Sunday, 13 March 2011

Saint Peter

A man stood at the golden gate
His head was bent and low
He meekly asked the man of fate
Which way he had to go ?

"What have you done"Saint Peter said
"To seek admission here" ?

"I have been a West Ham fan"
"For many a many year"

Saint Peter opened wide the gate
And rang the scared bell

"Step inside and choose your harp"
"You've had your share of hell"

Good day,great support as ever but not the result we wanted.Showed the lads in the mini bus this blog on the I phone on route.None fish but pissed themselves over the comments,they all thought angling was relaxing.See some of you at S***s away next Saturday.

Oh and Saint Peter any chance of a nice Perch tomorrow please ?Or at least a few winners at Cheltenham,I think you owe me ;-0

Be Lucky

Monty D

1 comment:

  1. you do not follow us to feel good,oh no that is all to do it to feel the pain for all the bad things we have done.