Friday, 11 March 2011

Our Friends In The North

Well as I mentioned earlier Mike Berridge AKA Biggun was fishing with Gruff and I today,on a syndicate that Gruff and I belong to.I've not seen the man for a few years now though we do keep in touch regularly.And as we met up,it was man hugs all round as I know Biggun hates this kind of thing with a passion, being a rough chap from 'Ull.His first words more or less were "Get off you soft southern bastard" and Gruff just looked on perplexed as he does not mind my tactile ways.But then again he has been down south for years now.

The fishing,well it was hard today and with plenty of people out bites were at a premium.Mike had the one while I sat with him and chatted,we did a lot of that today as it was a social for me as opposed to I must catch,I must catch.But it came to nowt(it's rubbing off you see that );-0.Gruff had the one dropped take on his dead baits for Pike.I will not see Gruff now until we start our Tench fishing in mid to late April so thanks for a great season It's been laughs all the way,as it should be and perhaps one day I will take my angling more seriously and catch more.But in truth I'm happy as I am thank you very much.

I did though have more of these bloody things........God knows how many of the bait robbing sods I've had this season ?

And this fine,fine specimen here, the first for a good few years that sent the cane into an alarming battle curve.

But I did not mind we caught sod all really, it was just really good to catch up again Biggun and I'll see you in the summer,if not before.Now I've given out an awful lot of stick with various Doppelgängers and other stuff but it's all in good jest.So Biggun took this today of me so do your best If you want to,I don't mind ;-)

Now as we are on about our friends in the North I'll tell you about this......Last Wednesday I was in a branch like this in Mayfair where I work.

And I was ordering some lunch to be delivered to our office later in the day.When I over heard a conversation by two lads like this.

NM 1 "Why the fook can't they have any English food like pies,pasties and the like"
NM2 "Yeah or chips and sausage rolls not all this foreign shite"
NM1 "Fooking right or Pizza"
NM2 "God yeah I would love a Pizza now"

MD "Lads I think you'll find Pizza is foreign"

Cue a total blank expression on both of them.The mind boggles as what life oop Narf is really like for those poor folk ?Jokes aside I seem to get on better with the lads from oop Narf that I know,as they seem to bullshit less than people down here.Or perhaps I'm wrong

If you are out as many of you are this weekend behave,I've been told today about a Southern river that has "Barbel Trotting Fever" at present.In the week two GROWN MEN had a full blown punch up on the bank and the police were called to intervene.No this is not a wind up,it's from a source from someone who lives very near the river.Barbel fishing eh it just gets better and better ?

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Didn't know I was fishing with Eric Morecombe??

  2. Monty, I'm loving your Eric Sykes glasses.

  3. Biggun,

    To easy that one.


    You have not seen the pair had 'em a few months.Cutler and Gross dear boy Cutler and Gross ;-0

  4. A day catching bullhead is never a failure, especially on the float ;-)

  5. Monty,
    If I could source a pic of the BBC Political Editor, Nick Robinson, that would be a fair 'doppleganger' for your bespectacled self.....

    Sounds like a good day, and I trust none of you emulated the properties of the drinking vessels..

  6. No " sampling" from me Jason, don't think I could "improve" on that, you've enough of a cross to bear as it is from the look of that photo!

    Explains a lot though...........!

    How old did you say you are?!

    Smiley faces and all said in the best possible taste.

    See you soon.

  7. Oz,

    Yep it was nice mate,thanks.


    Not on the float alas ;-(


    Forty One next month I'm sorry to say.Time catches us all face.And you can buy ME a pint at The Lands End.Because fuck me what I was told yesterday will cost a few to shut me up ;-0.

  8. Bring me Sunshine, in your smile,
    Bring me Laughter, all the while,
    In this world where we live, there should be more happiness,
    So much joy you can give, to each brand new bright tomorrow...

    All very apt.....I haven't laughed like that for a while Jas.......:)
    Looky likey Eric!! :)

  9. Jason,

    Don't keep us all in suspense, say what you've been told would love to hear it.

    I'll happily buy you a beer though, and if you feel the need you can ask me absolutely anything you want and I'll answer, probably be even more exciting than what you was told yesterday, in fact I can guarantee it!

    Time certainly does catch up with us all, some get away with it better than others!!

  10. No need to shut you up I wouldn't have thought,your source has probably told everybody already!

  11. Been out down the bookies sorry for not being here.


    I was asked to wear that lot to show I've got a sense of humour and can laugh at myself.No ego me you see.Are you coming to the book launch in April ?If not I've a book for you....Fishing up the Moon,by Harry Parsons an agronomist like you.If not I'll give it to Steve.It's not soiled "boom boom" ;-0.

    Na like Christmas day you will have to wait.But you can always phone me ;-0.


    Not a bad word was said about you yesterday you know.Not everyone is out to get you.Good luck to your Mum she sounds like my late Nan.Tough as old boots ;-0

    Right I'm off over East Landannnn ahead of our trip to Stoke on Sunday.I'll be back on-line late Monday.Be nice If you can please ;-0

  12. Nice one Jason.
    :) I have to have a good sense of humour too..... but then again...I don't look the spit of good ol' Eric!! lol.
    Not at any book launches....sorry.But "Thank you" anyway.

  13. I didn't expect there to be Jason.

    As for Mum,thanks,she is that,but ol'Landannnners are, aren't they!

  14. mate i have to laugh at popey as way back when he said he would not view this blog anymore as it is not for him.all i see is him stalking you the odd ball.

    another bs member who is tired of our forum.

  15. Fred you really should keep you're nose out of stuff that doesn't concern you. You and Steve have done irreparable to the BS as you know all good and well. The sooner you both fook off the sooner the BS will be back to it's glory days.

  16. mr monty, you are indeed the double of that Gok Wan telly person.

  17. Ahhh the wonders of the I Phone.Getting a little feisty innit ?

  18. Ahh Montgomery, just as i remember you, only the last time i saw you it was in short trousers.

    As ever A D-S

  19. Bit of a peculiar post that Biggun.

    I should keep my nose out, and then it's all my fault??

    Time to move on methinks, and get away from the so called "glory days" whatever they were.

  20. Bit of truth from Biggun!!

  21. "Glory days".................. they where before you popped up and opened you gob Fred everywhere on the internet.

    Don't worry Fred,when the Pope is finished with you you will go the way of the rest,same goes for Frampoodle,he will find a new mouth piece soon enough

  22. 10.35pm....maybe the shandy had kicked in. :)

  23. I'm going to bed so you can all argue among yourselves I'm knackered.