Friday, 29 April 2011

Tinca Royale

Anyone stay home and watch the Royal Wedding?Now I'm fairly pro Royal to be honest but I'm not one for sitting at home to watch the event.Less so to join the thousands in London today.I've had my journey into work disrupted all week thank you,by coppers who assume I'm a covert shoe bomber.So Gruff and I decided It was time to get out on the bank as we had not wet a line since the end of the river season.

A nice lake in deepest Surrey was the venue,normally very quiet.It's not a lake where you catch large numbers of fish.But it holds some lovely Carp and Tench and is very pretty and peaceful.You are allowed on the fishery at 06.30 so we arrived just before then to find the car park was bursting.That sinking feeling hit me as their were barrows galore being loaded up with big pit reels,long range rods and bucket upon bucket of bait.

I wanted to fish around this area of the lake as it's deeper here and thought the Tench would still be in the deeper water.

But it was already very busy with guys spodding,marker floats being set up.Bivvies going up and mallets hammering all kinds of shiny steel in the ground.Why all the gear for a day session?The lake has a very small and exclusive night syndicate who are good anglers,or so they say :-) I have never seen it this busy in the last four years or so.

Anyway we headed up to the shallower end of the lake that is also more narrow.As you can see in the photo below.I was tucked away happily fishing the lift method,with corn on the hook over corn and small pellets.When three guys turned up,set up in a line,shouted and joked and mad an awful racket.Then baited up as If they were fishing Wraysbury, heavy leads being cast in and out every twenty minutes or so.I did suggest in a polite manner that perhaps If they were a little more discreet,it would be beneficial to everyone?I may have well asked them about Pythagoras theory for all the good it did.

Come noon that was it for me,time to pack up.I did miss one good bite just after 09.00 but my heart was not really in it.I do love the place,the owner is a gent he really is.But when it's busy as a busy thing it puts me off.But that is a day ticket fishery I guess?Still I'll give it another go in a few weeks,but I'll be working this weekend and the next.So maybe Cup Final Day?Man Citeh-Stoke,no thank you.

Anyway Gruff got his new Cane rod in the week,made by a gent in Hull who goes by the name of Paul Johnson.He unwrapped the rod at home in the company of Mrs Gruff,who remarked that it was nice.He even put his new King Pin on it.Mrs Gruff had by now seen enough and went into the kitchen to get the dinner,tea,supper on.Gruff is now thinking shit........I wonder If it's because it cost a bob or two that she seems so curt.He glides into the kitchen and gets a frosty stare,so turns tail and runs.He now is thinking what have I done?

Mrs Gruff comes out with the dinner some time later and slams the plates down and utters these now immortal words......"Yes I like the sodding rod,but what about my new hair cut?".Cue Gruff going into over time with sweet words.Peace swiftly restored,he then goes back to cooing over his rod.Nice rod though mate and PJ your work is good mate ;-0.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Monty D

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Dave Steuart Book Launch

Well I've had a great few hours today,rubbing shoulders with the crème de la crème of the angling world.Now the book launch was due to start at around noon,but we set off from Chez Monty just after 10.00 am.And we arrived with an hour to spare so I showed my driver "Jeeves" a little bit of the river Loddon.He was impressed and I think he wants to get a club ticket next year.And I may do also,because I miss casting a line on this river.Sure it may not be the river it was a few years back.But undoubtedly the river is one of my favourites and knocks the Kennet into a cocked hat for beauty in my eyes.It's a river to be honest I adore and I fancy going back.

The Lands End Pub was buzzing by noon and so many well known anglers were chatting away and sharing tales.Some greats of the Roach world along with Dave Steuart,Dave Howes,Vic Beyer,John Searl(Good East End Boy),Ron Smith and Mark Wintle who also has a book launch here to.Then we had Chris Ball and Bob Buteux,Mike Wilson(Nice to see you again Mike).Phil Smith was down after a couple of nights Cat fishing at Orchard Lakes. I'm sure you get the gist ?

I had a chat with Pete Reading about this and that.Chewed the fat with Dave Burr and his lovely wife Nicky,who confided in me that she wants to move to Spain ;-0.And I had a few pints and just enjoyed myself.One guy who I've not seen for a few years who goes by the name of "Stroller" on various forums asked If it was I that wrote this blog ?When I said yes he replied"God and I thought you were thick".Thanks mate nice touch that:-(.But he did say that him and others enjoy my ramblings so that is the main thing.Sorry you could not make it Mr.Pope,but Pete has the book for Rich and will pass it over in May.

I also picked up another copy of Dave's book and already it's being sold on e-bay for nearly a hundred pounds, good job I bought mine for a mate and not to sell.Six months time it will be two hundred plus.Oh and Mr.Mumby, that shirt you had on, should only really to be worn in the company of Yessling.But you do produce some cracking books mate and they sell for a fortune these days.

Some photo's from inside the Lands End.

Here am I getting my book signed by the main man,blame the camera man for the iffy photo.

The conversation went like this.........

"Can you sign it to Jason please Dave"

"Your a cockney,shall I sign it like you speak ?"

"Na it's all right"

"You do know If I sign it to you, it devalues"

"I'm not selling it Dave,it's good"

"Where do you live,can I come to your house for dinner"

The man is an absolute gem and nice to see so many turn out today for this event.

Lastly a mate of mine is at the Barbel Catches Club AGM today,our mate Yeslling Ying.He has sent me a photo of the start of the day.Do you know they weigh and measure every Barbel caught ?Odd lot that,odd lot.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Friday, 15 April 2011

Doppelgängers Of The Angling World Part X

Time for another one of these.What are the chances of seeing either of these two fine,fine chaps on the bank at any one time ?Not a lot I reckon just look at the profiles....

Here we have Steve Pope and what an hooter the man has,talk about a proper nose.Blessed are the cheese makers.

And here we have Barry Manilow.Notice the likeness ?

Imagine If you will.......The Barbel Society Show,the nights end.Rich sweeping up the detritus and Steve picks up the mike.....You must sing along like Barry M..............

"Her name was Lola,she was a Barbel"
"She had whiskers that were fair,she was caught on casters with a hair"
"She made me famous in my own mind..........."

Then Fred picks up the mike and in a deep voice,looks longingly into Steve's eyes and sings......"They fell in love".

See you at the Lands End on Saturday Steve,I'll buy both you and Fred a pint ;-0.

Quickly and very quickly,well done to the ABF they now have their first water.Not bad really after such a short time.And more to follow in the next couple of weeks I'm led to understand.Keep it up lads.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

For My Spurs Readers

Have faith boys and believe in miracles,thought about this little video on the way home from work.S***s have a large Yiddish following so I thought this little video is worth putting up ?One of my favourite films of all time.And those who know me, are aware of my old man's side of the family being of good Yiddish stock.

With a surname like mine,well there are not many in the UK and most are Kosher butchers and other Yiddish trades.So enjoy the game and I hope you put up a jolly good show.Happy now Ousie ?

I'll have some angling stuff to blog at long last, after the weekend and I am really looking forward to the Dave Stueart book launch on Saturday.I've read mine and will review it at a later date as a chap over on Fishing Magic has done a far more lucid job than I could do.

*Discalimer I'll never wish anything good on S***s again*

Be Lucky

Monty D

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Place Your Bets

Been hard at work today,but I hope you have all picked out a horse for the National ?Is it the greatest horse race in the world ?Well If like me you are a sucker for a story, then maybe you cannot help to be transfixed by the event.You do not have to place large stakes and most who like a punt on a regular basis,treat the race really as a "Bookies Benefit".

I've said way back on here I've always liked a bet,growing up we had dogs that raced at the now sadly gone Hackney Wick.Also the famous "Stow" that is no longer with us.I guess as the years move on,the public want a more cultural experience for a night out as opposed to shouting "Go on the three dog",or doing a 3-5-6 combination through the card.

I'll always remember the characters I was introduced over the years,real salt of the earth people both men and women on a night out at the "Dogs".It makes me smile just thinking about it now,cockneys who If truth be told could pull more strokes than a swimmer.But who were always good as gold to me as a kid.As you grow older I think it's important to look back and think on things like this.Never forget where your from is my mantra.I'm sure you lads who visit the "Flapping Tracks" up North feel the same way.

Who has not seen this film ?If you have never shed a tear over this and you know the story you are a hard man.I was 11 when Bob and Aldaniti won the race,and remember my late, great nan,Rose sobbing and asking for another glass of bells,just to calm her down she said.I know I was brought up by a family of gamblers and piss 'eads.Would not a change a thing though ;-).

I've had a "Cock an Hen" each way on Ballabriggs,at 14/1 just for some interest.Not a tip or anything like that.Just a fancy I've also done Bluesea Cracker.

More so than ever If you have had a punt.


Monty D

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Gentleman I Salute You

Top men one and all, to who those who were kind enough to sponsor me.As you can see the final total was £175.00 of the Queens finest,up from the original £118.00 pounds that I worked on.So once again I doff my cap.

For those who have not seen it ?Here is the link from what was shown on Sky TV.You can see me earlier on and Gruff recasting at 1.58 ish,after the lost fish I mentioned way back in February,while the cameras were rolling.

I've been asked why the "Adult Content"banner no longer shows on this blog by a few people.When the clocks went forward a few weeks back,and awful lot of blogs that have an adult content banner were moved or deleted.And to be honest I do not think this blog is really adult content,give or take the odd expletive.But thank you all for your concern.

Now to last night...........I was gutted S***s lost four nil,no honest I was.Two nil would have been better, as it would have given that lot a little hope for next week.Now I guess it's like the "Wailing Wall" at Bruce Grove ?Here is my best mate Harry "The Bung" telling it how it is.

And this lad must be well impressed as he has recently signed a new contract,but we all know that football contracts account for very little.Good player though when he feels like it ?

I doubt I will get out on the bank before June the 15Th to be honest,as work is totally manic.It may be the case it will be after the "Off" and that will be a first.But at times the real world has a nasty knack of creeping up on you.Only temporary mind,but these things are sent to try us.So do not expect to much on here,though I've Lot's saved about various people.When will certain people learn eh ?You know who you are.

Be Lucky

Monty D