Friday, 29 April 2011

Tinca Royale

Anyone stay home and watch the Royal Wedding?Now I'm fairly pro Royal to be honest but I'm not one for sitting at home to watch the event.Less so to join the thousands in London today.I've had my journey into work disrupted all week thank you,by coppers who assume I'm a covert shoe bomber.So Gruff and I decided It was time to get out on the bank as we had not wet a line since the end of the river season.

A nice lake in deepest Surrey was the venue,normally very quiet.It's not a lake where you catch large numbers of fish.But it holds some lovely Carp and Tench and is very pretty and peaceful.You are allowed on the fishery at 06.30 so we arrived just before then to find the car park was bursting.That sinking feeling hit me as their were barrows galore being loaded up with big pit reels,long range rods and bucket upon bucket of bait.

I wanted to fish around this area of the lake as it's deeper here and thought the Tench would still be in the deeper water.

But it was already very busy with guys spodding,marker floats being set up.Bivvies going up and mallets hammering all kinds of shiny steel in the ground.Why all the gear for a day session?The lake has a very small and exclusive night syndicate who are good anglers,or so they say :-) I have never seen it this busy in the last four years or so.

Anyway we headed up to the shallower end of the lake that is also more narrow.As you can see in the photo below.I was tucked away happily fishing the lift method,with corn on the hook over corn and small pellets.When three guys turned up,set up in a line,shouted and joked and mad an awful racket.Then baited up as If they were fishing Wraysbury, heavy leads being cast in and out every twenty minutes or so.I did suggest in a polite manner that perhaps If they were a little more discreet,it would be beneficial to everyone?I may have well asked them about Pythagoras theory for all the good it did.

Come noon that was it for me,time to pack up.I did miss one good bite just after 09.00 but my heart was not really in it.I do love the place,the owner is a gent he really is.But when it's busy as a busy thing it puts me off.But that is a day ticket fishery I guess?Still I'll give it another go in a few weeks,but I'll be working this weekend and the next.So maybe Cup Final Day?Man Citeh-Stoke,no thank you.

Anyway Gruff got his new Cane rod in the week,made by a gent in Hull who goes by the name of Paul Johnson.He unwrapped the rod at home in the company of Mrs Gruff,who remarked that it was nice.He even put his new King Pin on it.Mrs Gruff had by now seen enough and went into the kitchen to get the dinner,tea,supper on.Gruff is now thinking shit........I wonder If it's because it cost a bob or two that she seems so curt.He glides into the kitchen and gets a frosty stare,so turns tail and runs.He now is thinking what have I done?

Mrs Gruff comes out with the dinner some time later and slams the plates down and utters these now immortal words......"Yes I like the sodding rod,but what about my new hair cut?".Cue Gruff going into over time with sweet words.Peace swiftly restored,he then goes back to cooing over his rod.Nice rod though mate and PJ your work is good mate ;-0.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Monty D


  1. Ying the Impatient29 April 2011 at 16:37

    Thank fook, a new post. The punters are revolting....

  2. Hahahaaa Deep Shit Big Man! Get the dog to give her a lick. LMFBO

    You lucky bastards. I've been working since 07:30 putting a wedding album together. It's now 18:04 and I've JUST finished. What a relief.

  3. Both of you,I've been doing untold over time hence the lack of fishing and the blog content has slowed down.

    I shall be working over time Saturday,Sunday and Monday and the weekend after.Sure no one makes me do it but you need to grab it when it is on offer.

    So please take your sad and rather needy post elsewhere.I thank you.

  4. Ah the sweet sound of a thousand spods hitting the water. God bless Danny Fatass and all at the sharp end of carp commerce and God bless the mindless drones that copy their every move.

  5. Dave,

    Nail on the head.It's not a Carp angler problem but a perception of how you should fish.This lake is around seven acres.The fish come close in,so sit back and be quiet.Yesterday every fish would have been scared witless and tucked away in the no fishing area.

    Their are some very good Carp anglers on this lake,who know what it's all about.But many are force fed a mantra of "The Geezer Carper".That to me is not fishing.In the words of the late Kenny Everret......."Round em up,put 'em in a field and bomb the bastards"

  6. "All in the best possible taste" though Monty.

  7. Yep got geezer-carpered myself down the week, but with my one old salmon wormer, I had four fish to their 9 on 6 rods. Heh. Not that I'm a smug git.

    But stout republican that I am, I went tinca and carassius bashing yesterday, about a dozen of each, nothing over 1lb. Joyful stuff.

    You know it makes sense.