Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A New Season Beckons

Well the waiting is almost over for those anglers who prefer running water as opposed to still waters.I'm sure many anglers have checked and looked at their tackle over and over these last few days.I was not going to cast a line until Saturday but have wangled an early swerve on Thursday,so hope to be on the river near home for a few hours after work.

The rains have come over most of the country after such a barren dry spell.And a deluge looks on the cards for the opening day of the 2011/2012 season.For those who will be on the bank in anticipation of the first cast at midnight I envy you.It's a very magical moment I'm sure many people agree.I doubt many of us grown up and very adult anglers will sleep well these last few nights.I never sleep well prior to going fishing as I'm excited and I hope that feeling never expires.

I shall tuck my self away and just see what comes along,safe in the knowledge that we have another nine months to fish.

I hope where ever you cast a line this season you enjoy it and make new friends and maybe build some bridges with old ones.But If you come across me,please piss off as in the name of the very famous actress......"I Vant to be alone".

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Best of luck for the first day Mont. It'll take more than a bit o' rain to stop me...

    I'll be after some tincas and crucials. I'll take whatever I can catch and be sure to take (1)cake and (2) a good pie. Yeah.

  2. oi'll build a bridge with you. but first where are the tits ?

  3. I'm off to pre-bait a swim. Does anyone know how much a maggot weighs?

  4. seen this Monty?


  5. Anon,

    Not yet will have a look later.Off fishing now.;-)