Sunday, 15 May 2011

Down But Not Out

Well so ends our stay in the Premier League,but did we deserve to stay up?Nope not in any shape or form.It is undoubtedly the least organised side I've seen down at our gaff for a long,long time.And I've seen a few and today's capitulation sums it all up very well indeed.Our defence has been truly awful all season.One wonders who's great idea it was to bring in that wanker Wally Downs and I quote...."Shake 'em up a bit".Well that worked eh?

Avram oh dear sweet Avram,no wonder your wife admitted on Television she drinks her own pee,look what we have had to put up with.And I was told yesterday by someone very close to Sir Trevor Brooking, that when we were getting beaten at home recently to the Villa,you were slated by Sullivan and you just turned and laughed.Well I would do the same on a four year contract.

And that brings me onto the ever so lovely Karen Brady,who offers or so it is said profound business advice on the apprentice. All I can say is I reckon you and Sir Alan are at it love,for a four year contract for Avram,you must have very special attributes other than your business acumen?Four years you daft cow.I'll leave the players out of it as they know they can go,we do not care and nor do you.Well most of you.

I feel for the lads who travelled today and yes TP you can stop your text messages now, as I'll be at the relegation piss up next Sunday when we play the Mackems.And on fine form I've even booked Monday off work :-)

Things to look forward to?Lots of friendly banter with Milwall,Leeds,Cardiif or Swansea.So chin up lads,get out your glad rags cause........"Were all going on a northern city tour",reckon I'll be about for a lot more way games next season.And an old tune to get the more morose among us through.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Nice toon Mont. Now that footy's done we can crack on with the real mans sport of cricket.

  2. Bloody hell Monty I feel for yer lad.
    Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse along comes Maclaren to put his name in the frame.


  3. JAA,

    It's "Football" not "Footy" grrrrrr.I like Cricket,but alas not CC or village.It tends to be played but old fat blokes.What position to you bat at?:-)


    The man is a Ginger!We are very anti Ginger down at ours.Though I would chuckle at him trying to a Dick Van Dyke Cockney accent."Gor blimey you lads on the Chicken Run I 'aint a buck toothed Ginger cahnttt"

  4. Monty, used to bat 3 or open, but now I'm an old fat bloke I've given up, but to be fair my left knee has as well.