Saturday, 10 September 2011

Abscess Angling

Last Monday night my old friend the tooth abscess decided to pay me a visit.Anyone ever had one of these?Face swells up,huge pain and much gnashing of teeth,crying to the heavens to make it stop.The last time I had one was about three years ago,so I know how to manage it until you can get to the Dentist.Lot's of warm salt water to try and draw the abscess up and out of the gum.You then give it a little nick so you can relieve the pressure.It works and helps,well it does for me though it's not for the faint hearted.

I managed an appointment at the Dentist for first thing Wednesday morning,not an awful lot you can do really.He gave me a prescription of Co-amoxiclav that last for five days, with the old no drinking line and it has cleared up.What it did allow me to do,was shoot off straight down the river on Wednesday.

And I spent six hours blanking.I'll not dress it up all flowery and say it was nice and wildlife were about in abundance.Because they were and it was.But there was a cold wind blowing across the fields and muggings 'ere was not best dressed for it.So when your not to comfortable you do not fish very effectively,well I do not.Still no fishing on the horizon for the next few weekends owing to work,which is where I'm typeing this from.Though I'll be out of here at noon to go to Upton Park.Do I dare have a cupla of pints seeing as I'm on antibiotics?It would be rude not to in my eyes.

But thank fully two weeks from now I'll be free from the constraints of work at the weekends.And twenty or twenty one of us will be down in the Wye Valley,for a jolly up staying in the Red Lion Hotel on Friday and Saturday night.Looking forward to this immensely,not so much the fishing but the social.You can bet your bottom dollar that Steve(Eelfisher) Richardson has a tale to tell or three.

Lastly it's the final classic today of the flat season.The St.Ledger at Doncaster although I've not had a bet yet.I will have a little flutter on Masked Marvel e-way at around 7/1 or 13/2 depending on who you punt with.I'll save the Rugby World Cup for others,though we will have it on in the office today.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Ow. Hope that clears up quick Monty.

  2. A plea for sympathy? - Fail :-)

    Looking forward to the bash Monty boy, don't worry if you are on antibiotics then, its a 'dry' weekend.

  3. Gent's,

    It's not that bad and it's more or less gone now.But I will stay on the Jack and Jills until Monday.

    I hope the Wye is low Dave as I want to fish for Pike.But I will see thee in two weeks.;-).Now I must get out of work and get off to West Ham.

  4. Hey Monty,

    It's the 'badness' coming out in you!! LoL

    I do wish i had followed your tips/selections this flat season 'cos "Monty, I've gotta norse" picked another beaut' today. E/W, no fear, Buick romped him home, after staying well at a silly pace.... would've been a good tickle an' all at 15/2.

    I hope the race has been recorded for you btw!


  5. Faye says thanks a lot for the tip monty.

    She can now keep me in the manner I have become acustomed too for a while longer.

  6. Mike,

    Yep I've given my dear readers four horses and all four have won at a decent price ;-0.There was a little more pressure this time from Tony.I got a call on Friday as Faye was off to the races and wanted a tip.I spent the night burning the midnight oil,looking through the form book and came up trumps again.And yes it was a nice tickle ;-0.


    I have a quiet fancy for the Arc next month too.But awaiting some info.

    "Taps nose face"

  7. Monty,
    Just remebered who's was the call.... Prince Monolulu; mind I don't suppose you can remember him LoL