Sunday, 8 May 2011

El Matador

This is totally non fishing,so please look away now If you are offended by such things?I'm not one for RIPs for people we do not know.Be they sporting greats or other people I'll never know.But this man in my eyes is a legend.The radio reported late on Friday night that he was ailing and his family were around his bed.I thought as ever that the "El Matador" will be fine,his strong he will come back.

Alas not,the golf and sport world has lost a real legend.Even If you do not play golf or "hack round" as many of us do.Most people have heard of Severinao Ballesteros,he came from a very humble background in Predena northern Spain.Practised hitting pebbles with a golf club,so the story says.And went onto become one of the most iconic and much loved golfers of our times.The feisty anger,the dark hair tussled in the breeze.Slazenger jumper,white shoes that shone out like his smile.Peter Allis so succinctly put it yesterday....."When Seve smiled,so did the world".

Today golf is all about percentages,but for those of us who play in our regular four ball.We all want to be Seve at some time.Play the shot that we should never think of undertaking.I've only managed that once,holed out of a bunker to save par.I sit here now typing and remember the other three lads in the four ball saying....."Seve,Seve,Seve".But the real Seve changed the game so much,he was,well just in a league of his own.He went for it,sure he hit some bad shots of the Tee.But he always came back with aplomb.And then some.So to you Severiano,I'll raise a glass and say Ole.......

Top smile the man had.

And a passion so much lacking in today's game,when a player just doffs his cap to the crowd.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. I remember Sevvy most of all for the Mastercard ad.

    "Donna liv 'ome weethout eeeet"


  2. He appeared to be a gent as well, increasingly rare these days. RIP.