Friday, 13 May 2011

A Month Away

Well we are about four weeks away from the start of the river season.Many anglers across the various forums are champing at the bit for the hallowed June the sixteenth.Plans are being made,tales of two day sessions and hauling plenty of "Boris" are in the offing.Plans to pre-bait,spod out loads of bait and I dare say masturbate,are what a real Barbel angler mostly aspire to these days?Or is it?

It was a very warm April and "Agent Farmpton" and company were all in a lather as they were last Spring.Asking people to report back to Spawn Spot HQ, as this time it's the real deal and it will show the "Close Season" is needed.And what has happened it has got a little colder.And with no rain on the horizon, with the rivers down south looking dire,how many of you so called "Barbel Anglers" will leave it a while?And a three year plan to study,study what guys? Spawning data? Come on we are all better than that.They can and will spawn as and when,they have been about long before us so let 'em be.Well not us as man kind,but long before some of the "Saps" who just target Barbel.

Will the Barbel Spawn in time?Will those who preach to "Us" about the close not sally fourth on the sixteenth?The whole pious attitude to me stinks to high heaven.But hey I'm just a grumpy git.I must add though I wish the Barbel Show all the best in June.I adore the fact that Jon Berry is doing his stint.Nowt like getting way from the "Floppy Hatter" guise is there chaps.We must move forward from the "Floppy Hatter Image",but when your in a hole lads, who you gonna call....?"Cane Busters".

I'll throw in some photos from the past,just to keep it real....No weights as pounds and ounces always detract to some extent.

February Barbel above.

End of July Barbel above.

September Barbel above.

Little Common July.....

There we have it,all river fish.And let us wait in quiet contemplation and think before we cast a line for certain species.When so many are so stringent on certain dates.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. "No weights as pounds and ounces always detract to some extent." I agree, and I also enjoy a good rant...does this make me a grumpy git too?

  2. Grumpy?No I was born that way :-),welcome by the way.

  3. Excellent...I was just "born that way" too...can't help it! ;) Glad to be reading along and thanks for following along with my adventures too. Glad to have found your blog!

  4. Monty

    Nice grump !

    Glad to hear Mr Berry is going to be doing his bit for the futherment of the non two rod, bite alarm, rod pod, Boris brigade.

    Blundering along comes to mind when a business ostracises a sector of their market only to find the Holy Grail of the Fish n Tips generation doesn't really exist, except in the minds of the few. Still, onwards and downwards eh !

    Good luck this weekend on the Irons front. Pity it looks like it could be yourselves or Blackpool,or even both,who make the drop.I like the way you both play the game, have nopretentions to be Kings, and have a good day out no matter what.

    On the 'glorious' 16th I'll be sat in a field drinking tea, eating cake and catching up with old friends.IF I manage a cast, for whatever, it'll be a miracle.

    Keep up the great blogging and keeping everything in perspective.


  5. I'll not be at Wigan away tomorrow,as I will be in work where I am now.Need to get as much work put to bed and out of the way by the end of July,so I can get on with my fishing again.

    But working nearly every weekend for the last two months is making me more grumpier than ever if such a thing can really happen.Of course last night being a Friday I did have a beer or three.Seriously though,the smaller rivers in my area are in dire need of water.Some gravel beds have started to get a build up of sediment on them.If it gets worse the fish will be confined to deeper pools,casting for them would be like shooting fish in a barrel.Just my opinion though.

    Be Lucky

  6. All the lakes down my way are low and the Winterbourne is at July levels. Rain badly required. I'll be hiding under a bush for a crucian come the dawn of the 16th.

    As I've got the wrong bankstick for Boris, I'll stick to the Stour Chub ;-)

    I think you're right Monty, the low rivers will concentrate the fish in small areas - it might be sporting to leave them alone if that happens.

  7. And so a new adventure begins Monty.


  8. Hi, just ran across your blog. I've never heard of carp being labeled as a "barbel" before, that's an interesting term. Glad to have come across your blog.

  9. JGR,

    They are not Carp mate,the bottom one is.The other three are Barbel,a different species to Carp.Mostly found in rivers across the United Kingdom and others country's.Put a search into Google and maybe type in the phrase "Barbel Fishing".

    It should give you some more information.:-)

  10. Monty,
    I followed a link on JGR's profile....

    Check her out, ice fishing, turkey hunting wild woman. Cool or what, bit of a looker too. You dont find many like that over here.