Friday, 20 May 2011

Doppelgängers Of The Angling World Part XII

I'm afraid to say still no angling for me owing to work commitments,but I have been assured by the powers that be everything will be put to bed by the middle of July.I do hope so as it is really getting on my wick,we all want an additional few bob in our pocket but as a wise man once said"You can't take it with you Monty old son".Very true is that,very true indeed.

So here we have another one of these.Here is Mr.Ousemeister who used to tread those hallowed boards over on Fatwa World.Constantly tweaking the rather sensitive nose of "Derrick he of the nine pound Chub but no camera".Anyone else part with there hard earned cash so he did not sell his tackle after a post on Fatwa?Last I heard he was Mullet fishing in Spain with Ryan Giggs,yes you can't hide out their for ever Ryan,time to face the music maybe,say no more say no more ;-)

And here we have Beaker from the Muppet Show,who has been doing some Carp fishing on a very private Northants Pit.So private in fact that it is closed to all and sundry unless like Beaker does,you shoot in the shooting season.He is seen here with his trusty Gun Dog Redknapp,who sticks his nose in everywhere that does not warrant his attention.

Now to the rain or lack of it.I know I touched on this briefly last week but we still have very little rainfall..And the forecast for June down here does not look very promising either.I have been speaking to people over the last week and it seems that rivers in Yorkshire,The South East and the West are currently akin to late Summer levels.Sure the big rivers like the Wye,Thames,Severn and Trent can cope.But I'm generally concerned about the smaller rivers to be truthful.This Spring has been drier than the infamous summer of 1976,I was only young sure.But I have a vague memory of the parks being cracked wide open,due to the lack of the wet stuff.Fingers crossed I think from me here at Yat Rock that things can and will change soon.

May I take this opportunity to welcome Yesling Ying to the order of "The Creel",He has,at the tender age of 44 finally got his first cane rod.After a moment of epiphany earlier on in the week.As of today he is the proud owner of a Chapmans 550 Delux,bought from a mate at mates rates.The best way to do it.Lots of people seem to be coming out of the dark and into the light these days?

He does though need a name for the rod as all cane rods should have a name.Fire them into me here at Yat Rock.

Lastly only in America............

A dwarf barista at a Starbucks cafe in El Paso,Texas has the backing of the federal government after bringing a case against the US giant for wrongful dismissal.She was sacked in essence, in case she spilt a hot beverage on a customer,thus bring an even more costly case.So far so good I would say.But up pops......Gary Arnold speaking on behalf of the Little People of America,I'm not making this up honest.And I quote"Thousands of people of short stature contribute to the productivity and diversity of our communities by going to work every day" he told the Seattle Weekly.

Starbucks hit back"We're really proud of our track record for hiring partners with a variety of disabilities,we take the concerns that are included in the law suit very seriously.We have a zero tolerance policy for discrimination of any kind"Said a spokesperson.

Would it not have been easier just to buy the lady a stool?As I say only in America.That's it,as ever being Friday I'm off out for a cupla pints.Enjoy your weekend and good luck to Wolves and Blackpool.I want Wigan and Brum down with us.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. One for consideration, just in case purchase of said stick tends to rationing of marital rights..."Snachmap"

  2. You cane guys are just to elitist and you want to move into the real the way mate your friends over on fatwa have started another landing net thread lol

  3. Those 550's are good rods...still a nice rod for light carping at close range. You can do a lot worse.

    Ah, Beaker, where are you now?

  4. Anon,

    I do not like the real world I'm afraid.


    I told him prior to the purchase they are very usable and I think he may well now go on a buying spree?I must now depart the shires and head off over to West Ham.I wonder if the players will stay long on the pitch at the final whistle.

  5. Anon, It's not about elitism, it's about making fishing more fun.

  6. Big thanks to the Bard.

  7. oooooooh, the look on that dogs face.

  8. I've found a cane rod on my dining room wall.....Damned thing has been there so long I'd forgotten about it.
    It's made by Allcocks, and looks like the top two sections of a Wizard. It's about 8ft long and has a nice gold, lozenge shaped label proclaiming it to be a Lightcaster, thats almost a light sabre so could I call it Darth Vader?

    On a serious note do any of you cane experts know anything about it?


  9. Yessling's stick should be named Bandicoot.
    Errr, I mean Bendy Coont.