Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Doppelgängers Of The Angling World Part XI

Time for another one of these I feel........What are the chances of seeing these two fine fellows out on the bank-side at any one time?Not an awful lot I must profess.

Here with have Adolf Hitler(Boo Hiss,Boo Hiss) all round mad man and let's be honest not particularly right in the head.I know,I know glass houses and stones and all that but hey we are not all perfect.

And below we have all round good angler and total fish chaser Mr.Kevin Colsten-Iles.He is not seen much these days as he likes to keep a low profile,since he was given various river walks and gleaned huge reams of info.He was around on the Medway way back in the day when it was throwing up some very big fish.His nickname among some is the "Vegan Freak",though to me it's a little bit more near the mark.

He did though write years ago for the Barbel Society,in it's first issue of Barbel Fisher no less.But he now prefers to walk his dog and jack boot across Sussex.And while we are on the subject of the Barbel Society,well nearly.The ABF have now acquired there third water and in such a short space of time,doffs cap and shouts three cheers.

They have a stretch of the Tidal Trent(Well done Hobby) directly below the BS beat at Sutton.Now do not choke on your evening G&Ts,how about in the fourth coming season both groups hold a charity fish-in?A team event if you will,one ABF angler pegged next to a BS member?To raise some money for a good cause and show some angling unity for a change and show we are all grown ups?It is up to you chaps.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Sussex Piscators10 May 2011 at 20:37

    He's blackballed. For ever.

  2. Haha. Kevvy the Veggy. I did the make up on him that night. Just stood there and let me do it he did. What a game geezer. LMFBO.

  3. Wessex Barbel Man11 May 2011 at 07:18

    Young Rich could have fished for both the ABF and BS but he was banned from the ABF for letting others use his password.Naughty boy!

  4. You don't often see an angler and a grown-up in the same room do you?


    Got seven porcy quills, a proper Avon float and a harcork for £1 at a car boot. Off to make my sad floats look nice. Or get out more, I can't decide.

  5. Wessex,

    I'm sure his not the first person to be guilty of such a heinous crime.


    Nicely observed I'm 41 going on 13 ;-0

  6. Hey, I've met some grown ups and I'm damned if I'm lowering my standards just to be one.

  7. Interesting post :) You got a new follower

  8. Dustin,

    From across the pond I would assume?Not your normal angling blog here.Mostly written for friends etc,with other stuff thrown in ;-)