Saturday, 16 April 2011

Dave Steuart Book Launch

Well I've had a great few hours today,rubbing shoulders with the crème de la crème of the angling world.Now the book launch was due to start at around noon,but we set off from Chez Monty just after 10.00 am.And we arrived with an hour to spare so I showed my driver "Jeeves" a little bit of the river Loddon.He was impressed and I think he wants to get a club ticket next year.And I may do also,because I miss casting a line on this river.Sure it may not be the river it was a few years back.But undoubtedly the river is one of my favourites and knocks the Kennet into a cocked hat for beauty in my eyes.It's a river to be honest I adore and I fancy going back.

The Lands End Pub was buzzing by noon and so many well known anglers were chatting away and sharing tales.Some greats of the Roach world along with Dave Steuart,Dave Howes,Vic Beyer,John Searl(Good East End Boy),Ron Smith and Mark Wintle who also has a book launch here to.Then we had Chris Ball and Bob Buteux,Mike Wilson(Nice to see you again Mike).Phil Smith was down after a couple of nights Cat fishing at Orchard Lakes. I'm sure you get the gist ?

I had a chat with Pete Reading about this and that.Chewed the fat with Dave Burr and his lovely wife Nicky,who confided in me that she wants to move to Spain ;-0.And I had a few pints and just enjoyed myself.One guy who I've not seen for a few years who goes by the name of "Stroller" on various forums asked If it was I that wrote this blog ?When I said yes he replied"God and I thought you were thick".Thanks mate nice touch that:-(.But he did say that him and others enjoy my ramblings so that is the main thing.Sorry you could not make it Mr.Pope,but Pete has the book for Rich and will pass it over in May.

I also picked up another copy of Dave's book and already it's being sold on e-bay for nearly a hundred pounds, good job I bought mine for a mate and not to sell.Six months time it will be two hundred plus.Oh and Mr.Mumby, that shirt you had on, should only really to be worn in the company of Yessling.But you do produce some cracking books mate and they sell for a fortune these days.

Some photo's from inside the Lands End.

Here am I getting my book signed by the main man,blame the camera man for the iffy photo.

The conversation went like this.........

"Can you sign it to Jason please Dave"

"Your a cockney,shall I sign it like you speak ?"

"Na it's all right"

"You do know If I sign it to you, it devalues"

"I'm not selling it Dave,it's good"

"Where do you live,can I come to your house for dinner"

The man is an absolute gem and nice to see so many turn out today for this event.

Lastly a mate of mine is at the Barbel Catches Club AGM today,our mate Yeslling Ying.He has sent me a photo of the start of the day.Do you know they weigh and measure every Barbel caught ?Odd lot that,odd lot.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. I want her to move there as well :-)

    Good to see you lover, keep up the excellent work.

  2. Sounds like you had a good day out Monty my old chum, maybe i should have made more of an effort but...................

  3. Twas a nice way to spend a Saturday,but now I must pay it back and head off into work.Enjoy your Sunday one and all.

  4. Yingmeasures em17 April 2011 at 07:25

    Lol, cheers Monty. Glad you had a good day, I did too. My backside don't 'alf 'urt though !

  5. Should have had it signed 'To Monty'....That would give it real provenance.


  6. Gor Blimey, Monty,
    Thas lookin' yer age these days LoL,