Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Gentleman I Salute You

Top men one and all, to who those who were kind enough to sponsor me.As you can see the final total was £175.00 of the Queens finest,up from the original £118.00 pounds that I worked on.So once again I doff my cap.

For those who have not seen it ?Here is the link from what was shown on Sky TV.You can see me earlier on and Gruff recasting at 1.58 ish,after the lost fish I mentioned way back in February,while the cameras were rolling.

I've been asked why the "Adult Content"banner no longer shows on this blog by a few people.When the clocks went forward a few weeks back,and awful lot of blogs that have an adult content banner were moved or deleted.And to be honest I do not think this blog is really adult content,give or take the odd expletive.But thank you all for your concern.

Now to last night...........I was gutted S***s lost four nil,no honest I was.Two nil would have been better, as it would have given that lot a little hope for next week.Now I guess it's like the "Wailing Wall" at Bruce Grove ?Here is my best mate Harry "The Bung" telling it how it is.

And this lad must be well impressed as he has recently signed a new contract,but we all know that football contracts account for very little.Good player though when he feels like it ?

I doubt I will get out on the bank before June the 15Th to be honest,as work is totally manic.It may be the case it will be after the "Off" and that will be a first.But at times the real world has a nasty knack of creeping up on you.Only temporary mind,but these things are sent to try us.So do not expect to much on here,though I've Lot's saved about various people.When will certain people learn eh ?You know who you are.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Well done mate, a good day out and for an excellent cause.

  2. Did wonder whether you might have to stop the bloody swearing you bastard.

    I guess not ;-)

  3. Monty, Monty,

    Wos happened to your front leg??

    BBC 'red-button' sports news sez Our Monty has a strain in his front leg (?????) and is withdrawn.. fancied a punt on yer mate!! Shame!

  4. It was due to have a lady jockey on board,a big no,no.;-)Although Gee Armitage and Nina Carberry were very good.

  5. Re. Totteringham, did you get Gramps' text?

  6. Yes mate I did pretty funny that ;-0