Saturday, 27 August 2011

Good Morning

Well the summer went very quick did it not?I'm at last back online after the house move and to be honest I have missed not being able to offer up a few thoughts,on this and that from my vantage point on Yat Rock.

I have not done as much fishing at the weekends as I would have liked.Work and sorting out the new gaff took over.So mostly I have been grabbing a few hours after work,two or three times a week.I've not caught very much to shout about on the fish size front,but have caught a fair few Barbel to a little under double figures without putting in to much effort.But if you looked at the forums..............No I'll come back to that later.

Perch and Carp on the river have also been fished for to no great avail.Gruff and I did have a Saturday after Perch a few weeks back and we saw not another angler.It bodes well for the Autumn Pike and Perch fishing that we are both looking forward to and this morning when I was out for a run,it was a real fresh morning.Yes I've been running again and been off the smokes for three weeks now.Long may it remain so!

Just a couple of photo's from the river about five minutes from home.Both these swims produced fish of various species.This was early July.
And this one here is from early August.A lovely secluded swim this and a favourite of mine to blank in. Now back to the forums as ever............................Fatwa World gets worse and worse.I did hear poor old Rich Frampton got banned over there recently.It's a sad loss as he always added good comedy value when ever he posted.How is you back Rich?His "Boss" is not happy either and has been swapping e-mails with Mr.Francis.And also phoning up one of the mods offering in his eyes sage advice.I hear it all on the Yat Phone.And keeping with the phone theme........What is it with BS committee members both past and present and inappropriate text messages?Blimey the ones flying around on Wednesday were very rude even to my eyes.Shame on you that you could not converse in a more civil manner.

That will do for now,I'll save the football for another day.Well until dear old Bob Roberts is about as he and I swapped a few e-mails recently.And I hate to say he was right about Doncaster.

It's good to be back.

Be Lucky.

Monty D


  1. Welcome back Monty, I missed your blog...

    Don't forget:

  2. JAA,

    You are just about the sweetest thing on this earth;-0.I'll have a look over the weekend.I'm off fishing soon and will not be back until late.

  3. Oi, DON'T call me sweet

    (at least not in front of everyone else cutie xx)

  4. Hoorah for the sanity that Monty brings in a world full of "Boris Baggers"

    Good to see you back of chap :)

  5. God to see you back monty the world was a much quieter place with out you! love biggunx

  6. Hello Monty, always a pleasure to read your ramblings.I've been trying to log on to "The path by the water" myself, I was a semi-active member on PP but alas have yet to have my account activated by the moderator....oooer !!!
    regards Gurn

  7. Morning one and all.I must now at some stage turn my attention to the football ;-0

  8. Gurn, try again...if any problems use email at bottom of page to contact me. JAA aka Crustyoldbob

  9. Funny as hell about FATWA world. Who actually runs that site, Mr Francis or the barbel mafiosa.
    Perhaps Mr Chairman would be better off not pleading for Rich n Fred to be allowed back as the two of them made the BS look like bumbling idiots and cost them potential members.