Thursday, 5 May 2011

The End Is Nigh

I'll be at Upton Park on Saturday after a few hours in work,to see If we can get the first of the three possible wins we need to retain our premiership status.I've been saying mostly all season we are a poor side and we will go down.And now this lady is getting ready to belt out her famous tune.

Who's fault is it really?The players or the manager,well I think both to be honest.We have an immense wage bill,far to high for a medium size club like ours.And the players know when,and it is when, we go down they will be off loaded,so they do not really need to worry about where they will end up next season.Upson wants to go to a top six club,son your not really the player you think you are in your own mind.The only player who has really tried this season is Scott Parker and I hope he ends up at the Arsenal if he goes,but reckon it will be S***s.But the Olympic Stadium pops it's head up again.West Ham have privately admitted that If we are still in the Championship in 2013,that a move will be hard.So every cloud and all that.................A new bagel shop in E15 may have planning permission.While we are on the subject of S***s,they were moaning about the anti Semitic songs,sang by Chelsea last weekend.But it was OK to have 30,000 odd fans telling Wenger he was a paedophile the week before,double standards me thinks.

Now to Avram,we always knew he could get the best out of players.Here he is telling Torres"You are still a great player son,prove them all wrong".

Only problem was he scored against us!I was at this game on St.Georges Day and the ground was full of Yanks and other tourists taking photo's.Not the old Chelsea away days I remember from my more formative years.Still next season may be an eye opener If the likes of Swansea,Cardiff,Millwall.Leeds and us all play each other.I was told though by a mate who has a season ticket at Millwall(Barrister no less, must come in handy),that Swansea are a decent side.So we shall see.

Lastly the ABF are considering various images for a logo.May I be so bold and offer up this.You know it makes sense guys.

If your out on the bank this weekend or at football or doing what ever you do,enjoy yourselves.

Be Lucky(Or for Bob Lucy)

Monty D


  1. Well, it's time to watch some cricket, a real man's sport.

  2. JAA,

    I bow to your inferior knowledge ;-0,It's Friday an all that.........Enjoy.

  3. You'll do well in the Championship next season providing you hit the ground running. Having £90m worth of parachute payments means half the league simply can't afford to compete against those kind of budgets.

    It's a very competitive league and the margin between success and failure is not a lot. My lot went into freefall mid-season when the injuries kicked in. From a flirtation with the play-offs we won just 2 out of the last 24 games.

    That sounds awful (indeed it is awful) yet Sven's mob were touted as play-off hopefulls right until the last weeks yet they only won two more games than us over the season.

    It's a mad league and no-one's too big to get relegated from it. Ask any Leeds, Forest, Norwich, Sheff Utd, Sheff Weds or Southampton supporter.

    Swansea are a nice, easy on the eye side who will probably win the play-offs although they are a bit temperamental on the road which doesn't help their cause.

    Best regards,


  4. Bob,

    I remember when we were last in the Championship.It was a laugh,people who you have not seen in years,popped up in the pub as you could pay on the day.They woke up and thought I'll go West Ham today,some lads travelled from Brum,or Telford for a day out.Lads who have moved over the passage of time,as well all do,but still have an affection for"Our Team".

    QPR at home we won 2-1,Harewood got the winning penalty.A shocking game,but the reporter in The Sunday Times said it was a great game,now I was pissed but not that much,he must have been paid to report such a spectacle?

    You have said yourself,you support where you are from.And you or I,or none a true fan would ever change that.It's just a kick in the nuts at time,mine are huge being West Ham.:-).But I'll still enjoy tomorrow,win or loose.It's a day with people you grew up with,and always
    a laugh.
    Be Lucky

  5. Barnsley Chubbster7 May 2011 at 11:15

    Top photo looks like Conrad!

  6. "You have said yourself,you support where you are from"


  7. But you don't though do you?When was the last time you attended an Arsenal game in the flesh?It's like certain Wolves fans who never attend a game in the flesh.But it's Wolves this Wolves that.

    A world of difference between watching on the television and going.I think the word I'm looking for is....................Wankers :-)