Saturday, 4 June 2011

River Walk And Derby Days

Well the the river close season is nearly at an end and I'm glad of the sabbatical,I only cast a line once on a lake back in April.But the break has done me the world of good and I am looking forward to getting back out again.It has flown by and as I posted in the last close season,as we get older we mark the passage of time by our angling seasons,as opposed to those odd people who do not fish and who go by the real time calender.I feel sorry for those who do not to be honest as who wants to live in the real world?I much prefer to live the life of a dreamer.

I took a stroll this morning down my local river,it was sadly very low and looked in need of a good drink.But though the month of June looks set to be warm and sunny the rest of the summer should be varied.I hope for once the weather man is right but I shall not hold my breath.I spotted the occasional Barbel and plenty of Dace and Chub swimming in and out of the faster flowing water.But I was more keen to find some Carp in the slower areas as my target for the summer is a river "20".I've set myself a little task to only use sweetcorn,luncheon meat,or floating baits.Just a bit of fun for me really,as I do not need to compete against other anglers.I enjoy mooching about with the minimal of tackle.Not long now to the magic of June the sixteenth,though as I have mentioned before I shall wait a while to fish the smaller rivers......

Now to some scurrilous accusations.It appears five copy's,yes that is right FIVE copy's of this book have gone missing.I'm sure it is an administration error and not someone up to no good.I'm sure they will turn up soon as to loose seven hundred pounds worth of books is mighty clumsy.But I wonder why a certain person was enquiring recently If anyone was off to the Hay-on-Wye book festival.No comments on "Book Gate" please gent's as I'm embarrassed for the people as it is.And as ever I love to take the proverbial.

Now back to football.I've had plenty of people giving me stick recently about our new manager down at Upton Park.It's not an inspired choice really,but who is of sound mind and wants to come to West Ham with the mess we are in.But if you sing"Big Fat Sam's Claret and Blue Army" enough it grows on you.Here is our man in the dug out for next season.

And so to the Derby,last year I tipped the winner on here and as I'm blowing my own trumpet I also posted the Grand National winner prior to the off.This year I've backed Pour Moi each way at 6/1.Will it win?God knows as the race this year looks more open than usual.Carlton House the Queens horse is favourite and it will bring many a roof down and Epsom itself if the horse stays the trip,but that is the conundrum with the Derby.Rough race,undulating track that does not suit every horse and does not often give you a good luck story unlike the Grand National.I'm a romantic so much prefer my National Hunt racing though.Can it really be thirty years since Walter Swinburn won the Derby by ten lengths on Shergar.Where does the time go.If Carlton House goes clear in the final furlong expect to see this in your news papers on Sunday.I'll be at a different Derby later on today,Wimbledon dog track no less.

Lastly I went to see this band a few nights back at the Hammersmith Apollo the Fleet Foxes.They polarise peoples views a little like Marmite I though think they are superb.Great harmonies and song writing.

Enjoy your weekend.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Those FFoxes are quite nice, a bit folky though ;-) might put them on the father's day prezzie list.

    Waiting for the 16th, hopefully catch some proper fish this year, I'm swearing off the crap lakes, I'm finding them harder to face as time goes on.

    Be lucky.

  2. Rain here today Monty.

  3. JAA,

    Where you live you have some of the best river fishing in the country,I'm sure you will enjoy it.


    It's not here mate and none on the horizon.Anyway you are both supposed to say......"You da man" for tipping the winner of the Derby two years in succession.I'll be out to collect my winnings later.Best take a wheel barrow to ;-0

  4. I can hear a bit of Gordon Lightfoot influence in that Monty. Very nice too.

  5. Have a listen to this little known tune, see what you think.

  6. I never got the whole "betting on horses" thing myself. But "you da man". Happy?

    Trying to straighten a bit of old bamboo, which appears to have been used to spin wire cables while pulling an anvil...

  7. Dear Jason,

    As it was me who enquired as to whether any BS member was going to the Hay Festival I assume ( Very dangerous thing to do) that you are making reference to my comment.
    Would you be kind enough to explain to me why that would be relevant to another situation you speak of?
    Of course it might just be books but knowing your East End mind I doubt it.

    And while I mention that situation would you also be kind enough to tell me how you have come by that information, otherwise I will have to make assumptions which will unfortunately paint a number of people with the same brush when I know full well that some of those have far more integrity than others.

    Finally, I would thoroughly recommend the Hay Festival to you, it is the perfect place for someone like yourself who obviously has aspirations to mingle with the more cerebral classes.

    You missed another fantastic Show yesterday, try to get along next year, there will be one, and Dave, Pete and Jon send their love.
    Nice text question from your goodself to the panel, expected something a bit deeper or far reaching, then again perhaps not.

    Have a great season, I know I will,

    All the best,


  8. Dear Steve,

    It's never safe to assume,I have made that mistake on numerous occasions.

    East End mind?Not sure that is a pop or not but I like it though ;-0.And yes I have been to the Hay festival before It is indeed a good "do".I did hear yesterday was good also though a little low on numbers?

    As you said to me in a post on here dated the 12/3/11 I could ask you I want to your face at the DS book launch at the Lands End pub that sadly you could not make.And you can ask me what you want to my face when we meet on the bank this season.It will be a darn sight more enlightening than the guff you read on here.

    Be Lucky

  9. Hi Jason,

    Tell you what then.

    You are more than welcome to have a day down on the Kennet with me this season, lets do it.

    I know you are a busy man and I'm well tied up with guiding days but I'm sure we could sort something out.

    Genuine offer and sent in good spirit to a fellow angler and Cockney brother.

    I'm absolutely sure we would have a great day and could well end up seeing each other as we really are.

    I haven't got your private email address but mine is out there, get in touch and we'll do it.

  10. Dear Steve,(God that reads like an Eelfisher post);-),

    I'll drop you a mail but you do have my number that is so much easier.:-)

  11. Steve
    You will have to put up with me as well. The daft bugger cannot find his way out of surrey witout a guide

  12. FaF Monty absolutely FaF :-)

    remembered to sign it this time

  13. JAA,

    Well said sir play nice.Well as nice as I can I'm orf to get my train shortly.