Thursday, 26 May 2011

Pub Talk

I'd like to point out that this is not my spot from up here on Yat Rock.Various people have implored me over the last week to blog this.I would have been none the wiser if it had not been for some beady eyed foot soldiers,employed on the minimum wage by my good self.But top work my little darlings,top work.

On the link below we have the superb double act of the late Peter Cook and Dudley Moore.And very funny it is too.Sorry for just the link and not the whole video but the uploading was taking for ever so I took the easy route.

And then please feel free to watch the video below, you will see two of the Barbel angling worlds greats.Sure it's very old footage but take note from the video around 4.45 in. Notice the likeness?

While still on the subject of Barbel,my money is on Dave Stueart to receive the Gordon Scott award at next weekends Barbel Society show.Is there anyone else in the running?Maybe Peter Wheat?Who knows but I will be there in spirit.This weekend I'm on a work party on a local club stretch of river.And if it is like the last ten years,it will be poorly attended as ever.Ho hum,then I'll sort through my tackle ahead of the new season.I reckon I'll start on the Thames this year,but not on opening day.

Now more football........Champions League final at Wembley on Saturday and I was offered two corporate tickets for the game between Barcelona and Manchester United.I thought about it but declined.It just seems wrong for fans from either club to not get tickets.While the people who hang on to the game get a freebie.But I'll have my Spanish hat on this day.And what about Ryan Giggs and we all knew weeks back?Lovely looking wife and you cheated for what?Why go out for a burger Ryan,when you have fillet steak at home.And what about QPR,promoted to the premier league and the board want to put season ticket prices up by 40%.That is a piss take of the highest order,I know two season ticket holders at QPR,who have seen a large increase in the last two seasons.But not on this scale,a shame for the fans.But I'm hardly surprised as the fans are secondary,to the posers they have in charge.I wonder what ours will cost next season?Two Dildos and a Magic Rabbit perhaps.

My god it's raining first time in weeks,about bloody time too!

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. The Gordon Scott award................ that is a poison chalice monty, look at what has happened to the past three winners.I beleive none of them are up to much in the bs anymore.

  2. Freds Fan Club29 May 2011 at 09:16

    Give it to Fred!He promotes the group well and spends hours and hours on line fighting the good fight for the betterment of the species and the group!He does a damn fine job with the in house publication and has skin thicker than a Armadillo.

  3. Give it to Fred.
    No one has done more to reduce the cost of
    The Magazine
    The Show Overheads
    The Fisheries
    The Newsletters
    The Membership packs

    Then again only a few needed nowdays.

  4. Fred will get it or maybe the Poodle!! I wont be there though to see it!


  5. And if they throw it to him it'll double his total barbel catch from last year.

    Did I already say that?

  6. I still think it will be Dave S.Rich for sure one day, more so for the ubiquitous use of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! after every thing he posts.;-0

  7. You're wrong Monty

    It'll be someone who has .....

    shown the society in a good light.

    shown the camaraderie within.

    shown the benefits of belonging to the friendliest, most helpful single species group out there.

    shown how much they do for juniors.

    shown how much they do for beginners.

    worked tirelessly to promote the society at every opportunity.

    worked tirelessly and selflessly for the membership and dealt with members and prospective members with diplomacy,tact and at all times proffesionalism.

    and the winner is


  8. Sorry chaps there are three comments currently being held back.If you wish to publish them with YOUR REAL NAME,then they are good to go.But not anonymously.

    I'm off out,so do not hold your breath,if you do resubmit them they will not show until later.

  9. It's a bit quiet Monty..init?

  10. Now then Monty
    Stick my name on the errrrrrrrrrrrrrm......... post will you, only popped in today so missed your bit about adding a name (although I thought I had)

    Onto equaly pressing matters. Sam Allardyce ?
    Blimey your board is really spoiling you lot.
    Might get you out of the Championship but you'll end up with a crick in your neck. Just think of Stoke and enjoy it :-)


  11. Phil,

    I'll come to that over the weekend.Been busy this week but various items have come into the Yat Phone that need airing.Big Sam being one of them ;-0