Monday, 26 September 2011

Wye Trip

Last weekend twenty or so anglers made the long trip to the Wye Valley,to fish the beautiful river Wye and more so enjoy the social side of things as much as the angling.We were all billeted at the Red Lion Hotel and people travelled down from Yorkshire,Wiltshire,Birmingham and even one or two doughty souls from Surrey.

We left home at 0530Hrs and pulled into the Red Lion for a quick chin wag with Mike the owner at bang on 0830Hrs.That done we headed off to the river and had a little stroll to see where we fancied fishing.I hoped to target Pike on the Friday so set off roaming dropping a dead bait in various looking spots.I fancied a swim at the top of beat two yomped up from beat four,only to find old man Trusscott safely ensconced with his bait dropper,sod it!I'll keep the Pike fishing short as by 1500hrs I was shattered walking miles of river for no action at all.So I decided to get the Barbel rod out for a few hours.

I settled into this swim here,climbing down the bank to where I could fish and dropperd in some bait.There was a huge abundance of silver fish present.Perch were literally coming clear out of the water in sheer desperation to get at hordes of Dace and Minnows.I just had the one bite just before packing up at 1800,this little chap here of around maybe 7lbs.

Friday night in the bar was a real good crack,with various regional dialects all vying to be heard.The Cider and Guinness flowed,in fact so much of the black stuff was drunk that the Yorkshire mob went on the Red Wine,big mistake.Pissed as a fart was a certain man from team Yorkshire.I hit the sack at around 0300Hrs after being on the piss for around eight hours.I awoke at 0700Hrs feeling top of the world,in for breakfast and a nice fry up then out onto the river.But around mid morning it had all caught up with me and I had a kip for a while.

More fish were to make an appearance in the afternoon when we were not either sleeping,or gassing away to our hearts content.This Perch weighed in at a lovely 3.5lbs for my mate Mr.Double Decker.A new PB by some two ounces and well chuffed was he and the plaudits rained down on him all Saturday night back in the bar.Well done mate your perseverance payed off.

I managed one more fish before we all headed back to the Red Lion,to do battle once more with booze and the Pigeon Pie that was superb.If your down that way do try it.
This gave me a cracking fight and I thought it may be my first Wye double,but it was to fall short by seven ounces.Was I worried?Nope not at all.Chuck in a few Chub I caught I was a happy man.

Considering the amount that is drunk on these "Do's",not a cross word was heard amongst the assembled throng.Big thanks to Carl Salter for arranging this event and we will do it all again next Autumn.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Still No Fishing

Shall I change the name of this blog?Here I sit in work again and I've thought about calling it "Monty Dalrymple and the view from Berkley Square",lap top to one side and work all over the desk.I have not fished this little in over ten years and it's really making me one miserable bastard.But I knew the early part of the season would be like this,what with the house move in July and work piling up and If staff at UBS can work all hours under the sun and loose 1.3 Billion(Swiss Francs I'd wager and well long in the market too),then it's good enough for me.Though as I mentioned last week,this will be the end of it after tomorrow.I should not complain to much as there are many,many people out of work at present.So I'll just crack on and take the piss a little as per............

This week I took a call into the Yat phone around noon,suggesting I point my spy glass in the direction of FishingMagic and a new blog.I've put a link up to the blog in question here,so you can have a read for yourself.I'll not be critical of any ones blog,as by doing one you are opening yourself up to maybe ridicule and general piss takes.I'm not fussed what people think of me,the old saying of "Bollocks to 'em"springs to mind.Others may be of a more sensitive nature,though I have not made up my mind If this lad is for real,or is on a major wind up?Either way a new Trent legend has been born...........Yes another one.

Here we have a little Doppelganger for you.Below is that Noddy Holder chap who hails from the bad lands of the midlands.And gets on my tits every Christmas,with THAT song.

And below we have all round Barbel legend Fred "Barbel can't smell"Crouch.And to be brutally frank,if this is what understanding Barbel makes you look like.Well you can keep it!

Twelve thirty today we play Millwall at the new Den.They only gave us two thousand tickets and for season ticket holders only.So I'll not be going to this one today,more's the pity.If you have never been to a game between us two teams,you have missed a real treat.The atmosphere crackles will pure malevolence and the days of old down at the Old Den,will long live in my memory.I've got mates who are Millwall and they desperately want to beat us.The banter has been flying back and fourth all week.Here we have the changing rooms down at that Pikey shit hole Bermondsey.

I know this is supposed to mostly be an angling blog and after my weekend away down in the Wye valley,angling will feature more prominently as things will be back to mormal.But as another blogger mentioned the other day......."Some bloggers seem to have got lazy or maybe have nothing to say".Well I do not like to dissapoint the old boy,sure he likes to come across all acerbic.But me thinks he just a big cuddly teddy bear really and he loves to get a rise.Enjoy your weekend.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Abscess Angling

Last Monday night my old friend the tooth abscess decided to pay me a visit.Anyone ever had one of these?Face swells up,huge pain and much gnashing of teeth,crying to the heavens to make it stop.The last time I had one was about three years ago,so I know how to manage it until you can get to the Dentist.Lot's of warm salt water to try and draw the abscess up and out of the gum.You then give it a little nick so you can relieve the pressure.It works and helps,well it does for me though it's not for the faint hearted.

I managed an appointment at the Dentist for first thing Wednesday morning,not an awful lot you can do really.He gave me a prescription of Co-amoxiclav that last for five days, with the old no drinking line and it has cleared up.What it did allow me to do,was shoot off straight down the river on Wednesday.

And I spent six hours blanking.I'll not dress it up all flowery and say it was nice and wildlife were about in abundance.Because they were and it was.But there was a cold wind blowing across the fields and muggings 'ere was not best dressed for it.So when your not to comfortable you do not fish very effectively,well I do not.Still no fishing on the horizon for the next few weekends owing to work,which is where I'm typeing this from.Though I'll be out of here at noon to go to Upton Park.Do I dare have a cupla of pints seeing as I'm on antibiotics?It would be rude not to in my eyes.

But thank fully two weeks from now I'll be free from the constraints of work at the weekends.And twenty or twenty one of us will be down in the Wye Valley,for a jolly up staying in the Red Lion Hotel on Friday and Saturday night.Looking forward to this immensely,not so much the fishing but the social.You can bet your bottom dollar that Steve(Eelfisher) Richardson has a tale to tell or three.

Lastly it's the final classic today of the flat season.The St.Ledger at Doncaster although I've not had a bet yet.I will have a little flutter on Masked Marvel e-way at around 7/1 or 13/2 depending on who you punt with.I'll save the Rugby World Cup for others,though we will have it on in the office today.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Doppelgangers Of The Angling World Part XIII

I've not done one of these for ages,but while peeking down from my vantage point on Yat Rock today.I felt this was an opportunity to good to pass up.Below we have that delicate wallflower and some say cantankerous old cuss Ade Williams,or he may be better known to you as Titus Atticus?

And in the next photo we have that well known Barbel Demi-God(no not Chris Ponsford),but none other than Grumpy from Walt Disney fame,with his new Barbel PB of I think 16lb.Caught on some home rolled specials that Snow White knocked up prior to having a little kip.

Moving swiftly on as I'm pushed for time, this came into the Yat phone yesterday.I will set the scene..........You retire for an early night,all your assorted tackle is ready for the morning.You have a fit full nights sleep as thoughts of giant Roach swim in your subconscious.You awake early and load up your car for a whopping two and a half hours drive to your chosen venue.Life feels good,your not at work for the day and the weather is sublime.Some two and a half hours later you arrive at your venue of choice.You start to unload your tackle while on the phone to a friend(yeah great friend),and all of a sudden it dawns on you like a Rhino horn up your arse........."Oh for fooks sake I've left me bastard maggots in the fridge".I won't say who our intrepid piscator is though as he feels a right twat.Enjoy your weekend though folks.

Be Lucky.

Monty D