Monday, 20 June 2011

The Best Laid Plans

Not really an auspicious start to the river season for me this year,although the first few weeks never tend to be.I had a few hours out near home after work on the opening day and made the fatal mistake of not taking an umbrella with me.Muggins here thought the rain had abated for the day.

And in a nutshell I got soaked in a short three hours session.Just a poncho on to shelter me from the heavy downpours.How people can fish like that on a regular basis is beyond me ?I did intend to move about and try and stalk some Chub that inhabit this stretch of river.But I hid under a tree with rain water running down my back for one small Chub about three pounds on corn.

Now Saturday never really got going,or someone never!I arranged to meet Gruff at 05.30 in the morning.I awoke at 04.00,had a shower and done a light breakfast and set off to meet the legend. Alas the old boy got his times mixed up.He did say in his defence that his old and forgetful and he was very,very sorry.I'll let him off this time but do I have to ring you five times a day in future just make sure your breathing.So I ended up in work doing yet more overtime,that will be the theme this coming weekend to.I'll doubt I will make a full day on the river until mid July what with the holiday season coming up.I'll have to console myself with a few short after work sessions until then.

Now to a subject that has set a few angling forums alight.The matter of pre-baiting!I'll not labour the point to much as it's mostly been said these last few days.People getting cross and toys being thrown about left right and centre. But guys you have a new bait team on the middle Severn.Here we have the "Yam Twins".

A word of advice If I may be so bold.If you do see two guys like this spodding out kilo after kilo of bait.Move as you can bet your bottom dollar the fish are not where these two guys are;-).Better luck next time guys I'm sure you will get your just reward.So much bait was put out that the flood defences were raised almost weekly.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Those two have far too much hair to be who I think you mean. WOOF!

  2. My god I'm a leg end! Sorry again bud, The Irony is I woke well before my alarm and was sat at home watching Lola the Pike Dog watching me for an hour. I think next time we agree a pickup time its best if one of us sends a text to t'other.
    This sums it up mate

  3. Monty dear chap,
    Which one in the photo is supposed to be me lol.
    Will catch one off there before to long.

  4. Shrop,

    One would assume the chap on the left is Rich, owing to the extravagant use of hair gel '-)

  5. Ah yes "bait'n'wait", beating skill and watercraft every time.

  6. JAA,

    I'm honestly not to fond of roaming around in the poureing rain.As for "bait and wait" I've set a little trap for one of the creatures,that inhabit our IT department in work today.Strange fellows who are mostly still liveing at home with there parents.:-)

  7. Well Mont, I think you poke a bear with a sharp stick at your own risk.... ;-)