Saturday, 9 April 2011

Place Your Bets

Been hard at work today,but I hope you have all picked out a horse for the National ?Is it the greatest horse race in the world ?Well If like me you are a sucker for a story, then maybe you cannot help to be transfixed by the event.You do not have to place large stakes and most who like a punt on a regular basis,treat the race really as a "Bookies Benefit".

I've said way back on here I've always liked a bet,growing up we had dogs that raced at the now sadly gone Hackney Wick.Also the famous "Stow" that is no longer with us.I guess as the years move on,the public want a more cultural experience for a night out as opposed to shouting "Go on the three dog",or doing a 3-5-6 combination through the card.

I'll always remember the characters I was introduced over the years,real salt of the earth people both men and women on a night out at the "Dogs".It makes me smile just thinking about it now,cockneys who If truth be told could pull more strokes than a swimmer.But who were always good as gold to me as a kid.As you grow older I think it's important to look back and think on things like this.Never forget where your from is my mantra.I'm sure you lads who visit the "Flapping Tracks" up North feel the same way.

Who has not seen this film ?If you have never shed a tear over this and you know the story you are a hard man.I was 11 when Bob and Aldaniti won the race,and remember my late, great nan,Rose sobbing and asking for another glass of bells,just to calm her down she said.I know I was brought up by a family of gamblers and piss 'eads.Would not a change a thing though ;-).

I've had a "Cock an Hen" each way on Ballabriggs,at 14/1 just for some interest.Not a tip or anything like that.Just a fancy I've also done Bluesea Cracker.

More so than ever If you have had a punt.


Monty D


  1. It's the only time I ever have a bet Monty, My Mrs runs a sweep for her patients, the rest of the staff and family and friends which usually means three sweeps and me and my daughter do a quid each way on the horse we draw....Her horse came in first last year and her boyfriends horse came in first this year; I however have never won a penny.

    When the lottery started I always used to use the same numbers for a private ticket as I used in the work syndicate. Probably just as well they never came up, lol.

    Ade W

  2. Ade,

    I do not bet like I used to.The big meetings like Cheltenham,Aintree,Royal Ascot ect,ect.And the odd football bet,but If I loose money it's not going to affect me to much.And that is the best way in my eyes.;-0

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