Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Just A Quick One

I have had a few text messages asking what has happened to the blog?Easy moved house last Friday and that has taken up most of the time these last few weeks.But everything went very smoothly.But Virgin cannot get me back online for about four weeks,just as well as I'm skint and will not have the cash for a new lap top for a while.The one I'm using has it's rightful owner looking over my shoulder like a hawk.

I have managed a couple of trips out lately.A few Barbel and some Chub on the first trip and a rather nice River Carp yesterday.When I'm all sorted and have my own machine again,I can get back into this blogging caper.It keeps me sane getting things off my chest as so much needs to be pilloried.

I did hear though that an angler has been banned from The Royalty.He lumped into one swim,twenty five Kilo's of bait for a day session.But was caught fishing afters hours.Twenty Five kilos for a day,sheesh he makes the "Yam Twins" seem like armature's.;-).Also the Bard has been made a moderator on Fatwa world eh.They both deserve each other.

You'll not get to much out of me for a month or so.I'll still be looking around from work,but the great and the good will not be happy with me doing the blog from the office.So keep enyoying your fishing boys and girls.

Be Lucky.

Monty D