Wednesday, 13 April 2011

For My Spurs Readers

Have faith boys and believe in miracles,thought about this little video on the way home from work.S***s have a large Yiddish following so I thought this little video is worth putting up ?One of my favourite films of all time.And those who know me, are aware of my old man's side of the family being of good Yiddish stock.

With a surname like mine,well there are not many in the UK and most are Kosher butchers and other Yiddish trades.So enjoy the game and I hope you put up a jolly good show.Happy now Ousie ?

I'll have some angling stuff to blog at long last, after the weekend and I am really looking forward to the Dave Stueart book launch on Saturday.I've read mine and will review it at a later date as a chap over on Fishing Magic has done a far more lucid job than I could do.

*Discalimer I'll never wish anything good on S***s again*

Be Lucky

Monty D

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