bollocks to 'em"springs to mind.Others may be of a more sensitive nature,though I have not made up my mind If this lad is for real,or is on a major wind up?Either way a new Trent legend has been born...........Yes another one.

Here we have a little Doppelganger for you.Below is that Noddy Holder chap who hails from the bad lands of the midlands.And gets on my tits every Christmas,with THAT song.

And below we have all round Barbel legend Fred "Barbel can't smell"Crouch.And to be brutally frank,if this is what understanding Barbel makes you look like.Well you can keep it!

Twelve thirty today we play Millwall at the new Den.They only gave us two thousand tickets and for season ticket holders only.So I'll not be going to this one today,more's the pity.If you have never been to a game between us two teams,you have missed a real treat.The atmosphere crackles will pure malevolence and the days of old down at the Old Den,will long live in my memory.I've got mates who are Millwall and they desperately want to beat us.The banter has been flying back and fourth all week.Here we have the changing rooms down at that Pikey shit hole Bermondsey.

I know this is supposed to mostly be an angling blog and after my weekend away down in the Wye valley,angling will feature more prominently as things will be back to mormal.But as another blogger mentioned the other day......."Some bloggers seem to have got lazy or maybe have nothing to say".Well I do not like to dissapoint the old boy,sure he likes to come across all acerbic.But me thinks he just a big cuddly teddy bear really and he loves to get a rise.Enjoy your weekend.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Hi Monty,

    I thought I should respond as I found that on my blog I was generating an influx of people (don't normally happen). When I looked where it was coming from your blog popped up.

    Now I have seen that you have offered a link to my blog through your site, and rightly or wrongly I appreciate that (It's brought more hits).

    You wondered whether I was winding people up or not? Well....just to let you know (in case you're wondering) that I have not spent many hours writing such a blog to take the piss through any article that I have written.

    My whole idea of my blog was to help the novice barbel angler predominately. I want to be better and learn more off the more experienced barbel anglers. I want to go far and have a passion for barbel and fishing for them, I would love to become a writer for magazines but I do realise the chances are pretty slim. Anyway I look forward to your reply.

    I'm not looking for a fight or anything, that's silly and childish. I just wondered what the reason was for posting my link? I wasn't sure how to take the comments you made to be honest and need some clarity.

    Cheers mate.



  2. Richard,

    Why did I think you may be on a piss take?"My blog is to demonstrate my Barbel fishing skills".It made me roll up.

    Why did I post a link?I felt sorry for you after you posted for or five threads on FM,with links to your blog with very little response.I'm glad you got some traffic.No one does a blog for it to float around cyber space and be left to fend for itself.

    If you want to help novice Barbel anglers,you should join Fatwa,you would go down a storm.

    Enjoy what your doing and I wish you well in makeing waves in the angling world.I'm sure you'll go far.

    I do hope that my post in reply is all the clarity one needs.Sorry for the late reply busy weekend,doing this one the train.

    Be Lucky

  3. "you don't need long words and Ten A-Levels to catch big barbel"

    True enough.

  4. Posted by Richard Easom at 22:58

    What a complete load of bollox, another 'noddy' trying to become the next barbel hero.....

    God I give up........


  5. Now,now Mr.X :-) and you a well known Zander ledgend to.

    Each to their own,I'll just put my feet up,pour a drink and see how this pans out.

    I'll admit It has really made me chuckle.

  6. LOL, you are just comical my friend!! It's all good, controversy good or bad doesn't matter. And to me what you think or don't think, I don't give a shit!

  7. Richard,

    Please would you refrain from posting expletives on this blog.It is not the place for it,thank you.

  8. And "Bollox" isn't an expletive? Anyway you didn't have to put that on your wall mate.

  9. No "Bollox" is not.Bollocks is though ;-0.Richard,this blog has been since it's inception,a tool for me to get things off my chest.Maybe have a good old moan at the perceived load of twaddle,that certain anglers spew fourth these days.A little bit of football and what ever else tickles my fancy.

    Sure readers post little Bon Mots,from time to time.I've held back only a few post's over the last 18 months.I said earlier one needs to have a thick skin at times if you blog.

    Also if you read back through my old blog entrys,I take the piss out of myself to.It's hard not to really.Try and not take things to heart.The stars of the angling world today did not get where they are without being greedy,grasping self absorbed wankers.And I for one doff my cap to them.I'm just to soft at heart to be a "name".Plus I'm just a very average angler who enjoys fishing for what it brings me.I do not seek to have my name in lights above Yat Rock.

    I said before do what you do and stuff what others think,even though you make me chuckle.We are all different.If I were you I would be more concerned with Steve Maclaren;-0

    Be Lucky

  10. Everyone knows Bob Roberts is king of the Trent Monty, at least in his own mind, no room for this newby pretender methinks.

    Anyway, he wouldn't know a domhof from a tucked half blood.


  11. I am with Anon on this one. I have not laughed so much for a while!

    Enjoy the weekend


  12. Thanks Monty that advice is much appreciated. Thank you for that. Lol, on the Maclaren front it's not really his fault though he's tring to incorporate a different style and the players need time to adjust. Also the board haven't helped by not backing him but indeed yes it's a worry but we played well against Newcastle last night and were unlucky to lose. So I'm hopeful the tide will turn. Thanks again.

  13. That's it now you've had your fun.But it has planted a little seed in my pea sized brain about something that may interest people.That will have to wait though until some time next week.


    Maclaren is a tit!More so after his interview when he put on a fake Dutch accent.But you never know.........

  14. More of a Dutch intonation than an accent, but Monty you are right what a dick!

  15. Another 3 Monty.

    Long long way to go but best of luck. Then again as you said the other week, rather be winning a few in the Championship